The New Countryside?: Ethnicity, Nation and Exclusion in Contemporary Rural Britain

The New Countryside?: Ethnicity, Nation and Exclusion in Contemporary Rural Britain


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ISBN-13: 9781861347954
Publisher: Policy Press at the Univ of Bristol
Publication date: 03/22/2006
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Sarah Neal, Faculty of Social Science, The Open University and Julian Agyeman, Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, Tufts University

Table of Contents

List of illustrations and tables
      John Solomos
Notes on contributors

      Sarah Neal and Julian Agyeman
Part One: Notions of nation and national contexts
1. ‘It goes without saying (well, sometimes’): racism, Whiteness and identity in Northern Ireland
      Paul Connolly
2. Place matters: exploring the distinctiveness of racism in rural Wales
      Vaughan Robinson and Hannah Gardner
3. ‘Let’s keep our heads down and maybe the problem will go away’: experiences of rural minority ethnic households in Scotland
      Philomena de Lima
4. Remaking English ruralities: processes of belonging and becoming, continuity and change in racialised spaces
      Sarah Neal and Julian Agyeman
Part Two: Ethnicities, exclusions, disruptions
5. Village People: race, class, nation and the community spirit
      Katharine Tyler
6. New countryside? New country: visible communities in the English national parks
      Kye Askins
7. Visions of England: New Age Travellers and the idea of ethnicity
      Kevin Hetherington
8. Issues of rurality and good practice: Gypsy Traveller pupils in schools
      Kalwant Bhopal
9. Rethinking rural race equality: early interventions, continuities and changes
      Perminder Dhillon
      Sarah Neal and Julian Agyeman


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