The No-Bullshit Guide to Depression

The No-Bullshit Guide to Depression

by Steven Skoczen


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ISBN-13: 9780998280400
Publisher: Ink and Feet, LLC
Publication date: 12/06/2016
Pages: 414
Sales rank: 323,598
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 5.70(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

What's Inside
-Inside This Book
-#1: Dammit, Jim, I'm a Writer, Not a Doctor
-#2: Dealing with Depression Right Now?
-#3: First Time Dealing with Depression?
The Landscape of Depression
WTF Is Depre​ssion?
Typical days of Depre​ssion
-The Good Days with Depression
-The Bad Days with Depression
-The Really Bad Days
-The Weird "False Well" Days
Three Big Truths
It's About Energy Level
-Mostly, It's About Energy
-Spoon Theory
Things Get Weird
-Food Gets Weird
-Sleep Gets Weird
-Your Sex Drive Gets Weird
-Everyday Stuff Is Exhausting
-Relationships Get Weird
-That's the Landscape
The Pledge
-You're In Charge and You're Responsible. Both.
-Commit to take on your depression.
Awesome Tools to Deal With Depression
-Building Your Toolbox
-Types of Tools
Using Your Mind
-The Weird, Energy-Sucking Flu
-Meet Aunt Dee
-Radical Acceptance
-Rephrase It
-Let Yourself Off The Hook
-Righteous Indignance
-Get Grateful
-Let Go of the Rope
-Present Moment Awareness
-Stalk It
Your Actions
-Order Pizza
-Dial It Back
-Eat a Salad
-Practice Kindness
-Behavioral Activation
-Talk to Yourself, Your Dog, Your Plants, or a Rubber Duckie.
-Write or Journal
-Start a Creative Project You Love
-Find Your Pizzas and Enjoy Them
Your Body
-Balance Your Diet
-Go for a Walk
-Work Out or Go for a Run
-Laugh and Smile
-Eat Spicy Food
-Take a Cold Shower
-Use Feldenkrais or Somatic Learning Methods
-Do Sports, Yoga, or Martial Arts
-Directly Hack your Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems
Your Enviro​nment
-Get More Light
-Move All Your Furniture
-Wear Different Clothes
-Stop Drinking
-Stop Smoking Weed
-Move To a New City
-Go on Vacation
-Super-Schedule Your Day
Tools to Notice Depression
-"Red Flag" Thoughts, Words, and Patterns
-Know Your Triggers
-Beware t
-Morning Check-in
-Sometimes, Depression Will Sneak In Anyway
Tools for the Deep Dark Places
-Tools for Handling the Deep Dark Places
-Treat It Like Drunk Driving
-Treat It Like Severe Allergies
-Act Preemptively
-Make a Plan When You're Not Depressed
-Don't Be Afraid to Call the Pros
-Know Your Warning Signs
Make Binding Agreements with
-Your Support People
When You're In the Deep Dark Place: ​
​-Focus on Surviving
-You Have the Tools
-About Awesome Support People
-How to Get Awesome Support People
-How Many Support People Do You Need?
-Feeling Iffy on Actually Reaching Out?
-How to Train Your Awesome Support People
How To Be an Awesome Support Person
-The Person You're Supporting is Normal
-Sit, Ask, Listen
-Avoid Giving Advice
-Check in Consistently
-Make Reaching Out a Positive Experience
-Know What to Expect, and Don't Freak Out
-Have One Big Conversation
-Other Things You Should Know
-Keep Checking In
-Trust Each Other
-Touch Base with Other Support People
-Take Care of Yourself
-Advanced: Bring the Energy
-It's Not Usually that Big of a Burden
Using Your Support People
-How to Use Your Support People
-Reach Out For Help Earlier Than You Need It
Handling Everyone Else
-Anti-Support People
-Family and Friends
Coworkers and Classmates,
-Teachers and Bosses
-Other Folks You Know
-Random Strangers
The Pros
-Professional Help
-Go for Competency
-Go For Validated Techniques
-Calling the Pros When You're in a Scary Place
-Calling the Pros When You're in an Awesome Place
-That's Everybody
The Long Game
-The Long Game
Living for the Long Term
-A Funny Thing about People with Depression
-Live a Values-Driven Life
-Find Your Values Exercise
-Make a Two-Year Life Plan
-Never Let Up
Share Your Story
-Share What You Know
-Be a Support Person
-Talk to Other People About Your Journey
-Be an Ambassador
Thank You
-Thank You
Resources and Research
-Awesome Resources
-Finding the Latest Research

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