The New Guide to Skiing: Concise Edition

The New Guide to Skiing: Concise Edition

by Martin Heckelman

Paperback(Concise Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9780393306095
Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
Publication date: 11/28/1995
Edition description: Concise Edition
Pages: 143
Product dimensions: 7.70(w) x 10.40(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Martin Heckelman, one of the most sought-after private instructors in the French Alps, is producer and director of the "Ski Tips" series of instructional videos.

Table of Contents

Choosing your equipment10
Getting into shape14
Section 1Beginners' Skiing15
Beginners' exercises16
The basic position on skis16
Walking and gliding on skis-with and without ski poles18
Turning in position using tails and shovels as pivots18
Straight schussing down the fall-line20
Sidestepping up the hill20
Diagonal sidestepping22
Schussing down the fall-line-lifting tails alternately24
Schussing down the fall-line-picking up gloves24
Bending under ski pole arches25
Getting up after a fall26
The kick turn27
The herringbone climb29
The snowplough stop (wedge)30
The basic traverse position32
Shallow traverse-lifting tail of uphill ski33
Shallow traverse-touching downhill ski boot34
Shallow traverse-holding ski poles across chest34
Shallow traverse-alternately lifting tail and touching boot35
Stepping uphill to stop35
Traverse, touch boot and step uphill to stop37
Steeper traverse exercises38
Sidesliding-pushing with ski poles39
Sidesliding-one foot at a time40
Straight sidesliding41
Diagonal sidesliding42
Staircase sidesliding42
Skating and learning to ride ski-lifts45
Skating on the flat45
Skating down the fall-line-skating as a 'fencing' manoeuvre46
Skating uphill48
Skating to a stop48
Skating across the fall-line48
Skating a figure-of-eight49
Riding a ski-lift49
Uphill turns (parallel turns uphill)53
Turning the skis uphill to make a stop53
Series of 'garlands' uphill, from the fall-line58
Crossing the fall-line using knee pressure-preparation for downhill turn58
Turn across the fall-line59
Linking turns across the fall-line using knee pressure60
The tuck (egg) position60
Short-radius pressure turns61
Wide-track pressure turn across the fall-line61
Linked wide-track short-radius pressure turns64
Pressure turns combined with skating uphill64
Parallel turns (using flexion-extension-flexion)65
Planting ski pole using down-up-down body movement65
Parallel turn from the fall-line using flexion-extension-flexion66
Parallel turn across the fall-line using flexion extension-flexion68
Linking large-radius parallel turns70
Using moguls for turns71
Turning over moguls72
Turning around moguls73
Foot swival on top of megal77
Large-radius parallel turns on gentle slopes79
Skiing down gentle runs making large-radius parallel turns79
The stop turn79
Large-radius parallel turns on easy intermediate slopes82
Skiing down easy intermediate runs making large-radius parallel turns82
What next?82
Section 2Intermediate and Advanced Skiing83
Shortswing turns (Tea-for-two Ski Dance)84
Learning the shortswing rhythm and weight shifting (without speed)84
Learning the shortswing rhythm and weight shifting while schussing the fall-line86
Wide-track shortswing turn using exaggerated flexion-extension-flexion86
Wide-track shortswing practice on a gentle slope88
Shortswing turns with weight on both feet88
Shortswing turns on easy intermediate slopes with moguls91
Shortswing turns on advanced intermediate slopes92
Skiing on very narrow ski runs93
Banking the turns97
Using gravity to help initiate a turn97
Banking on uphill slopes during a turn98
The counter-turn ('S' turn)100
Demonstration of a counter-turn101
Learning the 'counter' movement of the counter-turn102
The counter-turn on smooth slopes102
Practice on a mogul102
Practice on steeper slopes with moguls103
Ice and hard snow conditions104
Practice shortswing turns on icy slopes105
Basic avalement106
Avalement while traversing108
Avalement turns109
Linked avalement turns112
Wedeln turns113
Learning foot power113
The stem turn for intermediate and advanced skiers (skiing crusty snow conditions)115
The stem turn for crusty snow conditions115
The jet turn118
Accelerating skis forward while traversing118
Jet turn uphill119
Jet turn across the fall-line120
The racing step (lateral step)122
The racing step on a smooth slope122
The racing step on moguls123
The racing step on steeper slopes124
The jump turn125
The hockey stop using down-unweighting128
Skiing the steep gullies and mountain faces129
Section 3Powder Skiing132
The basic down-up-down powder turn133
The traverse position133
Uphill turns136
Downhill turns139
The final word143

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