The New Beverly Hills Diet Little Skinny Companion

The New Beverly Hills Diet Little Skinny Companion

by Judy Mazel, Michael Wyatt



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Publication date: 07/01/1997
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The Little Skinny Companion

The Fat I Soon Won't Be!

What I Hate About Being Fat
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The New Skinny Me!

Start this list and the list on the following page today. In fact, since there's no time like the present, fire away.

What's So Great About Being Thin?
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Mind-over-Matter Rules
1. -Think about food when it doesn't count, so you don't have to think about it when it does.
2. -Make every bite count—for every bite that goes into your mouth, something else can't.
3. -What you choose to eat determines what you have to eat.
4. -It is not how much you can eat in how short a time, but how long you can make the pleasure last.
5. -If you don't have it now, you can have it later. If you don't have it later, you can have it tomorrow. Nothing is leaving the planet.

Golden Rules
1. Weigh yourself every day, no matter what.

2. Fruit. Start almost every day of your life with fruit. Once you have eaten something other than fruit in the course of the day, never, never ever go back to eating fruit.

Fruit digests almost in­stantly. Before you can even finish eating a pineapple, its nutrients are being absorbed by your body. If it is inhibited in its digestion, if it is eaten after anything else, it gets trapped in your stomach by other foods. Its explosive enzyme action will be offset by bloating and gas. Your savior will be transformed into your tormentor.

3. The waiting time. When you go from one fruit to another fruit, wait one hour. When you go from one food group to another food group, wait two hours minimum (three would be better).

These are the minimum waiting times—the shortest periods of time you can get away with without running the risk of fat. Remember, you gain weight because food is not efficiently digested. In simpler terms, if food doesn't leave your stomach when it should, if it becomes trapped or held up by other antagonistic foods, the nutrients it should generate will not be properly processed by your body and you'll gain weight.

4. Protein. Once you've eaten protein, even one little bite, at least 80 percent of what you eat for the remainder of the day should be protein.

Modifying the Plan

Critical to achieving maximum weight loss is following the program exactly. You can expect a 10- to 15-pound weight loss in 35 days. Unlike a typical 'diet,' on this program you lose weight not by starving your body, but by feeding it. Food and eating are what will get you thin, and keep you thin. Eating the specific foods in the order listed is also vital, so please do not deviate. There are some allowable substitutions (see 'Substitute Food List') just in case you're allergic to a specific food or there's something on the diet you really, really hate. However, because each food has a definite purpose, substitute only if you must. . . . Unless, of course, you want to modify. No problem, particularly if you have just a few pounds to lose or are simply trying to maintain your weight. It's permitted, it's acceptable and it's easy. Simply begin your day with the scheduled fruit, eat enough of it so that you are really full, wait two hours, and then eat whatever you would normally eat. That doesn't mean 'pig out' or go crazy; likewise, it doesn't mean to starve yourself either. If you want to do two-thirds of the day my way and then do your own thing, that's also fine. Even throwing in an occasional whole day my way is also great. Just follow the program in the right daily order, being sure to read each daily chapter.

Even if you are modifying the plan, it is still important to weigh yourself every day and, I repeat, to read your daily chapter, as it will further reinforce my technique and its unconscious adaptation to your lifestyle and your favorite foods. If you follow these instructions, you'll see, it won't be long before doing things my way will become your way as well.

Even if you have a lot of weight to lose, you can still follow the modified plan, but I don't really recommend it. These initial 35 days will be the best thing that ever happened to you. You may think you can't do it, but, trust me, I think you can. But then again, you know you better than I do. So if you feel you must modify, then modify. It's better than not doing at all.

P.S. If you haven't already read The New Beverly Hills Diet or listened to the audiocassettes, I strongly suggest you do in order to fully understand the technical aspects of Conscious Combining.

Now give me your hand, you little Skinny, and I'll lead you out of the Valley of the Shadow of Fat, and together we'll revel in the land of hipbones.

Diet List DAY 1 -Pineapple, corn on the cob and LTO salad with Mazel dressing DAY 2 Prunes (8 oz.), strawberries, baked potato DAY 3 Grapes DAY 4 Apricots (8 oz.), mini Mazel salad, pasta DAY 5 Pineapple, papaya, pineapple DAY 6 Papaya, shrimp cocktail, steak or lamb chop DAY 7 Pineapple, Mazel salad DAY 8 Grapes (raisins/popcorn optional)
DAY 9 Prunes (8 oz.), strawberries, chicken or turkey DAY 10 Papaya or mango, apricots (8 oz.), pineapple DAY 11 Watermelon DAY 12 -Apricots (8 oz.), avocado sandwich,
3 vegetables of choice with rice DAY 13 Grapes, 2 bananas DAY 14 Pineapple, strawberries, open with discretion DAY 15 Pineapple, Mazel salad DAY 16 Apricots (8 oz.), papaya, pineapple DAY 17 Watermelon DAY 18 Figs, dessert of choice, meat/protein DAY 19 -Mango or papaya, pineapple, artichokes, asparagus and potatoes, any style DAY 20 Kiwi, open with discretion, protein DAY 21 Pineapple, 2 bananas DAY 22 Grapes or cherries (and bedtime treat)
DAY 23 -Prunes (8 oz.), sandwich of choice, fisherman's platter/protein DAY 24 Pineapple, papaya, pineapple DAY 25 Watermelon DAY 26 On your own DAY 27 On your own DAY 28 Pineapple, papaya, pineapple DAY 29 Watermelon or grapes DAY 30 -Prunes (8 oz.), vegetable sandwich, vegetable ethnic/open carbohydrate DAY 31 -Orange juice, choice of honeydew, cantaloupe or 1/2 grapefruit, sandwich of choice, protein DAY 32 Protein DAY 33 Pineapple, 2 bananas DAY 34 Pineapple, papaya, pineapple DAY 35 Watermelon or grapes

Substitute Food List Fruit on Program Substitute Fruit Strawberries Pineapple, kiwi Kiwi Mango, papaya, persimmon or apples (a last resort)
Figs or dates Prunes, raisins Papaya* Mango, kiwi, persimmon Mango* Papaya, kiwi, persimmon Pineapple* Strawberries Prunes Figs Watermelon** 8 oz. dried apricots (morning)
Pineapple (midday)
Fresh asparagus (evening)
Grapes** 8 oz. prunes (morning)
Strawberries, blueberries or raisins (midday)
8 oz. raw Brazil nuts (evening)

* Dried pineapple, papaya and mango (8 oz.) without sulfur dioxide, potassium sorbate or sugar can substitute for fresh in a tight pinch. Soak for two hours and drink the water. You can eat these same dried fruits (not more than 3 oz.) with the fresh as well. If eaten to augment the fresh, they do not have to be soaked.
** The substitutes are no comparison to the real thing. Substitute for watermelon or grapes only if you must.

Drastic Measures After a Drastic Disaster You lost control, broke your diet, ate everything in sight . . .
If your weight is up, but it's up less than FOUR pounds, you have two choices: simply eat fruit for two-thirds of the day (see 'Corrective Counterparts') and a properly combined meal at night. The meal should be either all protein or all carbohydrates—your choice. Or, choose diet Day 1, 2, 6 or 14. The following day, resume the diet where you left off.
If your weight is up four pounds or more, follow these recoup days for one to four days in precise order, but never more than once per month and, I repeat, only if your weight is up four pounds or more.

Day 1. -Pineapple; papaya;
pineapple Day 2. Watermelon Day 3. -8 oz. prunes; strawberries; baked potato; and spinach sautéed in olive oil Day 4. Grapes

You should never need more than four days to recoup from the worst of eating indiscretions. Likewise, it shouldn't always take you four days to lose those pounds you've regained. Once they are lost, even if it's in one day, stop the recoup plan and resume the diet where you left off.

A word to the wise: If you want Skinny to be forever, you will follow my instructions and not do these recoup days unless your weight is up four pounds or more . . . not three pounds, not two and a half pounds, but four pounds. If you revert to these days, as some foolishly do, every time your weight goes up a pound or two, you will burn yourself out and the only thing that will be a forever reality is FAT!

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