The Official Rock 'n' Roll Guide to Marathon & Half-Marathon Training: Tips, Tools, and Training to Get You from Sign-Up to Finish Line

The Official Rock 'n' Roll Guide to Marathon & Half-Marathon Training: Tips, Tools, and Training to Get You from Sign-Up to Finish Line


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Rock your run with The Official Rock ‘n' Roll Guide to Marathon and Half-Marathon Training ! This practical, encouraging guide makes preparing for marathon and half-marathon as rewarding as race day. With coaching advice, running workouts, and training programs from Coach Mario Fraioli, you'll enjoy training and cross the finish line feeling great.

Coach Mario will guide you from sign-up to finish line. With his expert advice, you'll choose your race, set your goals, select the right gear, and move swiftly through a beginner or experienced marathon or half-marathon training program.

Fraioli covers all of running's most important topics: dynamic warm-up exercises, smart and realistic workouts, healthy sports nutrition and hydration guidelines, tips for quick and complete recovery, strength training and crosstraining, advice to treat common running injuries, and strategies for race week and race day. He offers useful tools like running pace charts, a sweat loss calculator, and a preview of each Rock ‘n' Roll race course.

The Rock ‘n' Roll Marathon and Half-Marathon series is the world's most popular running series because each race is a fun and feel-good challenge. Now with the Official Rock ‘n' Roll Guide , you'll be ready to rock your marathon or half-marathon.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781937715038
Publisher: VeloPress
Publication date: 04/16/2013
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Mario Fraioli is the senior producer for and contributes to Competitor magazine. He was a cross-country All-American at Stonehill College and currently coaches the Prado Women's Racing Team in San Diego. He coached the Costa Rican men's Olympic marathon team during the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Kara Goucher

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Choosing a Race, Setting Goals, Selecting Gear

Chapter 2: Run Training
The Essential Elements

Chapter 3: Nutrition & Hydration 101
Fueling for Success

Chapter 4: Racing
Strategies for Race Week and Race Day

Chapter 5: Recovery

Chapter 6: Supplementary Training
Strength Training, Crosstraining, and Preventative Maintenance for Runners

Chapter 7: Injuries
Common Running Injuries, Why They Occur, and How to Treat Them

Chapter 8: Training Plans
Beginner and Experienced Half-Marathon and Marathon

Appendix A: Rock ‘n' Roll Courses At a Glance
Appendix B: Race Pace Chart
Appendix C: Race Equivalency Chart
Appendix D: Perceived Effort Chart
Appendix E: Sweat Loss Calculator

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