The Old Testament Story / Edition 8

The Old Testament Story / Edition 8

by John Tullock
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Prentice Hall

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The Old Testament Story / Edition 8

Designed for students with little or no knowledge of the Old Testament, this text provides complete background detail as it follows the story told by the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. Examines the separate biblical books and illustrates the literary structure of each of the books of the Protestant Christian Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.

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ISBN-13: 9780135132463
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 02/20/2008
Series: MySearchLab Series 15% Off Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 464
Product dimensions: 6.98(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

The Old Testament Story 8th Edition

John H. Tullock

Revised by Mark McEntire


Bibliographical Abbreviations xiii

Maps xv

Preface xvii

Acknowledgments xviii

1 The Book and Those Who Study It 1

The Old Testament: What Is It? 2

How It Began 4

How It Developed 6

The Work of Scholars 9

Archaeology as a Tool for Understanding 16

Why Study the Old Testament? 22

Study Questions 23

Endnotes 23

2 The Geographical and Historical Settings for the Old Testament

Prior to 1200 B.C.E. 25

The Ancient Near East 26

Mesopotamia 27

Asia Minor 29

Egypt 29

Syria-Phoenicia 30

Palestine 32

Study Questions 39

Endnotes 39

3 Israel Looks at the Beginnings 41

The Primeval Complex 42

The Ancestral Complex 52

Genesis in Retrospect 64

Study Questions 65

Endnotes 66

4 Israel Becomes a People: Exodus and Wilderness 68

The Book of Israel’s Beginnings 70

Moses: Birth and Wilderness Years 71

Moses: The Struggle with the Pharaoh 74

The Exodus Event 80

Sinai and the Giving of the Law 85

After Mount Sinai 96

Themes in the Pentateuch 102

Study Questions 103

Endnotes 104

5 Israel Gains a Home: Joshua and Judges 106

Moving into the Promised Land 107

Continuing the Story of Occupation 116

Proposed Models for the Israelite Occupation of Canaan 127

Study Questions 128

Endnotes 129

6 Israel Demands a King: Samuel and Saul 131

The Sources for the Story of the Israelite Kingdoms 132

The Story of Samuel 133

The Establishment of Saul’s Kingship (1020—1000 B.C.E.) 139

The Appearance of David 143

Samuel, Saul, and David: A Summary 150

Study Questions 150

Endnotes 151

7 Israel’s Time of Glory: David and Solomon 152

David: King Over Judah 153

David: King Over All Israel 154

The Court History of David 156

The Reign of Solomon 165

Study Questions 175

Endnotes 175

A01_TULL2463_08_SE_FM.QXD 1/2/08 5:47 PM Page x

Contents xi

8 Israel Becomes Two: The Story of the Northern Kingdom 177

Approaching the Divided-Kingdom Story 178

The Division of the Kingdom 179

The Dynasty of Omri 182

Elijah’s Confrontations with Ahab and Jezebel 186

Jehu to Jeroboam II (842—746 B.C.E.) 193

Israel’s Eighth-Century Prophets: Amos and Hosea 194

The Destruction of the Northern Kingdom 212

Study Questions 212

Endnotes 213

9 Judah: Rehoboam to Hezekiah (922—687 B.C.E.) 215

Judah After the Division 216

The Eighth-Century Prophets from Judah 218

Study Questions 237

Endnotes 238

10 Judah: Manasseh to Zedekiah and the Exile 239

The International Situation 240

The Situation in Judah 240

King Jehoiakim and the Prophets Nahum and Habakkuk 246

The Final Years of Judah and the Prophet Jeremiah 250

Study Questions 270

Endnotes 270

11 The Exile: Judah’s Dark Night of the Soul 272

After the Fall of Jerusalem 273

With the Exiles in Babylon 278

The Prophet of the Transition: Ezekiel 280

The Collapse of the Babylonian Empire 297

The Exiles’ Great Unknown Prophet: Isaiah 40—66 298

Study Questions 312

Endnotes 313

12 The Post-Exilic Period: Judah Revived 314

The Changing International Situation (538—486 B.C.E.) 315

The Restored Community 315

Ezra and Nehemiah 321

Study Questions 328

Endnotes 328

A01_TULL2463_08_SE_FM.QXD 1/2/08 5:47 PM Page xi

xii Contents

13 A Legacy of Israel: Teachers of Wisdom and Singers of Songs 329

The Wisdom Literature 330

Israel Sings Its Faith 352

Study Questions 364

Endnotes 365

14 The Time of Silence: Judah in Eclipse 367

The Historical Situation 368

The Maccabean Revolt 369

The Word of the LORD in Difficult Times 370

Study Questions 388

Endnotes 388

15 Epilogue: The Continuing Story 390

Life in Jewish Communities 391

The Rise of Parties and Sects 392

Literary Activity 394

Judaism’s Oral Tradition 397

The End of the Matter 398

Study Questions 398

Endnotes 399

Glossary 400

For Further Study 409

Comprehensive Chronological Chart 415

Credits 419

Index 421

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