The No-Limits Enterprise: Organizational Self-Management In The New World Of Work

The No-Limits Enterprise: Organizational Self-Management In The New World Of Work

by Doug Kirkpatrick


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Achieving a Twenty-First Century Enterprise

There are two near-universal truths about the working world. The first being that people work best when they are happy and passionate about their work; the second being that people produce and innovate on their highest levels when they are not coerced to work, but are simply expected to keep the commitments they freely make to their colleagues and their organization. Today, companies cannot afford to have their employees disengaged and hating—or at least not loving—their jobs. Traditional management is broken. We need a new, twenty-first-century approach to management that will galvanize the minds—and hearts—of people giving so much of their lives to organizations.

In The No-Limits Enterprise: Organizational Self-Management in the New World of Work, Doug Kirkpatrick examines how companies can begin the journey toward becoming a twenty-first-century enterprise with limitless power for growth. Within The No-Limits Enterprise, you will learn concept such as

- why the domestic and global breakdown of bureaucracy means the future of the workplace is here right now,

- why “managing” others in the workplace is obsolete and, ultimately, self-defeating on so many levels, and

- how to rigorously self-assess for success, corporately and personally, before embarking on an enterprise transformation.

Any business can transform itself into a No-Limits Enterprise in which every individual is free to innovate and forge new paths to the immense benefit of all. These challenges do not demand complex layers of management; they demand the ability to jettison ancient layers of control, and trust in the simplest of all human traits: the desire to create with dedication and love.

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ISBN-13: 9781946633279
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
Publication date: 07/23/2019
Pages: 280
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About the Author

Doug Kirkpatrick is the author of the Amazon bestseller Beyond Empowerment: The Age of the Self-Managed Organization, an organizational change consultant, TEDx and keynote speaker, executive coach, writer, and educator. Doug is also a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) with the Society for Human Resource Management and has served as a director for ATD (Association for Talent Development), the world’s largest talent development association with nearly 40,000 members in over 120 countries. He works with multiple groups including Great Work Cultures, Work Revolution and the Center for Innovative Cultures to co-create the vibrant, self-managed organized workplaces of the future.

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