The Night Queen: she starts hunting when her preys are in deep slumber

The Night Queen: she starts hunting when her preys are in deep slumber

by Birister Sharma


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It's a story of a simple girl, Rani, who went to look her ailing elder sister along with her uncle, Raghu, in a town. She is unknown to everything. However, her uncle, Raghu, sold her. Then she knew that her elder sister also sold in the same manner by Raghu. She got trap in the world of prostitution in the whorehouse of Lovely Bai. She didn't find anyone for her rescue. She was, emotionally, morally and physically destroyed. Lovely Bai dragged her into the world of darkness where she didn't find any way to escape herself. At last, she has bound to accept the dark world of prostitution. Then she starts hunting her preys............she became the most sought prostitute star in the city of Delhi and NCR. She was beautiful, hot, wild, carefree and bold. Her name changed into Dolly. She has the power of bewitched anybody. Every client became her avid and dogged customer. She got the nick named the Night Queen of dark world and started ruling with her sex power. Even she became the famous socialite of the city.

Then the climax changed when she met Suraj. Suraj is a famous industrialist. He was upset, deserted and frustrated. He is a married man but living like a nomad. He finds solace in the company of Dolly. Soon they felt for each other and fell in love. Dolly has forgotten her dark world and starts dreaming a world of beauty where she could knit her own family with Suraj. They spent together. They dreamed together. Everything went perfect for them.

When everything went well in their lives, Dolly found her lost sister. However, her sister was no more. Somebody killed her in a mysterious way and the dead body was found at the platform of Mumbai railway station. Dolly realized why she embraced the dark world. Then the hunting for the culprits of her sister began. She forgot her beloved Suraj. She took revenge from everybody who made her life hell and who has killed her sister. After accomplished her revenge she recalled Suraj, however, their destiny doesn't allow them to get together. At that time, Dolly discovered that she is suffering from terrible disease AIDS, in final stage. Instantly, she decided to forget Suraj. In the mean time, Suraj tried to contact her, but there is no reply from the other side. Dolly already decided to resolve all the pending commitments. In no time, she transferred all her properties and bank balance in the name of her family. Then she started waiting for her final journey.......

The Night Queen is a story of love, hatred, betrayal, sacrifice and revenge of a woman in a male dominated world.

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ISBN-13: 9781502747648
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/07/2014
Pages: 174
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Birister Sharma is graduate in Journalism & Mass Communication. He is working as a freelance journalist. He is a writer/author/poet/blogger.
His areas of interest are reading, writing, singing, watching movies, playing cricket & traveling a lot.
He has penned down four novels so far: You're still in my heart, I met u again in the middle of the crossroad, A tale of mother and When i was in school...story of my golden days.
You may contact him @ or

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