The New York Times Book of Crime: More Than 166 Years of Covering the Beat

The New York Times Book of Crime: More Than 166 Years of Covering the Beat


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From the archives of The New York Times, 165 years of the most notorious real-life crimes.
For 166 years, The New York Times has been a rich source of information about crime, its reporters racing alongside tabloids to track the shocking incidents that disrupt daily life. This fascinating compilation, edited by seasoned Times crime-beat veteran Kevin Flynn, captures the full sweep of the newspaper’s coverage of the subject—from the assassinations of icons like Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Malcolm X to the deadly trails left behind by serial killers like H. H. Holmes (America’s first recognized serial killer), the Son of Sam, and Jeffrey Dahmer. This comprehensive review examines issues like incarceration, organized crime, and vice—from the Attica riot to the powerful Medellin Cartel—as well as the infamous crimes that riveted the world. The kidnappings of Jaycee Dugard and the Lindbergh baby. The Manson murders. The robberies that exasperated law enforcement, from bank heists by Dillinger to the enduring mystery of the greatest art heist in American history at Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. White-collar crimes from Ponzi to Madoff. Crimes of passion, such as Harry Thaw’s dramatic shooting of Stanford White, his rival for the charms of the beautiful Evelyn Nesbit. Chapters are organized by topic and include explanatory material by Flynn to provide context. The book features more than 70 photographs as well as reproductions of front-page stories. Although the focus is on the US, important international stories are included.

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ISBN-13: 9781402793233
Publisher: Sterling
Publication date: 03/14/2017
Pages: 416
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About the Author

Kevin Flynn is an investigative editor whose work has helped earn The New York Times numerous awards, including a 2009 Pulitzer Prize. He served as the newspaper’s police bureau chief from 1998 to 2003 and, in 2005, he cowrote with Jim Dwyer 102 Minutes: The Unforgettable Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers (Henry Holt), a bestseller that was a National Book Award nonfiction finalist.

Richard Price is a bestselling author of nine novels, including Clockers (Macmillan), The Wanderers (Houghton Mifflin), Freedomland (Random House), and Lush Life (Macmillan). He wrote several episodes of HBO’s The Wire, and is also the cowriter of the acclaimed HBO miniseries The Night Of.

Table of Contents

Foreword viii

Introduction xii

Chapter 1 Assassinations

Awful Event: President Lincoln Shot by an Assassin 2

Heir to Austria's Throne Is Slain with His Wife by a Bosnian Youth to Avenge Seizure of His Country 6

Gandhi Is Killed by a Hindu; India Shaken, World Mourns; 15 Die in Rioting in Bombay Robert Trumbull 8

Kennedy Is Killed by Sniper as He Rides in Car in Dallas; Johnson Sworn in on Plane Tom Wicker 12

Malcolm X Shot to Death at Rally Here Peter Kihss 21

Martin Luther King Is Slain in Memphis; A White Is Suspected; Johnson Urges Cairn Earl Caldwell 27

Kennedy Is Dead, Victim of Assassin; Suspect, Arab Immigrant, Arraigned; Johnson Appoints Panel on Violence Gladwin Hill 32

Sadat Assassinated at Army Parade as Men Amid Ranks Fire into Stands; Vice President Affirms "All Treaties" William E. Farrell 36

Bhutto Is Killed at Rally, and Pakistan Faces Outrage and New Turmoil Salman Masood Carlotta Gall 40

Chapter 2 Heists

Masked Men Rob a Train: The Bold Exploit of a Gang of Missouri Outlaws 46

Dillinger Defied Capture for Year 50

Bandits Rob Mail Train Outside London; Record Loss May Exceed $5,000,000 James Feron 55

Star of India and 8 Other Stolen Gems Returned to City From Miami Locker Jack Roth 60

The Big Lufthansa Robbery and Its Trail of Murder Leslie Maitland 65

Boston Thieves Loot a Museum of Masterpieces Fox Buttertield 70

Willie Sutton, Urbane Scoundrel Peter Duffy 73

FBI Brings a Fresh Set of Eyes to a '71 Plane Hijacking Mystery Susan Saulny 76

Graying Thieves and a Record Heist Undone in London Dan Bilefsky 78

Chapter 3 Kidnappings

Franks Slayers Get Life Imprisonment; Youth Averts Noose 84

Lindbergh Baby Kidnapped from Home of Parents on Farm Near Princeton; Taken from His Crib; Wide Search On 89

Bronfman's Son Rescued in City After a Payment of $2.3 Million; Money Recovered, 2 Suspects Held Peter Kihss 92

Miss Hearst Is Convicted on Bank Robbery Charges Wallace Turner 96

Agony Lingers, 20 Years After the Moro Killing Alessandra Stanley 103

Captive's Own Account of 18 Years as a Hostage Jesse McKinley 105

Chapter 4 Mass Murder

School Dynamiter First Slew Wife 110

Suspect Seized in Chicago in Slaying of Eight Nurses Austin C. Wehrwein 114

Terror in Littleton: The Overview; 2 Students in Colorado School Said to Gun Down as Many as 23 and Kill Themselves in a Siege James Brooke 117

Massacre in Virginia; Drumbeat of Shots, Broken by Pauses to Reload Shaila Dewan 121

Gunman Kills 12 at Colorado Theater; Scores Are Wounded, Reviving Debate Dan Frosch Kirk Johnson 124

Norwegian Mass Killer Gets Maximum Sentence: 21 Years Mark Lewis Sarah Lyall 128

Sandy Hook Pupils Were All Shot Multiple Times with a Semiautomatic, Officials Say James Barron 131

A Hectic Day at Church, and Then a Hellish Visitor Richard Fausset John Eligan Jason Horowitz Frances Robles 134

Praising Isis, Gunman Attacks Gay Nightclub Leaving 50 Dead in Worst Shooting on U.S. Soil Lizette Alavarez Richard Pérez-Peña 140

Chapter 5 The Mob

7 Chicago Gangsters Slain by Firing Squad of Rivals, Some in Police Uniforms 146

The Crime Hearings: Television Provides Both a Lively Show and a Notable Public Service Jack Gould 153

65 Hoodlums Seized in a Raid and Run Out of Upstate Village 156

Valachi Names 5 as Crime Chiefs in New York Area Emanuel Perlmutter 159

Galante and 2 Shot to Death in a Brooklyn Restaurant Robert D. McFadden 164

The Mafia of the 1980s: Divided and Under Siege Robert D. McFadden 168

John Gotti Dies in Prison at 61; Mafia Boss Relished the Spotlight Selwyn Raab 175

A Mafia Boss Breaks a Code in Telling All William K. Rashbaum 182

Long Elusive, Irish Mob Legend Ended Up a California Recluse Adam Nagoumey Abby Guodnough 185

Chapter 6 Murder

Thaw Murders Stanford White; Shoots Him on the Madison Square Garden Roof 192

Trial Under Way in Youth's Killing John N. Popham 198

Manson, 3 Women Guilty; Prosecution to Ask Death Earl Caldwell 201

John Lennon of Beatles Is Killed; Suspect Held in Shooting at Dakota Les Ledbetter 208

Mrs. Harris Found Guilty of Murder and She Is Quickly Removed to Jail James Feron 211

Not Guilty: The Overview: Jury Clears Simpson in Double Murder; Spellbound Nation Divides on Verdict David Margolick 217

Colorado Murder Mystery Lingers as Police Press On James Brooke 222

Kitty, 40 Years Later Jim Rasenberger 225

Freed by DNA, Now Charged in New Crime Monica Davey 231

Grisly Murder Case Intrigues Italian University City Ian Fisher 235

A Trial Ends, but for South Africans, the Debate May Be Just Beginning Sarah Lyall Alan Cornell 237

Straight From TV to Jail: Durst Is Charged in Killing Charles V. Bugli Vivian Yee 240

Chapter 7 Prison

Showering and Yoking 246

9 Hostages and 28 Prisoners Die as 1,000 Storm Prison in Attica-"Like a War Zone" Fred Ferretti 250

No Way Out: Dashed Hopes-Serving Life, with No Chance of Redemption Adam Liptak 257

Tale of 3 Inmates Who Vanished from Alcatraz Maintains Intrigue 50 Years Later Robert D. McFadden 262

How El Chapo Was Finally Captured, Again Azam Ahmed 266

Prison Rate Was Rising Years Before 1994 Law Erik Eckholm 273

Chapter 8 Serial Killers

Dismay in Whitechapel: Two More Murdered Women Found 278

Holmes Cool to the End 281

DeSalvo, Confessed "Boston Strangler," Found Stabbed to Death in Prison Cell John Kifner 289

.44 Killer Wounds 12th and 13th Victims Robert D. McFadden 291

The Suspect Is Quoted on Killings: "It Was a Command … I Had a Sign" Howard Blum 296

Suspect in Mass Deaths Is Puzzle to All Douglas E. Kneeland 300

Bundy Is Put to Death in Florida After Admitting Trail of Killings Jon Nordheimer 306

Jeffrey Dahmer, Multiple Killer, Is Bludgeoned to Death in Prison Don Terry 310

Retracing a Trail: The Sniper Suspects; Serial Killing's Squarest Pegs: Not Solo, White, Psychosexual or Picky N. R. Kleinfield Erica Goode 313

Chapter 9 Sex Crimes

Polanski Guilty Plea Accepted in Sex Case Grace Lichtenstein 320

Crimmins Found Guilty of Murder as the Jury Accepts His Confession E. R. Shipp 322

Darkness Beneath the Glitter: Life of Suspect in Park Slaying Samuel G. Freedman 325

Lorena Bobbitt Acquitted in Mutilation of Husband David Margolick 330

A Crime Revisited: The Decision; 13 Years Later, Official Reversal in Jogger Attack Robert D. McFadden Susan Saulny 334

Boston Church Papers Released; A Pattern of Negligence Is Cited Pam Belluck 339

Sandusky Guilty of Sexual Abuse of 10 Young Boys Joe Drape 344

Chapter 10 Vice

Marijuana Smoking Is Reported Safe 350

Speakeasy Census Shows Brisk Trade C. G. Poore 354

Kingpin of Crime Syndicate Robert D. McFadden 358

Head of Medellin Cocaine Cartel Is Killed by Troops in Colombia Robert D. McFadden 362

Spitzer, Linked to a Sex Ring as a Client, Gives an Apology Danny Hakim William K. Rashbaum 366

Chapter 11 White Collar

Exchange "Wizard" Is Paying Claims 372

Van Doren Pleads Guilty; Is Freed Alfred E. Clark 376

Milken Gets 10 Years for Wall St. Crimes Kurt Eickenwald 378

2 Enron Chiefs Are Convicted in Fraud and Conspiracy Trial Alexei Barrionuevo 382

Madoff Goes to Jail After Guilty Pleas Diana B. Henriques Jack Healy 386

Acknowledgments 389

Contributors 390

Index 396

Picture Credits 400

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