The Necromancer's Seduction

The Necromancer's Seduction

by Mimi Sebastian


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She has never feared the walking dead. It’s the power required to reanimate the dead that startles her, seduces her. The power that dwells inside her . . . and is growing.

For Professor Ruby Montagne, being a necromancer has brought her nothing but heartache, and she walked away from that part of her life long ago. However, her quiet existence in San Francisco is shattered when she stumbles upon the body of a slain witch, and the supernatural community insists she transform him into a revenant to track the killer. But his murder was just the beginning, and Ruby soon realizes that the stakes are higher than anyone can imagine—and that revenants have nasty minds of their own.

Now demonic creatures have escaped into the human world, and zombies once again walk the streets. For humanity’s sake, Ruby forms an unlikely alliance with a witch, a revenant, and Ewan March, a demon warrior who sets her senses on fire. She’s always distrusted demons, and Ewan is no exception. But circumstances push them closer together, and Ruby not only finds it harder to resist him, she isn’t sure she even wants to.

But she suspects his job of patrolling the portal separating humans and demons conceals a dark and deadly past that may consume them both. With events spiraling out of control, Ruby unravels a plot that threatens the human and demon realms and puts Ruby’s very soul in jeopardy. Because when the dead walk, no one is safe. Especially Ruby.

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ISBN-13: 9781610261326
Publisher: BelleBooks
Publication date: 07/15/2013
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.53(d)

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The Necromancer's Seduction 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
JessicaLovesBooks More than 1 year ago
**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.** This book was a really enjoyable read. The story focuses on a necromancer named Ruby who has inherited her supernatural trait from her mother and grandmother. Both of them are now dead (under not quite normal circumstances), and the supernatural community is now approaching Ruby to fill the shoes that her maternal relatives once inhabited. Ruby has always kept her distance from the supernatural community, preferring to live as a normal human and keeping her power suppressed. However, now that there is a rogue "supe" running loose murdering other "supes," including her grandmother, Ruby is thrown back into the world she has long avoided. She is also thrown into the arms of a certain demon named Ewan, who she has been attracted to ever since laying eyes on him. This story has the perfect blend of action, suspense and romance. It keeps you entertained until the very last page. My only complaints about the book were minor. At first it felt like I had picked up book two in a series and I was a little lost. Some of the characters make references to events that have happened in the past, almost like I as a reader should be familiar with what they are talking about. And then several of the characters have a history that it felt like I should already know about. Not that I wanted a big info dump or anything, but there needed to be a little bit more character and world building so that I didn't feel like I had jumped into the middle of something I should already know about. My other complaint is about the sex scenes between Ewan and Ruby. The buildup to the actual deed was good. I was anticipating it for a while before it actually happened. And then it was over thisfast. Totally anti-climactic (pardon the pun) after all of the build up and anticipation. Plus, I think it would have added to the depth and realness of their relationship if we could have spent longer on that aspect, with some really good pillow talk thrown in. It didn't take away from the story necessarily, but I definitely wanted more in this area. The pluses of this story were numerous. Most importantly, it was a good story. I liked the plot, I liked the twists and surprises, and I liked the characters. The two main characters, Ewan and Ruby, both had distinct personalities, and they were likeable. It was really easy to connect with them. And there was a good cast of secondary characters that were also well written. I mean, when your reader feels sympathy and compassion for a reanimated zombie revenant you must be doing something right! Overall, I really enjoyed it and am glad that I was able to read an ARC. I hope there is a sequel and I look forward to reading that too!
TeenBlurb More than 1 year ago
The Necromancer’s Seduction is a darkly romantic and spine tingling tale. Ruby is a Necromancer, but she made a decision to forget about that part of her and just live a normal life. When a witch is slain the supernatural community demands that Ruby raise him so they can find out who killed him. Ruby does not want to let her power out, she is afraid that it will consume her. When Ruby realizes she has stumbled into something that is dangerous and frightening. She finds unlikely allies and together they must fight back the darkness and evil before it destroys their world. When you add Ewan into the picture, dangerous takes on a new meaning for Ruby. He seduces her, possess her, and devours her. He is the that she fears will take his soul not the evil lurking in her city. The two reluctant and passionate lovers will find out that they are stronger together than they are apart. A must read that will have your eyes glued to the page until you finish the story! I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
SunMtnReviews More than 1 year ago
I’m a huge fan of the paranormal genre, yet this is the first book I have read that focuses on the magic of necromancy.  Ruby is a well-known necromancer among her supernatural community. Since both her grandmother and mother were also necromancers, Ruby knows about her powers and has grown up among other supernatural entities secretly living among humans: witches, demons, vampires, and werewolves. Necromancers are a rarity in this world and differ from other paranormals because they have never been fully accepted by other supernaturals or “supes,” who also fear their unnatural powers.  When the story opens, we learn that Ruby refuses to embrace her magical gifts and keeps her distance from other “supes.” As a college professor, she lives as ordinary a life as possible. However, after the death of her grandmother, Cora, leaders of the supernatural community solicit Ruby’s help in finding out who is responsible for the recent murders of other paranormal members within their community. Ruby not only has moral objections about the repercussions of raising the dead, she has also experienced some trauma and pain in seeing how necromancy affected her mother. The mystery behind her mother’s death isn’t revealed until later in the book, but it certainly justifies her unwillingness to put her abilities to use. Ruby has the potential to be a danger to everyone around her if her powers are abused, and we see examples throughout the story of the damage she can wield when she becomes a pawn used by others in their quest for power.  Initially, Ruby stubbornly refuses the Supernatural Coven’s request to raise Adam, a witch who has just been murdered and bring him back to life as a supernatural revenant so that he can provide information about the killer. Revenants differ from typical zombies because their souls, intelligence, and supernatural strength remain intact when they are raised from the dead.  They can blend in with humans and are much more difficult to control.  Only a powerful necromancer can bring them back to life.  Although Ruby has had little practice in using her magic, she finally agrees to perform the blood ritual on Adam after learning her grandmother may have been targeted for assassination as well. At first I had hard time accepting Ruby’s name. Ruby just didn’t seem like an appropriate name for a necromancer. The gemstone ruby is shiny and vibrant, but necromancers work in a realm of darkness and death.  Yet, after further reflection, I realized that the name Ruby is symbolic of a necromancer’s power. Rubies are red, the color of blood, and it is Ruby’s blood that has the power to raise the dead.  Sebastain does a good job of describing the actual ritual of raising the dead and the feeling of ecstasy that Ruby gets when she “plugs into” that power source.  As the plot develops in the ongoing search for a killer, a burgeoning relationship forms between Ruby and a very handsome demon named Ewen who is given orders by the Coven’s demon leader, Malthus, to protect her.  Ruby has done her best to stay away from Ewen in the past because of her intense attraction to him and her refusal to be a part of his world.  The entire story is told from Ruby’s point-of-view which limits readers’ knowledge and understanding of the overall situation.  Yet, I was able to form an emotional connection with Ruby and could relate to her worried and frazzled state through much of the book. Her dry humor in the midst of danger kept me engaged and provided a bit of relief from the tension raised in the story.   On the other hand, there were instances later in the book, where I felt Ruby’s thoughts and actions were incongruent with the way she was earlier portrayed. In the beginning, Ruby seems to be a calm, rational, polished professional who proceeds with caution. Yet, her later thoughts and actions show a woman in emotional disarray whenever she’s in Ewen’s presence, and, as complications develop, her reactions are based more on emotion and impulse rather than logic. Even her language becomes crasser as the conflicts intensify.  However, if I were forced to raise the dead, control multiple “super zombies,” search for my grandmother’s murderer, and resist the advances of a tempting demon then I might react much in the same way.  Hopefully, I’ll never find out. Ruby’s resistance to learning about her past and her abilities now put her at a disadvantage and force her to wing it much of the time.  She is still learning about her powers and doesn’t have full knowledge of her capabilities. Her pride also jeopardizes her safety because she won’t admit that at times she doesn’t know what she’s doing and, even more importantly, she doesn’t always have complete control over her revenants. At times she puts herself and other humans in danger of being attacked.  The book’s title implies a romantic seduction, and Ewen is determined to be the one to seduce both Ruby’s mind and body. He is strong, passionate, and possessive. However, unlike other typical alpha male characters, he doesn’t force his protective nature on Ruby; instead, he gives her space to make her own decisions.  At this point in the overall story, they primarily have a physical relationship without the emotional depth needed to have a relationship. Ewen’s deception and demon honor also keep them apart when the truth about Ruby’s real identity and powers are revealed.   However, romance isn’t the only type of seduction in the book. Ruby is also conflicted over her increasing desire to use her abilities. The more she uses her magic, the more of a temptation it becomes, and the infusion of power she experiences when she performs rituals only heightens this form of seduction. I like the dual meaning behind the title.  The supporting paranormal characters are powerful in their own right and it isn’t always clear to Ruby or readers what their motivations are and whether they are allies who can be trusted. Even though they behave in a civilized manner, it remains clear that each has a monster lurking just below the surface ready to emerge when necessary.  For the first time, I actually found a zombie character likeable, but, then again, Adam is also a zombie with a conscience. He is the voice of truth and reason that Ruby needs when she questions her actions.  The story’s plot is well-executed and provides a nice blend of mystery and suspenseful action that kept me absorbed, especially in the second half of the book when truths are revealed and characters become expendable.   The story left me with a comfortable reprieve until the second book is released and I look forward to seeing what’s next in this new paranormal series. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 
srfeike More than 1 year ago
The Necromancer's Seduction is an entertaining, sexy story. The main character, Ruby, is a necromancer – a supernatural with the ability to raise the dead. After a series of murders within the supernatural community, Ruby is petitioned to raise a murdered witch in order to help find the killer. However, raising the dead is not a simple thing to do and it seems that everything that could go wrong does. I love a good, strong female lead, and Ruby fits the bill. She is not the outright kick-ass type who takes down everyone and everything in her way, but she can hold her own with some help from her friends, and she learns and strengthens her abilities along the way. Throw in a super sexy, irresistible demon and what you've got is a great story. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love a good urban fantasy. I especially love it when I can get immersed enough in the story to believe they're walking among us. The Necromancer's place in this is that she doesn't want any part of it, but she gets drawn in little by little. She also begins to realize, little by little, how powerful she really is. That's right, Ruby is a bad ass. Not only that but the way this book ends I suspect Ruby still base 't realized anywhere near how bad ass she really is. This page turner oozes power and sensuality. I loved reading the world, our world, as Mimi Sebastian describes it. I can't wait for more from this author.
shivapastures More than 1 year ago
The Necromancer's Seduction I received a free copy, through LoP on Goodreads, in exchange for a review. Professor Ruby Montagne has a deep hidden power that most people are unaware of and she's trying to keep it that way. She has tried to remove herself from the supernatural world and continue her life as normal as possible. But, coming across the death of another supernatural draws her back into the community, much to her dismay. Coming back to the community, as one of a handful of extremely powerful necromancers, she must make hard choices to help protect the people of San Francisco. The plot is so thick with power & revenge and with the possibility of the human & demon realms colliding puts her in real harm. The power over the dead could be her downfall or savior.   ‘His mouth drooped. “Your mother was talented, but reckless. Quite the opposite from you.” He regarded me, tilting his head. “You try to deny your interest in necromancy. But you and your mother are a lot alike.” “We are nothing alike.” My tone could have turned the air a putrid green. “I don’t want or need the power.” My gut twisted into a tight knot, tying down my emotions. My mother had prized her necromancer ability over most things in her life, and at times, that included me. In high school, I’d searched the bleachers for her during my basketball games until I gave up, dejected.’ The story was entertaining to say the least. Ruby is a great character and through the story you get to watch her struggle with her power and decisions. An unlikely crew of characters surround her, helping as much to lead her in the right direction. Not knowing that there were some graphic sex scenes threw me a bit, but I understand why they were in: to capture the emotional bond between the characters. Overall, a good start to a new series.
Magluvsya03 More than 1 year ago
What a fun read. If I had to chose only one sentence to describe that would be it. It’s a really fun way to start a series. There’s enough to keep everyone entertained. And a good plot line and story to go with it. There’s also plenty of supernatural creatures to go around.  Ruby a necromancer, though not necessarily by choice. She’s actually pretty awesome, but not because she dominantly kicks ass, more like she works for it, and is dedicated enough. I really enjoyed her character. And I also enjoyed her relationship with her best friend Kara, who is a trip. And there’s plenty of HAWT man pieces to go with it :)   I happen to love demon books, because there’s so much you can do with them. It’s not like a vamper, where you’re either a sparkler, or a total blood sucker who kills everything LOL Ok, so maybe vampers are a little more complicated, but back to the demons. The author has a great way of playing into the norm, while making it her own as well.  It’s also written like an urban fantasy while having a little romance on the side. But plenty of action, and some crazy moments. Sometimes funny, sometimes creeptastic, sometimes downright scary. I will say those are exciting moments.  I definitely enjoyed this one, and though I am keeping a little more tight lipped than normal, it’s only because of major spoilers that would come out of them. So I recommend you check this one out! I will but waiting in line for book two to come out and play! :) 4.5 AWESOMELY CREEPTASTIC PAWS!!
TinaR19 More than 1 year ago
A very good debut novel. This paranormal romance also includes some suspense that involves vampires, witches, werewolves, and a necromancer who is very new to her powers, and she’s already being forced to change some dead people into zombies, making this a pretty enjoyable read. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Sebastian.   Ruby does not want the powers that come with being a necromancer, but there is not too much she can do about them right now except learn to use them. Forced to change a murdered witch into a revenant so that he may help find his killer she has gotten a lot more than she ever expected. She finds herself teaming up with her best friend who’s a witch, her new revenant zombie, and a demon that she’s thought about more often than she should to find out the truth. They not only have to find out who is committing the murders but find them before it’s too late. If they don’t the world will be taken over by zombies and whoever controls them.
Eloise_In_Paris More than 1 year ago
I am a fan of the Anita Blake series (ok, I am a former enthusiastic fan current frustrated reader) so when I saw that this book is about a female necromancer who get’s caught up in supernatural madness I was amped. I did like the world the author built, as well as Ruby’s bestie Kara. Unfortunately for me the rest of the book left a lot to be desired. Ewan the romantic interest is the typical brooding, alpha, supernatural male. He decides that Ruby is “his”, rocks her world in the bedroom and saves her a few times. But there is nothing of substance to their relationship, especially since he lied to her about a extremely important plot point and he was commissioned by his boss to protect her. He never actually says that he loves her (which would be silly considering they knew each other for about a week) or says anything about them forming a committed relationship, yet her reacts like a possessive nut when she is around other males. Ruby is a College Professor, and working on a PhD in Anthropology. Which means that she is intelligent and driven. It also means that her observational and deductive skills should be exemplary but somehow everything seems to fly over her head and she never uses basic common sense. Let’s start with her reintroduction to the supernatural. Both her mother and grandmother shielded her from the magic and politics, so at 30 years old she basically has no training or experience as a Necromancer. She is told in order to help solve a mystery she needs to raise a revenant (a coherent Zombie with a soul) which would be hard if the corpse was human, but it is supernatural which is damn near impossible to bring back. Both her mother and grandmother tried, neither succeeded, and both almost died. Ruby doesn’t even think twice and volunteer’s. She’s not sucidedal, so why she just jumped in is beyond me. Ruby has a sex buddy Steve, they hang out, go on date’s, and then have sex, but no commitment. That relationship makes a lot of sense. Steve is human so she can’t tell him the truth about herself so she keeps him at arms length. I’m not slut shamming her. Ruby is a grown, single, healthy woman. So is she wants to go out on a date and end it with sex with Steven and then less than 48 hours later have sex with Ewan. Go for it. But when she said she’s not sleeping with two men she lost me. While yes she did not literally have sex with them at the same time (and if she did so what) she lost me when she made a comment to that effect. It was unnecceasry, untrue, and she was talking to herself. On the subject of sex I know this is fantasy, but there was no mention of condom’s or birth control during any of the sex scene’e with Ewan. Not only is Ewan a complete stranger who she know’s nothing about, she also doesn’t know anything about demon’s as a species or his because they are so secretive. She doesn’t even know exactly what kind of demon he is and what if any effect sex with him could have on her. Not to mention whether or not he can get her pregnant, if he can contract human STD’s, if demon’s have their own STD’s. That was a running theme with Ruby through out the story. She never just stopped and asked basic questions. She finds out who her biological grandfather is, a secret her grandmother also kept from her mother. Ruby also doesn’t know who her father is. She never cared, but after learning part of her heritage and discovering her super strength as a necromancer. She is stronger than her mother, who 50% other, while Ruby is only 25%. Which means her father must be something powerful, yet Ruby never said “Hey, seeing as I crazy powerful I should probably try and find out who or what my Dad is, just so I don’t get caught up in another dangerous situation that could have been easily avoided with me knowing a little bit of my family history”. The book also ends without solving the main conflict and a cliffhanger. Would I read the next book? Maybe. I liked the world the author built. I liked Ruby’s bestie Kara. And as frustrating as I found the idiotic moves of the heroine I was still way less annoyed by her than I have been with Anita Blake lately.