The Nobility of Our Hearts: From Ben Suc to Sai Gon to Austin

The Nobility of Our Hearts: From Ben Suc to Sai Gon to Austin

by Louis Tu? Hovanky, Kim Thinh Hovanky


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The Nobility of Our Hearts: From Bến Súc to Sài Gòn to Austin, spans the remarkable events of 20th century Vietnam: from French rule to the Great Depression, from the Second World War to the Vietnamese civil war that involved the United States.

At the center of this global history stands one Vietnamese woman, Cẩm Hồng. Whether she is embarking alone at the age of fourteen on an ocean liner to Bordeaux to pursue her education, experiencing the bombing of Sài Gòn that forces her family to hide in the jungle while she endures the death of her daughter, witnessing the enlistment of three of her sons in the Vietnamese Armed Force, or finally escaping from Vietnam as a refugee to ultimately settle in Austin, Texas, Cẩm Hồng is a steadfast testament to perseverance and the Confucian values that sustained her.

This is the real story of South Vietnam, not simply the horrific experience of one particular decade. It provides an expanded perspective of the full history of Vietnam while engaging the reader through intimate details and novelistic techniques to create a beguiling and dramatic work of non-fiction.

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ISBN-13: 9781732422407
Publisher: Hovanky Publications, LLC
Publication date: 11/06/2018
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 1,140,081
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.65(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword xiii

Preface xxiii

Pronunciation Guide xxix

Chapter One: Under the Sign of the Tiger 1

Chapter Two: Le Paul Lecat 15

Chapter Three: Joy Blooms in the Great Depression 27

Chapter Four: “We Give You the Right to Choose” 35

Chapter Five: Life with the In-laws 51

Chapter Six: Goodbye, Saigon 63

Chapter Seven: Idyllic Years in Bến Súc 71

Chapter Eight: The Red Terror 79

Chapter Nine: The French Return 89

Chapter Ten: Making a Choice 95

Chapter Eleven: Time, the Exorbitant Luxury 101

Chapter Twelve: A Crowded House 109

Chapter Thirteen: A Historical Overview 119

Chapter Fourteen: Life during President Diệm 127

Chapter Fifteen: A Precarious Time 135

Chapter Sixteen: The Fall of President Diệm 141

Chapter Seventeen: Aftermath of a Coup 149

Chapter Eighteen: Life in Thông Tây Hội 155

Chapter Nineteen: Surprise in Nha Trang 161

Chapter Twenty: The Destruction of Bến Súc 169

Chapter Twenty-One: The Tết Offensive 177

Chapter Twenty-Two: Living in Gò Dưa 183

Chapter Twenty-Three: Black April, 1975 191

Chapter Twenty-Four: Life in a Refugee Camp 203

Chapter Twenty-Five: Refugees in Austin 215

Chapter Twenty-Six: Kỳ-Trân’s Sad End 223

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Cẩm-Hồng’s Widowhood 231

Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Death of Cẩm-Hồng 239

Acknowledgments 247

About the Authors 249

Index 251

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