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Pub. Date:
De Gruyter
Pub. Date:
De Gruyter
THE NONPROFIT RISK BOOK: Finding and Managing Risk in Nonprofits and NGOs / Edition 1

THE NONPROFIT RISK BOOK: Finding and Managing Risk in Nonprofits and NGOs / Edition 1

by Jesse Feiler, Gail B. Nayowith Jesse Feiler
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The Nonprofit Risk Book guides you through the process of finding, managing and mitigating risks that sap your nonprofit organization's time, finances, and resources. The book will lead you through a systematic process of evaluating what you know best: your organization and its operations. You will learn how to build a list of risks and evaluate each one for its likelihood and impact.

After assigning a priority to each risk based on its severity and determining the resources needed to address it, you will be able to create a risk register. From this, you will be able to plan mitigation actions to address each risk and set dates for mitigation plan review and completion. Learn how to use the tools nonprofit leaders need to manage risk in programs and other operations.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781501515163
Publisher: De Gruyter
Publication date: 11/07/2017
Pages: 172
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.45(h) x (d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Jesse Feiler, developer, Apple technologies specialist, USA; Gail B. Nayowith, 1digit LLC, NYC, USA

Table of Contents

Part I Nonprofit Risk and Mitigation 1

Chapter 1 Thinking About Risk 3

What's Special About Nonprofit Risk? 5

The Nonprofit Business Model Creates Risks for Many Nonprofit Organizations 5

6 Common Warning Signs of Underlying Risk 6

What Is Risk? 7

Types of Risk 8

Dimensions of Risk 8

Categories of Risk 9

5 Operating Risks in Key Organizational Pillars 9

Why Nonprofit Enterprise Risk Management Matters 9

Risk Profile 10

Appetite for Risk 11

Summary 11

Chapter 2 Getting Started with Enterprise Risk Management 13

Defining Enterprise Risk Management 13

Getting Started with Enterprise Risk Management 14

Teeing Up the ERM Planning Process 15

Stage 1 Readiness and Rollout 17

Step 1 Taking Stock of Your Organization and Its Readiness for ERM 17

Step 2 Find Champions and Build a Team 20

Step 3 Engage Managers, Staff, and Board in Risk Assessment 20

Step 4 Frame out the Process 22

Stage 2 Risk Identification and Assessment 22

Step 1 Risk Identification 23

Step 2 Risk Assessment 26

Step 3 Organize and Describe Risks 28

Tools for Risk Assessment 30

Likelihood/Impact Matrix 32

Moving to ERM Mitigation Planning 33

Summary 34

Chapter 3 Risk Mitigation Plan Development & Monitoring 35

Turning Your Risk Assessment into a Risk Mitigation Plan 36

Step 1 Develop an Enterprise Risk Policy that Describes the Overall Framework for ERM Activities 38

Step 2 Use Tools to Develop Mitigation Action Plans (MAPs) to Manage Risk Management Activities 39

Step 3 Develop a Reporting Process to Monitor the Status and Completion of Risk Mitigation Activities 40

Step 4 Develop Indicators to Track and Report Risk, Summarize Mitigation Activities and Document Resolution 41

Step 5 Create a Schedule for Monitoring ERM Plan Implementation and Reviewing the Effectiveness of Mitigation Strategies 44

Creating a Risk Register and Risk Mitigation Log 45

Reporting and Mitigation Accountability Strategies 48

A Note on Residual Risk 48

Implementing Your ERM Plan and Monitoring Risk 48

Summary 50

Chapter 4 Making It Work 51

Getting Started 51

The Nonprofit Risk App 54

Navigation (Top Controls) 55

Tab Bar (Bottom Controls) 56

Readiness and Rollout 56

Risk Identification and Assessment 57

Building the Risk List 58

Turning the Risk List into a Risk Register 60

Risk Mitigation Plan Development & Monitoring 62

Summary 64

Part II Nonprofit Operating Risk 65

Chapter 5 Programs & Services 67

Focusing on Mission 68

What to Watch For 69

Prevention 70

Mitigation 70

Providing Programming & Services 71

What to Watch For 71

Prevention 72

Serving the Public: Patrons, Audiences, and Clients 73

What to Watch For 73

Prevention 73

Working with Other Organizations 75

What to Watch For 75

Prevention 75

Mitigation 76

Planning for Sustainability, Resizing, and the Future 76

What to Watch For 76

Prevention 77

Mitigation 78

Summary 78

Chapter 6 Personnel 79

Working for Good 79

Personnel in Action 80

What to Watch For 80

Conflicts of Interest 81

What to Watch For 81

Prevention 82

Conflicts of Role 83

What to Watch For 83

Prevention 83

Working with Management 84

What to Watch For 84

Prevention 84

Mitigation 85

Managing Credentials and Performance Appraisals 85

What to Watch For 86

Prevention 86

Summary 86

Chapter 7 Environment, Regulatory, and Compliance Issues 87

Managing in the Community and Operating Environments 87

What to Watch For 88

Prevention 89

Managing Compliance and Regulations 90

What to Watch For 90

Prevention 91

Responding to Catastrophic Environmental Risk 91

What to Watch For 92

Being Part of the Nonprofit Environment 92

What to Watch For 93

Prevention 93

Summary 94

Chapter 8 Finance 95

Managing the Organization's Cash, Investments, and Financial Reputation 95

What to Watch For 95

Prevention 97

Mitigation 98

Accounting for Grants, Activities, and Overhead 98

What to Watch For 99

Prevention 99

Mitigation 100

Dealing with Discretionary, Ad Hoc, and Emergency Situations 100

What to Watch For 101

Prevention 101

Mitigation 101

Summary 101

Chapter 9 Fundraising 103

Working with Grants and Funders 104

What to Watch For 106

Prevention 107

Mitigation 108

Managing the Donor Base 108

What to Watch For 109

Prevention 109

Fundraising Events 110

What to Watch For 110

Mitigation 111

Summary 111

Chapter 10 Marketing, Communications, and Reputation 113

Focusing on Mission and Partners 114

What to Watch For 114

Prevention 115

Mitigation 116

Calendaring 116

What to Watch For 117

Prevention 118

Mitigation 118

Messaging 119

What to Watch For 119

Prevention 119

Mitigation 120

Managing the Economic Model 121

What to Watch For 122

Prevention 122

Mitigation 123

Summary 123

Chapter 11 Operations 125

Handling Operational Tax Issues in Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organizations 125

What to Watch For 125

Prevention 126

Mitigation 126

Reviewing Basic Operational Risks for Organizations: Document and Data Retention 127

What to Watch For 127

Prevention 127

Reviewing Basic Operational Risks for Organizations: Disaster Recovery 128

What to Watch For 129

Precautions 129

Preparing for Business Interruption 130

What to Watch For 130

Handling Failure of Key Partners 130

What to Watch For 131

Summary 131

Chapter 12 Technology & Data 133

Staying on Top of Cyber Continuity 133

What to Watch For 134

Prevention 135

Mitigation 135

Working with Organization-wide Systems and Standards 135

Prevention 136

Mitigation 136

Maintaining Functional Systems and Standards 136

What to Watch For 137

Prevention 137

Keeping in Touch with Web and Social Media 138

What to Watch For 138

Prevention 138

Organizing Hardware, Networks, Devices, and Technology Skills 139

What to Watch For 139

Prevention 139

Developing and Acquiring Systems, Data, Apps, and Projects 140

What to Watch For 140

Prevention 141

Summary 141

Chapter 13 Board Governance and Oversight 143

Creating a Nonprofit or Nongovernmental Organization 144

What to Watch For 144

Founderitis (Founder Syndrome) 144

Prevention 145

Maintaining a Sustainable Board 147

What to Watch For 147

Prevention 148

Summary 149

Moving On 150

Index 151

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