The New Millennium - Ad 2006-2008

The New Millennium - Ad 2006-2008

by William L Roth


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The paramount role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in human redemption is the preeminent topic of discussion in the Church and on most every secular street corner outside its doors. What miracles have been dispensed from the Immaculate Heart of Mary as the Morning Star Over America! While the world's lost sinners stand ogling over material wealth and temptations of the flesh, Our Lady has been calling the American people to the Cross of Christian Salvation. She enlisted two Illinois friends to deliver Her messages on February 22, 1991 through December 28, 2008, at which time she capitalized Her appearances with some of the most beatific strains of prophetic piety ever to fall on human ears. Her AD 2006-2008 messages represent the crown jewel of Her summons to prodigal men to embrace the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ as the antidote to death. Roman Catholics have known all along that the Blessed Mother can induce the Lord to change the course of human history by simply turning to Him in prayer, and She does this most prolifically when implored by the Church. Her new millennium messages contain God's poignant, urgent, descriptive, and decisive mandates for nullifying America's crass secular culture, reversing the atrocity of infanticide, proving to the nations that the United States is not as admired by Jesus Christ as we claim to be. If not for Our Lady's appearances as the Morning Star Over America, many sinners would never invite the Holy Spirit into their hearts. They would continue walking in blind ignorance, oblivious to the fact that the Father will ultimately demand an accounting of their lives through His Crucified Son. The Blessed Mother warns humanity in Her AD 2006-2008 messages about everything we must accomplish before Jesus comes again in glory, and She prepares our spirits for His Divine Mercy at that fateful hour. This book is mandatory reading for all Catholics, Protestants, populists of all stripes, and even those who have never thought about what lies beyond the grave. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared as the Morning Star Over America with a call to the heart to awaken humanity from our mind-numbing indifference, and Her messages are proof that the Resurrected Christ is about to annex the Earth into His eternal domain. We should welcome Our Lady's admonishments with refurbished hope because the purpose of our physical existence is uniquely revealed.

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ISBN-13: 9780979333415
Publisher: The Morning Star of Our Lord, Inc.
Publication date: 07/22/2009
Pages: 418
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