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The New Working Woman's (r)Evolution: How to Survive and Succeed Through Empowerment

The New Working Woman's (r)Evolution: How to Survive and Succeed Through Empowerment

by Cristina Carballo-Perelman M.D.
The New Working Woman's (r)Evolution: How to Survive and Succeed Through Empowerment

The New Working Woman's (r)Evolution: How to Survive and Succeed Through Empowerment

by Cristina Carballo-Perelman M.D.



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The New Working Woman's (r)Evolution is a modern, practical survival and success road map for all women in the work force. This road map is comprised of eleven attributes needed to become empowered. And becoming empowered is critical in today's world of pay inequity, sexual harassment and lack of promotions beyond mid-level managerial positions. The ability to shatter the glass ceiling is further hampered by the under-representation of women in the board room across all industries, even those heavily represented by women. I have described, in detail, each of these attributes and how they work together to help you, the reader, become empowered at work. I have included worksheets to help the reader practice and become proficient in these attributes. I have also described the types of corporations, companies and work places, that will assist, not hamper, your journey to the top. I also offer advise in those cases where a work environment is not conducive to your advancement. How do you approach leadership, HR or other colleagues you work with? What are your options if harassment occurs? What are the signs that the company you work for is not the right fit for your work goals? By applying these attributes, you will be better able to work with the leadership at your workplace to improve the right's of women. These attributes will also give you the clear focus if you need to move on and search for the right work place that will help you evolve. Through the personal implementation these attributes, you will be able to complete your journey without compromising your core values. You will achieve what so many women are still striving for; being recognized and lauded for their talents, regardless of race, sex or physical appearances. Enjoy the journey! Here's to your success! I am woman, hear me roar! I am woman, see me soar!!

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ISBN-13: 9781543932119
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 05/23/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 144
File size: 835 KB

About the Author

Cristina Carballo-Perelman, M.D., has been a neonatologist for 30 years. She has seen how society devalues women, both at home and in the workplace by continually placing more value of women's beauty over brains. She and her coworkers have experienced this inequality and unfair treatment of women in the professional setting over the years.   Dr. Carballo-Perelman's passion and motivation to write her female empowering books derives from wanting to help women who have experienced similar situations. She provides hope that if they search for companies with ethics and integrity, they will indeed be re-hired.   Her aim is to empower women, not make them into "little men." By doing so, she hopes to accelerate the overall equality of the sexes in all areas of life!   Her other passions include employee rights and corporate social responsibility. She has first-hand experience concerning these topics as she was fired for " challenging the status-quo" at work. She realized to late the cost of working for a corporation without a "soul." These experiences have allowed her to help others navigate the workforce and become empowered as employees with rights.   Finally, as a physician, she has dealt with many issues concerning death, including the right to assist death "with dignity." Her "intimate interview" with Death itself, puts a unique spin to the topic.   There has been much accolades concerning all her books and the help they bring to those who read them.   Her hope is to continue to help others live empowered, joyful lives and enjoy this journey called life!

Table of Contents

Dedication ix

Preface xi

Introduction 1

Definitions 3

Women in the Corporate World 7

So… Why the Number Eleven? 15

Chapter 1 Attribute #1: Exude Confidence 19

Definition 19

Antithesis 19

My Advice 19

Synopsis 22

Worksheet on Exuding Confidence 25

Chapter 2 Attribute #2: Work as Part of the Team But Maintain Your Visionary Goal 28

Definition 28

Antithesis 28

My Advice 28

Synopsis 30

Worksheet on being a Team Player 32

Chapter 3 Attribute #3: Respect Others but Never Compromise 35

Definition 35

Antithesis 35

My Advice 36

Synopsis 37

Worksheet on Respecting Others 39

Chapter 4 Attribute #4: Be Compassionate and Show Empathy 42

Definition 42

Antithesis 42

My Advice 42

Synopsis 44

Worksheet on Being Compassionate and Showing Empathy 46

Chapter 5 Attribute #5: Be Humble and Know You Are Constantly Learning 49

Definition 49

Antithesis 49

My Advice 50

Synopsis 51

Worksheet on Humility 53

Chapter 6 Attribute #6: Stay Calm during Times of Stress 56

Definition 56

Antithesis 56

My Advice 56

Synopsis 59

Worksheet on Achieving Calmness 60

Chapter 7 Attribute #7: Acknowledge Others 63

Definition 63

Antithesis 63

My Advice 64

Synopsis 65

Worksheet on Acknowledging Others 67

Chapter 8 Attribute #8: Be Honest, Trust Others 70

Definition 70

Antithesis 70

My Advice 71

Synopsis 73

Worksheet on Honesty 74

Chapter 9 Attribute #9: Demonstrate Courage 77

Definition 77

Antithesis 77

My Advice 78

Synopsis 79

Worksheet on Demonstrating Courage 81

Chapter 10 Attribute #10: Achieve Success 84

Definition 84

Antithesis 84

My Advice 85

Synopsis 86

Worksheet on Achieving Success 87

Chapter 11 Attribute #11: Enjoy Your Work 90

Definition 90

Antithesis 90

My Advice 91

Synopsis 92

Worksheet on Enjoying Life 93

Part 2 The Conscience of a Corporation

Chapter 1 What Does Corporate Consciousness Look Like? 99

Chapter 2 The Argument Against Corporate Consciousness (Yes, There Really Is One!) 104

Chapter 3 Ask Not What the Corporation Can Do for You, But What You Can Do for the Corporation 108

Chapter 4 Challenging the Status Quo: Perspectives from Employers and Employees 112

Chapter 5 What Can Corporations Do to Move towards Workplace Equity and Assist Women in Shattering the Glass Ceiling? 117

Final Worksheet: How to Evaluate Corporate Nonmaleficence 120

Conclusion 123

Author Bio 127

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