The Nutrition Twins' Veggie Cure: Expert Advice and Tantalizing Recipes for Health, Energy, and Beauty

The Nutrition Twins' Veggie Cure: Expert Advice and Tantalizing Recipes for Health, Energy, and Beauty

by Tammy Shames, Lyssie Lakatos

Paperback(First Edition)

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Get started on the path to a happier and healthier and more energetic you! In this book the Nutrition Twins, both registered dietitian nutritionists, reveal which vegetables help specific health and beauty problems, and provide more than 100 delicious and nutritious recipes to put this "cure" into action on your plate. Each chapter starts with a goal—more energy, stronger bones, younger-looking skin, improved mood, flatter stomach, etc. In clear, conversational language the authors lay out what veggies will help you to succeed in reaching your goal, why they work, and how to reap their benefits via the delicious recipes available just pages away. With the advent of the USDA's new plate graphic (half the plate being fruits and vegetables) supplanting the tired old pyramid, everyone is being urged to eat substantially more vegetables. With this accessible book, readers will be motivated to tailor their menus to their own needs, while at the same time discovering a variety of delicious, easy veggie recipes that their whole family will enjoy—and benefit from. Includes an easy-to-follow menu plan for a 10-day Jumpstart to Health and Weight Loss.

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ISBN-13: 9780762784769
Publisher: Skirt!
Publication date: 01/07/2014
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 264
Sales rank: 1,187,713
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About the Author

Tammy Lakatos Shames, RD, CDN, CFT and Elysse ("Lyssie") Lakatos, RD, CDN, CFT share more than identical features; they share a passion to enhance the lives of others through improved nutrition and lifestyle behavior modification. Dubbed the Nutrition Twins, Tammy and Lyssie have become known for their unique approach to nutrition counseling, corporate lecturing, writing, making media appearances and consulting to multi-national food companies. They are authors of Fire Up Your Metabolism and The Secret to Skinny, and live in New York, NY. Visit them at

Table of Contents

Introduction vi

Part I Veggies for Your Health and Well-Being

Chapter 1 Stress Relieving and Tension Taming: Veggies to Take the Edge Off 2

Spotlight on:

Summer Squash 3

Green Beans 5

Chapter 2 Beat the Bloat and Clean the Pipes: Veggies for Belly Relief 8

Spotlight on:

Fennel 9

Artichokes 11

Chapter 3 I Heart My Veggies: Veggies That Keep Your Cardiovascular System in Tune 13

Spotlight on:

Black Beans 17

Crimini Mushrooms 19

Swiss Chard 21

Garlic 23

Chapter 4 Crunching against Cancer: Veggies That Help Reduce Risk 26

Spotlight on:

Onions 26

Brussels Sprouts 29

Chapter 5 Bone Boosting Bonanzas: Veggie Recipes Built to Build Strong Bones 31

Spotlight on:

Peas 34

Turnip Greens 36

Chapter 6 The Slim & Trim Factor: Veggies to Lose Weight Fast 39

Spotlight on:

Cabbage (Green, Red, Savoy) and Bok Choy 39

Celery 42

Chapter 7 The Perk-Up Factor: Veggies for Energy 44

Spotlight on:

Butternut Squash 44

Potatoes 47

Chapter 8 Skin Diligence: Veggies That Are Better than Anti-Wrinkle Cream 50

Spotlight on:

Tomatoes 50

Cucumbers 52

Chapter 9 A Bun (Loaded with Veggies) in the Oven: Veggies for a Healthy Pregnancy 55

Spotlight on:

Asparagus 55

Romaine Lettuce 57

Chapter 10 I Don't Have Time: Veggies for When You've Only Got Five Minutes 60

Spotlight on:

Cauliflower 60

Spinach 62

Chapter 11 Mood-Boosting Must-Haves: Veggies That Lift Your Spirit 65

Spotlight on:

Sweet Potatoes 66

Spaghetti Squash 68

Chapter 12 Hunger Games: Veggies You Can Sink Your Teeth Into 71

Spotlight on:

Eggplant 71

Portobello Mushrooms 73

Chapter 13 Detox and Cleanse: Veggies That Flush Toxins after Overindulgence 75

Spotlight on:

Beets 76

Kale 79

Chapter 14 Salad Haters' Delights: Veggies for Irresistible Bowl Creations 81

Spotlight on:

Corn 82

Olives 84

Chapter 15 My Kid Won't Eat Veggies: Veggies Kids Will Love 87

Spotlight on:

Broccoli 89

Carrots 91

Chapter 16 More Bang per Bite: Veggie Duos That Enhance Nutrient Absorption 93

Spotlight on:

Avocados 96

Bell Peppers 98

Part II Recipes

Chapter 17 The Nutrition Twins' Veggie Cure Recipes 102

Legend 105

Breakfasts and Smoothies 106

Appetizers and Snacks 126

Soups and Salads 159

Mains 185

Sides 205

10-Day Weight Loss Jumpstart, Belly De-Bloat, and Toxin Flush 240

Metric Conversion Tables 247

Acknowledgments 248

Recipe Index 250

Index 252

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The Nutrition Twins' Veggie Cure: Expert Advice and Tantalizing Recipes for Health, Energy, and Beauty 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just got this beautiful book a few days ago and it is truly a work of art. Already, I am not only tantalized by the pictures and layout, but the delicious, expertly-crafted language that The Veggie Cure is written in! Every sentence is a morsel to be savored and devoured simultaneously. And the recipes look divine. So many different enticing ones to choose from. I am very interested in nutrition and consider myself pretty well-read, but the "Veggie Cure" provides so much juicy nutritional information that I never even knew about. I cannot wait to read more - and to try out these recipes!
Ed_EE More than 1 year ago
Great book! we all know it's not so easy making all the right food choices all the time, reading about it and categorically knowing how all these wonderful vegetarian delights contribute to better health certainly helps keep the focus... a healthy lifestyle leads to a better life.
GreatBooks1WowEC More than 1 year ago
Very cool book. You take your goal: better skin, flat stomach, strong bones, whatever it is, and they tell you which vegetables help you achieve it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wonderful, beautiful, healthy cookbook.
Happy-Reader0 More than 1 year ago
Fun and Healthy! Great book about how to eat and cook veggies to help reach your nutrition, fitness, beauty and weight goals.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Phenomenal!  This book is a dream come true for anyone looking to better themselves inside and out simply by eating veggies!  In the Veggie Cure, the Nutrition Twins reveal how eating certain veggies can enhance how we look and more importantly, how we feel.  They don't stop there though.  The Nutrition Twins go the extra mile by providing delicious recipes to make it easy to eat  those veggies on a daily basis.  Thanks Nutrition Twins!  I will definitely be buying this book for my family and friends!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago