The Need for Balance: Body, Mind, Spirit

The Need for Balance: Body, Mind, Spirit

by Lorraine Lajoie


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ISBN-13: 9781452518541
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 07/30/2014
Pages: 218
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The Need For Balance

Body, Mind, Spirit

By Lorraine LaJoie

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Lorraine LaJoie
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-1854-1


The Physical Body

In Part 1, as a practitioner, I address the most common imbalances that I find through kinesiology. These are conditions that I see in so many people, causing them to feel so sick. By now, I thought everyone knew about these matters, but kept discovering, on a daily basis, that this wasn't the case. My intention is to provide information, which may help you determine some of the possibilities that could be impairing your health. I realize that if you were to research any symptoms, there would be over 1000 different ones to sort through. That's why muscle testing is so important. Your own subconscious mind will tell you exactly what is causing the symptoms you suffer from. The following sections include a variety of topics, which I feel are vitally important to good health.

Kinesiology/Muscle Testing

Upon my first experience with kinesiology, I knew that I had been graced with a gift from God. And, it changed my life forever.

Kinesiology is an incredible tool, one that everyone has the ability to use. Since I didn't initially understand how it worked, I will admit that I had doubts about the entire experience. This is because I am a personality type that is hard-wired with the need to know how and why things happen as they do. So, if you have doubts about the process, understand that you will have more faith with practice.

The best way to explain kinesiology is by using the term muscle testing. When a system is out of balance this technique has the ability to access what is needed to bring the body back into alignment. The procedure is done by isolating certain muscles and testing the response. Through performing specific corrections the body regains its balance. It is a means of connecting with the subconscious mind, which is 90% of your intellect, the conscious mind is 10%. Muscle testing bypasses the conscious mind.

The conscious mind is the part of the brain of which we are most aware. It is what we use to think, make decisions, remember, etc. Most people give very little attention to the subconscious mind, when in fact, it is the most active. The subconscious mind has recorded everything you've ever experienced in your entire life, including in utero! A good example of this is that you don't have to relearn to walk every day or how to ride a bike again. This information has been permanently recorded. Although, it may be difficult to believe, it has been proven by several cellular biologists. Think of the subconscious mind as your bio-computer, containing all the answers. It is your own personal polygraph. All you need to do is to tap into the system, which can be achieved through muscle testing. Through this technique, you are able to connect to the subconscious mind, ask any "yes" or "no" questions and the body will answer.

How is this done? There are many different ways to muscle test, however, I have found the easiest way to begin, is learning the "sway test". This way of testing is using your own body as a "pendulum". The benefit in this is that you don't have to rely on anyone else to do the muscle testing with you. You are able to do it anytime and anywhere. It has proven to be extremely valuable while shopping and being unsure of exactly which supplement or product is best. You can use it for everything!

So, let's give it a try! It is best to be in a quiet place until you become comfortable with the technique. Stand and relax. Allow your arms to drop by your sides. You may notice there is some movement in your body. This is normal. Your body is only trying to maintain its perfect balance and posture. The next response you will be noticing is your body swaying forward, toward a true or positive thought or statement, or swaying backward if it is a negative thought or statement. To test this, repeat the statement either aloud or quietly in your mind, "My name is _______" – stating your name. Give yourself a few seconds and then feel which direction you are swaying. It being a true statement, you should feel your body moving forward.

Now repeat the statement in the same manner, "My name is ________", except use a different name. You will feel your body move backward, since this is false and incongruent. Your subconscious mind knows it simply isn't true. You can also ask questions, using any positive or negative words or thoughts you need an answer for, and the same will be true. A forward sway is a yes, and swaying backward is a no. Always begin any testing in this way – I call it getting a baseline. Then proceed to test anything you'd like. Be sure you are hydrated to ensure an accurate response.

You may also perform muscle testing with others. Here are some simple steps for working with a partner.

1. Ask the person to stand and hold one arm out directly in front of them, horizontal to the floor, keeping their hand relaxed.

2. Place the first two fingers of your hand, lightly on their arm, just above the wrist.

3. Place you free hand on their opposite shoulder to support them.

4. Inform them that you will have them say a statement then you will press down on their arm. Have them resist without fighting. After all, this is test and not a power struggle.

5. Have them repeat the phrase as previously described, "My name is _________" then perform the test by, smoothly and steadily, applying pressure downward on their arm. Being a true statement their arm will remain strong.

6. Now repeat the same process, except have the person say a false statement. You will see that there is an immediate weakness in the arm, since it is not congruent and the subconscious mind knows it. Always begin this way to get a baseline.

Be patient with yourself as you learn this technique. It takes time to be fully comfortable and trust it completely. The beauty is that everyone can learn to do this, even children. Working with young people is particularly rewarding, and I love seeing their faces light up when they feel empowered with this ability. It is a priceless tool and it's more than likely that you will use it often. Have fun, and remember – it always works!

In the twenty or so years I have been doing "balances" with clients, my format has changed as I have learned new techniques and grown in my practice. Basically, balancing someone has remained the same. At the initial appointment we begin by discussing the issues at hand. They fill out a questionnaire, recording basic information, such as any past injuries, unusual illnesses, any medications or supplements they are currently taking, and a baseline number from 0 to 10 to describe how they have been feeling, 10 being the worst. From there, I connect to their subconscious mind, using the above muscle testing technique, follow by saying a prayer asking for guidance.

The next step is what I call "pretesting". Here is where I ask their body, through muscle testing, if there are any imbalances that need immediate attention. My list includes switching, hydration, candida, parasites, hiatal hernia, and heavy metals, to mention a few.

Switching is disrupted energy from EMF's (electromagnetic energy fields). If a person is not "switched on", the testing may not be accurate. It is corrected by tapping the outsides of the hands together, palms up, for several seconds. Then, using the fingertips, tap just above the upper lip. This activates acupuncture points which correct the issue. More often than not, I discover clients are switched off, so I suggest performing this exercise daily. The same is true for hydration. If someone is not well hydrated, the result in testing may not be as accurate. This is the reason why I always provide water during a session.

Once switched on, I then muscle test to determine which of the many techniques would be best for this client, and then proceed from there. The number of balances needed to move past specific issues varies. Not everyone is comfortable with the information revealed, even though I have explained, in length, what has been uncovered. To me, it is perfectly normal. Yet, to others, due to being so unfamiliar with the procedure, it seems like "voodoo". Since I felt that way in my introduction to it, I can identify with that first impression.

For people who are new to kinesiology, I ask that they just keep an open mind and be curious about what their bodies are capable of. After experiencing it, most are in awe and that's when they discover a whole new world.


My love for kinesiology made me want to learn more in the healing arts, only I didn't know what my next step should be. One day, Jane, an astrologist and medium, came in to see me for a balance. During her appointment she told me that "my guides" asked her to introduce me to Cymatherapy. My thought was, "You're kidding, right?"

At that time, I wasn't sure what to believe as far as spirit guides were concerned. The concept of having past lives had me very confused, and I questioned the possibility of it. I didn't know what to think. So, when Jane spoke of these things, I merely went along with it and made attempts not to judge either way.

Jane explained to me that she had traveled to England and visited a place called Bretforton Hall Clinic. It was there that Dr. Peter Guy Manners used Cymatherapy. People from all over the world went there seeking relief. He personally walked her through the clinic explaining all the different ways they used sound therapy. Apparently my guides thought I should learn more about this. This was also around the time I met a very close friend of hers, Freddy Silva, renowned author, researcher, and photographer. He is also very knowledgeable in sound therapy and an expert on crop circles.

After Jane's appointment, I was drawn to do some research on Cymatherapy. I found that it was a non-invasive sound therapy that restored balance in the body through frequencies, magnets, vibrations and tones. Every cell in our system has its own vibratory nature and, when in disharmony, vibrates at a lower level. When a higher frequency is introduced, the cells in the body will rise to meet that vibration and the results are healing. I was intrigued since it reminded the cells how to vibrate, in a healthy way, naturally.

The first book I read on Cymatherapy was called Cymatics by Dr. Hans Jenny. His research proved how sound and vibration affected matter. He played sounds to a plate covered with sand and visibly saw how a variety of shapes formed to the different tones. It was later on, that Dr. Peter Guy Manners proved that sound could actually heal the human body. Dr. Manners was a pioneer in the development of sound therapy for over thirty-five years.

By coincidence (of course, there are no coincidences), the First Annual Cymatherapy Conference was to be held in Atlanta, Georgia. I just knew I had to go. With Roger's encouragement and guidance I signed up, traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, and attended the conference, on my own. This was my first experience with traveling alone – I was terrified. I prayed for the courage to do what I knew I was supposed to do. I put on my "big girl panties" and drove to the airport, flew to Atlanta, (I was so nervous), got a taxi and went to the hotel where the conference was held ... not knowing a soul! Me! Alone!

People from all regions of the world, of every profession, including doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and numerous practitioners in their own fields of healing arts attended. Sitting there feeling so lost and alone, I was going to give up and leave, but instead I prayed. "God, if this is where I'm supposed to be, let me feel like I belong." Just then, a man sitting beside me struck up a conversation asking me about a printout in the folders we had. Instantly, I felt like everything was going to be alright.

As the conference progressed, another speaker was introduced. Suddenly, the same man sitting beside me got up to give his presentation. It was Steven Halpern, the world renowned composer and recording artist whose music is extremely popular in spas and healing centers. And HE was sitting next to ME! It was then that I knew, without a doubt, that this was my next step. Over the course of that weekend I made lifelong friends that are still near and dear to my heart!

When I returned home, I immediately ordered a Cyma 1000, a piece of equipment used for sound therapy. On two separate occasions, I went back to Atlanta for further training, completed the required courses in anatomy and physiology, and then became a Certified Cymatherapy Practitioner. Jane was right ... my guides helped me through it all!

Louise came in for a session for a ganglion cyst located on the top of her right wrist. Her doctor sent her to physical therapy to help with the stiffness, suggested taking over-the-counter Tylenol for pain, and offered to surgically remove it if the pain persisted for another three months. At this point, she was willing to try anything. When muscle testing revealed that Cymatherapy would be helpful, we began treatment. After the first session the lump had decreased in size considerably. For complete success we met for three more sessions to follow through, and then it was completely gone – leaving her entirely pain free. She saw her MD for the scheduled follow up visit. With it no longer there, she explained how Cymatherapy may have played a role in its disappearance. Unimpressed, and seeming disinterested, he acted as if the cyst "just went away on its own". She was thrilled and knew exactly how effective Cymatherapy was. In over three years, there has been no re-occurrence!

Cymatherapy is safe, effective, and I would never work without it. I have had so many amazing results with this technique. There's Mandy's success with her Bell's Palsy, Roger and Fran in avoiding root canal therapy in their teeth, Cody and Noah with their debilitating asthma, Sandy with her inability to lose weight, Lori with her heart issues (premature ventricular contractions and a heart murmur), Joyce with her recurring uterine fibroids, George with his painful tendinitis, Patricia with her uncontrollable high blood pressure, and countless others to whom it has been effective.

"As an RN working in a nursing home, the unexpected happens regularly. I knew I was in trouble when a resident pulled on my arm, severely, while I was attempting to assist her. The pain in my shoulder was intolerable and kept me awake all night. I saw my physician and he gave me pain medication that I couldn't tolerate. I saw a chiropractor and it helped a little, at first, but not in the long run. I lived with this for more than two years, trying different things, before seeing Lorraine. We did a Cymatherapy session and the pain and stiffness were almost totally gone, after the first visit. After the second session I knew I was recovered and we follow it up, once more, for reinforcement. That was several years ago now, and my shoulder still feels great!"

~ Maggie

Please remember, I make NO Medical claims! Using Cymatherapy relaxes the body so it can tap its own intelligence and move toward harmony. Cymatherapy does not heal or cure but rather supports. Always work with your health care practitioner as well.


Excerpted from The Need For Balance by Lorraine LaJoie. Copyright © 2014 Lorraine LaJoie. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Amazing Grace, ix,
Disclaimer, xiii,
Introduction, xv,
PART 1 The Physical Body, 1,
Kinesiology/Muscle Testing, 2,
Cymatherapy, 7,
Candida, 11,
Parasites, 19,
Antibiotics and Prescription Medications, 22,
Toxic Chemicals, 28,
Water, 41,
Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners, 44,
Vitamin D, 47,
Fats: The Good and the Bad, 50,
Salt and Iodine, 53,
GMO's: Genetically Modified Organisms, 57,
Electromagnetic Energy, 61,
Exercise, 64,
Allergies, 66,
Phluffing, 69,
Stress Not My Friend, 74,
PART 2 The Mind (Emotional) Body, 75,
Lighten Up, 77,
PART 3 The Spiritual Body, 99,
A Little History, 102,
The Awakening, 107,
A Spiritual Blast From The Past, 121,
A Trip of Enchantment, 132,
The Beauty of Ups and Downs, 140,
Jubilation for Mom, 145,
My New Gifts, 150,
Hawaii It Is, 153,
Following The Call, 165,
Mother Mary Comes To Me, 168,
Touched by Grace, 185,
Be Still And Listen, 188,
Acknowledgments, 193,

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