The Occult Invasion of Health Care: the Changing Face of Spirituality in Medicine

The Occult Invasion of Health Care: the Changing Face of Spirituality in Medicine

by Michael Elmore


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The world of health care continues to change at a frantic pace. Every discipline across-the-board is struggling to keep up with the challenges that are constantly multiplying. More than any other industry, health care is setting a new pace for rapid redevelopment. Health care professionals, patients and politicians falter in the endless cycle of health care reform. Into this erratic scene of health care, come new forms of treatment that people are calling alternative therapies. Alternative therapies are low cost, and seemingly effective. Most are patient centered, outcome based, and require little training. Who will implement these new therapies? Registered Nurses have the most patient contact and greatest access. Who better to implement these new therapies? Little does anyone realize that these new therapies are based in spiritual practices contrary to Christianity? Christians beware! Some of these therapies are ways of opening the door to the occult. This book covers today's two hottest topics- healthcare and the paranormal. Get this new and exciting, factually based book today! Perfect for all Christians. Small group study included.

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ISBN-13: 9781449928094
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/12/2010
Pages: 266
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