The New Testament Challenge

The New Testament Challenge

by Aaron Mitchell


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Have you ever wanted to understand, or deepen your understanding of the Bible, but didn't know where to start? You may have thought, "If only someone would walk me through the Bible!" If you can relate, then The New Testament Challenge is for you. What if you could actually turn back the clock and understand the Bible like someone living in Israel 2000 years ago? Taking The New Testament Challenge will help you do just that. This book teaches you how to apply the best-selling book of all time (the Bible) to your life. It will also encourage you to think about what the authors meant in their writings and even how the original audience heard the message.

Did you know there are 260 chapters in the New Testament? That means if you study one chapter a day, five days a week, you will cover the New Testament in exactly one year. Each daily entry is meant to be read with a chapter of the Bible and contains a main point, scripture verse, journal question and a prayer. The New Testament Challenge is a great tool that can be used for personal or even group study. Take the challenge, grow your understanding of God's Word and uncover how the timeless truths of the Bible are as relevant today as they ever were!

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ISBN-13: 9781735434025
Publisher: Mitchell Holdings LLC
Publication date: 12/29/2020
Pages: 536
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