The Next Revolution in our Credit-Driven Economy: The Advent of Financial Technology

The Next Revolution in our Credit-Driven Economy: The Advent of Financial Technology

by Paul Schulte


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ISBN-13: 9781118989609
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 09/08/2015
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

PAUL SCHULTE runs Schulte Research, his own financial services consultancy based in Hong Kong where he is a permanent resident. His clients include sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, exchanges, and regulators. His policy experience includes work with the National Security Council at the White House in the 1980s and the Indonesian Ministry of Finance in the early 1990s. He specialized in investment strategy and research in financials with Credit Suisse, Lehman Brothers, Nomura and China Construction Bank Intl. over a 20-year period.

In the academic world, he is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Emerging Markets Enterprises at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. He is also a Visiting Scholar in the MBA programs at both Hong Kong University and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In addition, he has lectured at MBA programs at Tsinghua, Fudan, NYU Stern School, FGV (Rio), LBS, UCLA, Loyola Marymount, Northwestern, among others.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xvii

About the Author xix

About the Website xxi

Introduction: A Few Numbers Can Crack the Code xxiii

PART ONE How Bank Credit Drives Economics (Not the Other Way Around) and Why

CHAPTER 1 A Few Simple Concepts That Anyone Can Understand 3

CHAPTER 2 Differences between Liquidity and Solvency Are Thin 23

CHAPTER 3 Anatomy of a Credit Crisis and Examples in the Real World 33

PART TWO I Am from the Government, and I Am Here to Help Your Broken Banking System

CHAPTER 4 Socialization of Debt after Mismanagement by Bankers (or, Why Keynesian Economics Doesn’t Work) 55

CHAPTER 5 Why Capitalist Bankers Create Soviet Banking Models When the Going Gets Rough 75

CHAPTER 6 Central Banks Are Carrying the Greatest Load and Will Dominate Outcomes 89

CHAPTER 7 How Bankers and Policy Rescuers Affect Stocks, Foreign Exchange, and Property 103

PART THREE Interlude

CHAPTER 8 Why Government and Institutions Get Suckered into Debt Binges 119

PART FOUR The Revolution in Financial Architecture

CHAPTER 9 Why Is This Revolution Happening Now and Why So Fast? 135

CHAPTER 10 The Revolution in Alternative Investments 145

CHAPTER 11 The Revolution in Big Data and SME Lending in the Emerging World 157

CHAPTER 12 Banking and Analytics—The PayPal Gang, Palantir versus Alibaba, and Hundsun 177

Appendix 195

Bibliography 197

Index 199

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