The Observer - Trilogy -: The Brave Ulysses

The Observer - Trilogy -: The Brave Ulysses

by Xaviére Cristeau

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The Observer - Trilogy -: The Brave Ulysses by Xaviére Cristeau

The Brave Ulysses is the final piece of The Observer Trilogy enigma. Opening chapter, The Ides of May, marks a turning point in the research of Professor Michael Hart and Dr. Paul Navarro. Their grail quest begins. Michael Hart has been reported killed, in the press, across the South. He has to find a way to contact his bereaved parents, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. And let them know he is alive and well. Without the FBI finding him. J. Edgar Hoover realizes Hart isn’t dead. He learns it was one of his own field agents in the South, Jeb Riarsen, who was killed in a car accident, by mistake, in the manhunt for the fugitive professor. Hart and his lady lover, Lois Strencke, escape by road to California. Where he and Navarro embark on their unusual line of research, at UCLA. Their study turns into a mission of salvation. They discover the human race is in great danger, if it persists with the development of a space-borne nuclear strike force. The two men learn that the Earth itself is being transformed. Into a revolving battle star. One with far reaching capabilities. And even further reaching ramifications. If humanity becomes a danger to the galactic federation. What will be the reaction of the Earth's nearest neighboring civilization, the Nephilim? The spacefarers who came to Earth and created Homo Sapiens in the first place. They will see Man as Frankenstein's monster. Rising up to destroy its creator. Their reaction will be swift and final. Hart and Navarro realize the Armageddon is not just a biblical myth. It will become a dire reality. If something isn't done to prevent it. Their mission to enlighten the people of the United States, grows exponentially, to encompass the entire world. They must find a way to halt the creation of space-borne nuclear weapons. Hart's series of journeys inside the Akashic record, shine light on the dangerous path Man is treading. They also reveal the identity of the being leading humanity to destruction—and why. Empire after empire, have risen and fallen. Taking mankind one step closer to the precipice, with each new era. Britain launches the industrial revolution. And the age of steam. It leads the way into the 20th century, where, after two world wars, Man discovers atomic, and subsequently, nuclear technology. All that is required now is a space-borne delivery system for the warheads. And the Beast of the Apocalypse is ready to strike. The cold war and the space race are set in motion, to complete this final phase of development. Hart realizes that the foreboding death star from the Book of Revelations, is planet Earth. His mission becomes cripplingly complex. How will two unknown intellectuals, from two diverse fields of scientific endeavor, convince the world of the danger it is blindly wading into? Especially when the Earth's major political leaders are the victims of demonic mind control? An evil trance, designed to keep the technological thrust moving forward. And the devil's agenda hidden from the masses. Hart does his best to warn America. In April 1970, he risks his life, in an attempts to stop the launch of Apollo 13. Devil’s advocate, Siegfried Otto Borsch, reveals his hidden power. He orders two heavily armed Harrier fighter jets into the sky over the Kennedy Launch Center. To destroy Hart's light plane. As he illegally buzzes the spectator stands to drop his warning leaflets. The saga plays out in front of a crowd of onlookers and network news cameras. Borsch orders a media blackout. Not one single frame makes it onto national television. All eyewitnesses are detained. And forced to sign the official secrets act. Hart narrowly escapes death. He rattled the devil's the cage, but the victory is hollow. The launch goes ahead, despite his best effort. He realizes his name has just been elevated to the top of the devil’s search and destroy list. The maverick professor retreats into hiding. He knows his war with the evil Siegfried Borsch is far from over.

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Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 02/24/2015
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