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The Necessary Journey: Making Real Progress on Equity and Inclusion

The Necessary Journey: Making Real Progress on Equity and Inclusion

by Ella F. Washington

Narrated by Zoleka Vundla

Unabridged — 6 hours, 44 minutes

Ella F. Washington
The Necessary Journey: Making Real Progress on Equity and Inclusion

The Necessary Journey: Making Real Progress on Equity and Inclusion

by Ella F. Washington

Narrated by Zoleka Vundla

Unabridged — 6 hours, 44 minutes

Ella F. Washington

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"What does a workplace utopia look like to you?" This is the question Dr. Ella F. Washington asks company leaders, and often she hears about an ideal vision of an organization that values diversity and inclusion and wants employees to bring their whole selves to work.

But how can you get there? Organizations have largely missed the mark when it comes to creating environments where all employees thrive in an equal and equitable way, because they treat diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a program that gets done rather than the necessary and difficult journey it is.

The road to an inclusive workplace is a difficult one, but you can traverse it, and there's help along the way. Start here with stories of companies making the necessary journey, including Slack, PwC, Best Buy, Denny's, and many others. Hear from company leaders about their successes and failures, the times they were on the vanguard, and the moments they realized they had much more work to do. These are profiles in perseverance from people who are keen enough to recognize the need for inclusive workplaces and humble enough to know they're not there yet. Along the way, Washington provides a framework for thinking about where these companies are on their journeys and where you and your company may be too.

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Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

"This book is a great, firsthand narrative on the journey of corporate America in recognizing the importance of DEI, implementing recommendations, struggling with resistance, and producing important outcomes." — CHOICE, the publication of the American Library Association

"The Necessary Journey… offers valuable guidance and motivation for any organization committed to creating an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive on equal terms—to their and the organization's mutual benefit." — Developing Leaders

"Entertaining yet informative, The Necessary Journey is packed with real world practical advice—one of the best books on diversity, equity, and inclusion you can read." — Impact Investor

"Highly useful for diversity officers, HR workers, CEOs, and activists in the business community." — Kirkus Reviews

Advance Praise for The Necessary Journey:

"An unusually informative, instantly actionable book on how to move from lip service on diversity to the reality of inclusion. Ella Washington is a leading expert on the science and practice of inclusion, and she shows what it takes for workplaces to walk the talk." — Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author, Think Again; host, WorkLife with Adam Grant podcast

"I love Washington's challenge to us, which is to take on the issues of DEI ourselves in our own organizations and get on the journey rather than waiting for mandates. Laws can't change feelings, but leaders can. If all of us just got on the journey—starting today—this ugly scourge of a problem could be magically fixed. This book outlines the hard climb to the top—but one you can do—and Ella Washington is your Sherpa." — Jim Clifton, Chairman and former CEO, Gallup

"The Necessary Journey is a must-read for any leader interested in building a more inclusive culture. Whether you're just starting out or already on the road, read this book to win hard-earned progress." — James D. White, former Chairman and CEO, Jamba Juice; author, Anti-Racist Leadership

"Filled with illuminating case studies and actionable advice, The Necessary Journey is the only road map you'll need for creating an inclusive workplace—no matter where you and your organization are on your journey." — Laura Morgan Roberts, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Universityof Virginia Darden School of Business; coeditor, Race, Work, and Leadership

Kirkus Reviews

Diversity scholar Washington delivers meaningful stories on how companies have—and have not—done the hard work of becoming equitable and inclusive.

An organizational psychologist and business professor at Georgetown, the author began this wide-ranging survey when, after George Floyd’s murder, CEOs and human resources officers expressed concern that their companies were not doing enough to promote diversity. Arguing that the effort properly falls under the threefold rubric DEI—diversity, equity, and inclusion—Washington notes, “DEI is a journey. It includes programs, yes, but also making cultural changes, finding new ways to influence people, making difficult decisions, and more.” Some of her case studies are impressively positive even if the journeys are never quite complete. For example, Slack, the technology company, began to “shape equity and inclusion into its culture from the start,” with a workforce that has large minority representation, numbers nearly 45% women in management positions, and is committed to coaching to advance employees equally. Some companies talked the talk but fell short in reality: Nike did noble work in advancing the idea of diversity publicly but had a workplace culture that sometimes seemed hostile or indifferent to that idea. “To get past this tactical part of the journey,” writes the author, “organizations must create alignment between their DEI efforts internally and externally, and it must come from the top down and emerge from the bottom up.” Many of those alignments come from executives who themselves embody DEI’s goals: A Black woman, for example, has led her spirits company to a strong position in the sector by “doing something that other spirit brands haven’t figured out how to do, which is to market to everyone.” Similarly, Denny’s, after having been legally enjoined to commit to compliance, became a model in working toward such things as recruiting minority businesses into its supply chain and encouraging minority employment in and ownership of its restaurants.

Highly useful for diversity officers, HR workers, CEOs, and activists in the business community.

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Publisher: Ascent Audio
Publication date: 12/20/2022
Edition description: Unabridged

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