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The Offline Dating Method: 3 Steps to Attract Your Perfect Partner in the Real World

The Offline Dating Method: 3 Steps to Attract Your Perfect Partner in the Real World

by Camille Virginia


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Why settle for being swiped-over, when you can attract your perfect partner in the real world?

Dating apps were supposed to be a fun new way to meet your future partner - but for many singles, they've morphed into a digital dystopia of lies, harassment, and few (if any) quality connections.

Stop competing against thousands online and start enjoying endless untapped opportunities to attract your match in the real world - from the airport to a coffee shop to your grocery store cereal aisle.

Author Camille Virginia draws upon her transformation from a shy girl with social anxiety into a socially confident woman who discovered the secret to creating an instantly meaningful connection with anyone.

In The Offline Dating Method, she guides you through her proven 3-step process to attract a great partner wherever you go by tapping into every human's inherent (and frequently unmet) need for fulfilling face-to-face interactions.

-- Discover 100’s of specific + actionable tips (no vague "just be yourself" advice)

-- Follow a simple step-by-step system (no guesswork of what to do next)

-- Create meaningful connections with everyone (friends, family, coworkers, more)

In this NEW, all-inclusive and expanded edition of the best-selling book, author Camille Virginia helps singles of ALL gender identifications and sexual orientations navigate a post-pandemic dating world where they can finally ditch the Zoom dates and attract their perfect partner in the real world.

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ISBN-13: 9781950367696
Publisher: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press
Publication date: 08/31/2021
Pages: 318
Sales rank: 401,369
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Camille Virginia is the founder of Master Offline Dating. Through coaching, courses, and work-shops, she's helped singles in over 100 countries learn how to naturally attract a quality partner and live a more fulfilling life in general. Camille has held over 100 live events and has been featured in more than 100 international media outlets including The Atlantic, the BBC, and USA Today. Camille lives in Portland, OR.

Table of Contents

-- Instant Charm Hacks

-- Ménage à Meaningful

-- Tech, Interrupted

CONCLUSION: The World is Your Dating Playground

NEXT BOOKS: The Sequel and The Prequel

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From the Publisher

"Timeless and newly poignant...The Offline Dating Method could virtually double as a guide for how to talk to and get to know strangers, full stop."

- The Atlantic, Feature Story: Why It’s So Hard for Young People to Date Offline

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