by Nilsa Rodriguez as Instructed by GOD


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ISBN-13: 9781504326087
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 01/13/2015
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.36(d)

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The New Generation

Sacred Literatures of God

By Nilsa Rodriguez

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Nilsa Rodriguez as Instructed by GOD
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-2608-7


The beginning. I AM Krsna. I AM the light of God. I AM here to give you your freedom back. I AM here to give you back your will. I AM here to give you back your truth, which will be given to you from all the light beings of God for which we have created our destiny. You are the light of God. You are here to bring forth your ultimate truth, which has been given to you as your birthright, which we will withhold until you are ready to receive it. We come as one God, we come as one united force and will of God, for which the light enters your soul.

I AM Krsna, the force of God. I AM Allah, the light of God, creator of heaven and earth. I AM the one you call God. I AM here to teach you what you have already learned. I AM here to give you back your power, will, and light. It is by your destiny that we will serve humanity into Divine Consciousness. We have prepared you to complete your life's journey by which all of God's kingdom is at hand. You will start this journey by your willingness to create your destiny. I wish to explain to you your birthright, by which you will complete your destiny.

It is your Mother, your Divine Mother, that held the space for your light to be created into the fullness of your glory, into the fullness of your grace, into the fullness of your destiny. We are now entering into our truth, the truth that will be given to all to complete the creation within you, for it is the Mother's light entering your soul creating the light within. It is our birthright to bring you home. We will divinely bring you back to your home. We have called you forth to listen to your soul, which is the spirit of God within you. We have created you in the image of God. I say "we" because it is the Mother, the one who gave birth to you, who is the one that has given you life. The life force within you is the seed of creation. The one you call "the Mother", it is the Mother's seed that gave you life. You and the Mother are one in all of life.

You and the Father are one in all of life. May this be your lesson; may this be your remembrance. It is our birthright to bring you home. It is our birthright to give you light. It is our birthright to give you remembrance, for you are the creator of God. It is my wish for you to complete your destiny. It is my will for you to complete your will. It is in our journey together that we will create in the image of God the Mother and God the Father, in this time together as the creator of our divine plan. We acknowledge you as your own creation, creator of which you are. You will now receive the powerful words in which you will create your destiny. My Divine Mother, you held the space for us to complete our destiny. I AM now ready to accept and complete my full destiny. It is with your will and my will as one. That is my holy sacrament. I AM the light. I AM the truth. I AM the way. And so it is, let it be.

It is with great pleasure that this time has given us the creator, divine will, and divine union. You are now ready to divide your attention to complete your destiny. We will start with focus on completing many lives together. You will start this project as a gift of understanding yourself as the divine being you are. May God bless you and conquer your purpose of divinity. You are truly a gift, bringing blessings to one another in this divine plan.

Our truth has come to fruition. Our purpose is to begin our lives together. You will begin to create from the moment your life has begun. Begun has significant meaning. Your life will start and end with this divine plan of developing your human consciousness. This divine plan of your human consciousness is your divine will. It is time to focus your true reality by creating and developing your consciousness.

Our intention is to start your life from the moment it has begun. Begun is a word we will often use; it can deliver you true understanding and commitment of the life we will be sharing. Begun will be part of a true definition, for its truth comes from a form: a form of love, a form of truth, for your development of consciousness. You are the creator of your life. Now you are ready to complete your journey on earth. You are completing your full destiny at this time. Our time together as one union for which all people will have begun.

It is our divine plan to complete our journey together. You are the creator of your full destiny. It is a special time for you to see and experience this unity of consciousness of your divine plan to your divine will. You are being blessed by your mother, who has given you the life you so greatly deserve. We are delighted to serve you and humanity as one common nation: one star nation. We call a one star nation the new beginning for all of humanity. Your purpose in fulfilling your divine plan is to start a new beginning, for all humanity will create their intention here and now. Your time here is to complete your journey for which the Mother will lead you as one star nation. It is our commitment to complete this life, this form with you. Form is a word that will allow you to change. It will allow you to change and recreate who you are. You have begun. Our truth is your truth—our lives have begun.

You are the creator of your full destiny. We will start our journey completing our cycle of love together to please all living creatures and their destinies as one common united star nation. Fulfilling its purpose in this life is to develop society as well as human consciousness. You are now starting to live your life, understanding your ability to develop fully your entire existence as its full developed evolved potential. Your potential has been developed to exceed what you feel you can create.

We are starting to complete our journey as one for all life to experience as a committed group. Now we call our group the creation of divine union. Our group has started to develop into your consciousness, God's love, and light. We are now ready to bless your time of truth. Allow your truth to commit into your reality. You can now start your destiny of your reality. Your reality is your committed truth into God consciousness. The consciousness of your life into its true reality, the reality we call truth. Our true reality comes from our divine commitment to this life of true doings.

In time, as a new nation our lives are a reflection of this united creation. For instance, you have developed a world of committed and intelligent human beings. It is time to remove all false information given to you from false leaders. Our committed, united group of ascended light beings is being targeted to complete its mission as a united, free nation.

We have developed for you our understanding of this matrimony relationship to witness your forthcoming creation. Matrimony creates a union for which you all have started your divided lives as a nation. Matrimony is not what you have learned. Matrimony is a union that creates development between two individuals. You have not learned this way of life.

Matrimony to you is a way to allow not feeling alone. We will now understand the true meaning of matrimony. Matrimony is to create a true meaning of developing your life into a higher consciousness. Matrimony is to create true understanding of one another. It is not to create misjudgment of one another. That is what you have created.

Now we have united your nation as one complete created opportunity in the likeness of a selected traditional creation. You have developed as a whole parental fulfilled civilization. We, as a united nation, have offered you the opportunity to help one another; it is your birthright, a beginning of your true committed relationship with one another. You have now begun self-love, self-respect, and self-light, the light of true self-image of God.

With this new enlightened self-love, our lives will carry your true identity, identifying our individual selves as an extraordinary master of our life in this prime time together. Let the beginning of this prime time include your present individual correlation and greatness to your soul's responsibility: the "united common bond" of this life together. Our correlation signifies your true identity as a beginning of your life. Your need to start this life together anew will be a true joy for everyone on this planet as well as your common lives as a true individualized creator of your great new home, a home we now call one star nation.

We now have the ability to bring to you our enlightened ones as a giving blessing by the joy of your soul's responsibility. It is time to develop our own unique force to replicate this divine goal. It is our joined forces of divine truth that will be guiding everyone with absolute grace; you can open a new chapter of divine intelligence, creating your life's purpose. It is now your responsibility to develop your special place of divine light, for which your heart sings with absolute joy.

We, the creators of divine light, are chosen to guide and bring forth a perfectly balanced union of the energy of divine truth. We will come together in perfect, harmonious, fulfilled relationship of divine light, which this blessing has created into reality. Our mission is complete when your mission is complete. Our divine nature is to assist all of our children, brothers and sisters, on their mystical path back home. You will serve one another until your destiny is complete and fulfilled. Our divine nature is to complete our journey together for the completion of your divine reality.

At the start of your life as a divine energy, we will begin our destiny together as one light ready to complete another universal reality—creating our divine accomplishment. Love will now replace all that has been given, which created a false responsibility to each other. It is our true responsibility to create love, joy, and light as one united nation. All of our brothers and sisters have come together in giving you their absolute willingness to fulfill their and your divine truth together. Our time has come to bring to light all of your common realities as a nation. Our blessing is to bring you to a full understanding of this common good for all to see and witness in this period of universal fulfilling reality. As a united common world, it is necessary to bring light to all of our brothers and sisters. It is now our true desire to complete this fulfilling responsibility as a common truth in your life's reality. Feel the bliss of your love as a common fulfilling truth. You will be led by your true nature and your birthright to succeed in your present reality. Our love for you will complete this favorable journey of divine truth.

It is now your willingness to create a new life that will complete your strength to produce a favorable journey to the fifth dimension. We are the holy one; you are the favorable allegiance that will forsake this place and time as you know it.

Nilsa Rodriguez has developed a belief that has prevailed above all enforced beliefs that has brought her to a complete space of faith and strong will. We have chosen Nilsa as a strong-willed being to complete her full destiny as an embodiment of her divine love for humanity and God Source. Nilsa has reached a state of enlightenment that will favor her ability to bring the love and joy into her existence. It is with a full understanding of her divine presence that we have been able to complete this book of divine light.

It is now time to give to humanity the words given for the blessing of unity among our nations, our people, and our lives as one common good. The words are Hare Hare Krsna. Hare Hare Krsna will be a true sound of God force and will be used to work great miracles for those who believe in the power of God Source.

I want to share my experience of divine love, for all to understand my place in your heart. We are the peace makers that create unconditional love in everyone's center heart. All of our blessings come from an understanding of our fulfilled, blessed ascension. Your ability to feel pain will no longer be necessary for your growth. Pain is just unnecessary, for you have been given free choice. If you choose the light, only then will you start a new life. If you choose pain, then your light will be in a space, waiting for your return to love. I will be your guiding light to bring you home.

We, the children of the one God, are here for the development of our blessed fellowship, in which we will be ever so ready as a group to seek the light. My will, as a mother, is to see my children at peace with one another, giving the joy back to one another. It is our birthright to seek and feel this ultimate truth.

We, the children of God, are ready to receive our committed united presence of God. Let's start this as one common united star nation, for which we stand. Our desire as a united people will bring the destiny we are ready to create into this ocean of reality; our reality of your holy sacrament. It is time for this to be your new life, and to create your desire as the reality we have created. Our commitment is to develop with our children, brothers and sisters, their unique individualized ocean of blessings. It is your birthright.

We, the powerful light, are ready to complete this as a united common master of love and light. It is our duty to see our development into full committed alignment. You will soon know your glory. For now you will see the miracle completed before your eyes and start a new committed reality. Your truth will start as soon as you believe you can, just as Nilsa Maria Rodriguez has. Your committed love will be the light that will encourage and guide you. Our time together is of divine nature to complete our fullest desire. To our brothers and sisters of all colors, religions, ethnicity, and race, we bow to you for the strength you developed throughout your devoted lives. You will now need to start your day encouraging yourself to believe in your birthright's development. I will now show you what I mean.

For your development, it is important to create in your space a quiet altar of divine light. We do not feel the need of a particular direction of created ability for which you will seek as an individual, meaning you should seek what brings love from within the center of your beingness, the center of your heart. As a mother of light, I should tell you the opportunity is there for you to create the peace and love you have ensured for yourself. We, the masters of light, will be honored to forward you divine intelligence as you seek to know your Self as one with God Source.

Our commitment is to feel our divine love shared with you, to develop a committed love affair. Our blessing is your blessing. Our commitment is to see you feel the love we feel for you. Let us see this come to reality. You are now ready to complete your desire for which we stand together as one common star nation.

You have developed a common phrase for all to complete this unified blessing of spirit. It is of deep understanding, for it speaks the true image of God Source. The word is I AM. The phrase is I AM one with God. This will be your language with your divine self. We, the masters, have created your language of divine consciousness to seek your truth with the spirit of unified love. Our commitment is to unify your divine consciousness with the spirit of God Source for all to feel the beauty of true love. You are being developed as we speak the truth. Your language has been your state of prosperity within yourself.

It is time to create your full destiny. Our lives as one common agreement will take you to this prosperous field of divine consciousness, which all have the ability to seek as divine truth. You are now ready to shift to a beautiful blessed path of total joy and love. Our job is to journey you into this reality of unconditional love and truth for which all divine souls will come together as one common united reality of unconditional love. It is your right as the most precious being to journey with us in reality with your precious hearts. Let it be, and so it is. Our commitment is to complete this life as one common star nation for which all people will be in line with their purpose. We will start a journey to complete our destiny for all to realize their committed hearts and light.


Excerpted from The New Generation by Nilsa Rodriguez. Copyright © 2015 Nilsa Rodriguez as Instructed by GOD. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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