The Newlywed Marriage: How to Put Your Marriage Back to Its Newlywed Status

The Newlywed Marriage: How to Put Your Marriage Back to Its Newlywed Status

by Anthony Ekanem


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No one gets married expecting to get divorced. Why bother in the first place? We are filled with hope when we say "I Do" to that other person. But the cold reality is that, the divorce rate worldwide is ridiculously high and is rising every day.

There was once a time when people got married and it stuck. In fact, many times, these people got married after knowing each other for only a short time. They didn't live together first. They never got intimate just to "test the waters". They dove in head first and were determined to make it last. But then times changed. What brought it about? Speculation abounds when it comes to this question. Many people think it was the women's rights movement in the 70's.

Others believe that it came about with the advent of more media outlets and the portrayal of sexier, promiscuous characters. Still others say it's because people just aren't as committed as they once were because of the instant gratification that we expect even to this day.

Whatever the reason, the divorce rate has raised alarmingly over the past few decades. Roughly HALF of all people who get married will get divorced within 10 years of saying their vows. From 1970 to 1996 the divorce rate quadrupled according to the United States Census report.

Many people think they have to watch out for the infamous seven-year itch that comes about after seven years of marriage. Today, couples need to watch out for the two-year itch. Dissatisfaction in marriages happens earlier and earlier as people become more disillusioned with their dreams when they don't become reality as quickly as they think it should.

In the past, a divorce was difficult to obtain. Only under extreme circumstances such as abuse or adultery were you granted a divorce. Then the courts started allowing irreconcilable differences as a reason to divorce and then the no-fault divorce came along. This meant all you had to do was live apart from your spouse for 6 months and then you could get a divorce without anyone taking on the blame.

Now, a divorce is easier to get than a driver's license. You can even download divorce papers on the internet these days. Fill them out, get signatures, and file with the court. Poof, you're no longer married. Sometimes this can be accomplished in the same day. Think it's a travesty? Maybe it is. But it's reality. So why do marriages fail?

There are millions of married couples out there who know what it takes to stay in love and keep their marriage fresh and new. Want to know their secrets? No problem!

Keeping romance alive and well in your marriage can be achieved, but it does take work. Anything in life that is truly good and satisfying takes work. However, the rewards are HUGE, so it's well worth the effort! We're here to show you how to "Bring Your Marriage Back to Newlyweds Again!"

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