The Oddling Prince

The Oddling Prince

by Nancy Springer


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In the ancient moors of Scotland, the king of Calidon lies on his deathbed, cursed by a ring that cannot be removed from his finger. When a mysterious fey stranger appears to save the king, he also carries a secret that could tear the royal family apart.

The kingdom’s only hope will lie with two young men raised worlds apart. Aric is the beloved heir to the throne of Calidon; Albaric is clearly of noble origin yet strangely out of place.

The Oddling Prince is a tale of brothers whose love and loyalty to each other is such that it defies impending warfare, sundering seas, fated hatred, and the very course of time itself. In her long-awaited new fantasy novel, Nancy Springer (the Books of Isle series) explores the darkness of the human heart as well as its unceasing capacity for love.

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ISBN-13: 9781616962890
Publisher: Tachyon Publications
Publication date: 05/15/2018
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 787,321
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 10 - 18 Years

About the Author

Nancy Springer is the award-winning author of more than fifty novels, including the Books of Isle fantasy series, the Enola Holmes mystery series and a plethora of magical realism, women’s fiction, contemporary young adult and other titles. She received the James Tiptree Jr. Award for Larque on the Wing, the Edgar Allan Poe Award for her juvenile mysteries Toughing It and Looking for Jamie Bridger, and has been a frequent nominee for the Nebula and World Fantasy awards. Forthcoming from Tachyon Publishing, The Oddling Prince is a heartfelt return to her beginnings, forty years ago, in the fantasy genre. She currently lives in the Florida Panhandle, where she rescues feral cats and enjoys the vibrant wildlife of the wetlands.

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The Oddling Prince 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Tay65 More than 1 year ago
I found this book intriguing on many different levels. 1) There is an incredibly deep love that is a well-written platonic relationships. Few books have ever really captured this well for me, and this one does it superbly. I enjoyed this aspect of the book. 2) The language of the book is unique, it was very olde- English, fantasy language which was interesting and engaging as a reader, even though I probably mispronounced words in my head or completely misunderstood (audio book would be incredibly helpful in regards to this. I also love all things fey and fairy so I enjoyed having a fey centered book that really dug deep and fleshed the (to me) enigmatic fey. I would have loved if the romance aspect of this novel, though not dominant, was fleshed out a bit more. It would have been interesting to see more interactions etc. etc. Also, the plot wasn't as linear as my mind would have liked, what made it fascinating was that by the ending, I was not sure which avenue the author would take which was refreshing but also frustrating as a reader. I also was not as completely invested in the main characters as I would have liked but the plot line itself engaged me more. Overall, I did like this book and recommend to lovers of fey and high-fantasy books.
Bran-OneLastChapter More than 1 year ago
I am such a sucker for anything resembling a retelling of a fairytale or with Celtic/Scottish/Greek/Italian mythology linked to the storyline! In this case, it was Scottish folklore that drew me in as well as that gorgeous cover that I could just stare at for long periods of time to appreciate all the intricate designs! This story takes place in the kingdom of Calidon in long forgotten ancient Scotland. Two brothers five for the throne one human and one fey. After the king falls ill from a mysterious illness and appears to lie dying, the kingdom is aghast when a fey child shows up claiming to be the son of the king and heir to the throne as well. Everyone is wary of Albaric except his brother Aric who finds a kinship with his long-lost sibling. The brothers vow to overcome the evil that has crept into the king thus causing him to fall ill. It was so easy to become emotionally connected to this book and its characters. I immediately loved Aric because he is written as a humble well-liked character who strives to be great as his father but doubts his own abilities to fill the role that he will one day step into. Aric immediately connects with his new brother and feels his brothers sense of hopelessness and rejection when their father doesn’t seem to recognize him. Albraic is completely heartbroken when his father doesn’t recognize him after being his companion in the fey realm. Albraic is ready to embrace the mortal world and take up the crown if that means destroying the threat that hovers over his father. The rest of the cast is also very in-depth and multi-layered. I became so engrossed in the story that I could not put it down! I totally empathized with the characters and felt like I was there seeing the world through their eyes. I would totally recommend this reading money who loves fantasy and middle-grade stories! Thank you Netgalley and Tachyon Publications for allowing me access to this title exchange for an honest review.
BookSelf More than 1 year ago
For fans of The Lord of the Rings, The Oddling Prince is a tale of two brothers and their father, the King, and a ring of power that has plans of its own. The Writing and Worldbuilding The beginning of this book was somewhat difficult to really get into, as the book was written differently than any book I've ever read before, with a very storybook, almost Shakespearean style. I feel that it would be great as an audiobook, because the 1st person narrative has many asides and interjections from Aric, the protagonist, that it seemed to be a story being told. Once I got used to it, I really enjoyed the writing. There are many terms that might be unfamiliar to many readers, so I would only suggest this to people who are fluent in English and at high school reading level or greater. I loved the world! Elfland was so intriguing, and the fey elements of the story were very well done. The prophecy of the White King was wonderfully interspersed throughout to maintain suspense without being overbearing or exposition. I absolutely loved the ring! It had the potential to just be a LOTR copy, but instead it was unique and interesting and acted as a great plot driver. It really was a chaotic neutral force sometimes, and almost seemed to be a character in its own right. The strange bromance between Aric and Albaric really could and should have been done better though. It was insta-love, really, and didn't feel familial until over 50% into the book, because Aric kept commenting on how beautiful and lovely and wonderful and astounding and skilled Albaric was like some lovesick puppy. Some of their behavior, like touching each others hands and cuddling felt like was I do with my sisters, and as men of their era, that was odd though not unwelcome. It was Aric's constant praise of Albaric that was so off-putting. Siblings don't act that way. I loved how the conflict with the king grew slowly and deeper with each chapter. It really kept me intrigued and on the edge of my seat. The Characters Aric: Besides his creepy obsession with his brother, he was a really fun character! I loved his sense of humor and his carefree, fun nature. He was kind of ADHD but I loved that, and found him so incredibly endearing. Albaric: He was definitely my favorite character! His struggle with being a previously immortal being trapped in a mortal body and with unrequited love for his father was so well done and unique. I've been really wanting a well done fey character ever since I read A Court of Thorns and Roses and found it incredibly lacking in every magical regard (besides other things) and so this character and this book really hit my fantasy spot. Also, his humor and banter with Aric was fantastic! I love utterly clueless but well-meaning characters so much! King Bardaric: He was so interesting. His dark descent into madness was such a great character study and really kept me guessing and second guessing its origins. Queen Evalin: She was so great! She is seriously the best, strongest, most elegant lady I've ever read in any book. She's seriously what I needed right now. She's so supportive and wise, and so determined. I really loved her. Marissa: She was somewhat of a surprise, and I was determined to not like her (given the fact that I didn't much see her point at first) but her girlish charm won me over and I relented. Conclusion This might be a new favorite, I'm not totally sure yet (might need to let it settle for a bit) but either way, it was a great