The Oldest Letter of Hay: Is To Me Too

The Oldest Letter of Hay: Is To Me Too

by Uratsu


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Masako found some similar and some exactly identical meanings and sounds in a comparison of the vocalized Hebrew texts of the Bible to that of her native language - believed to be Ainu - that she calls Uratsu. The Bible thus acquired a deeper meaning for her than that of the available current translations, and caused her to see the Bible as an utterly harmonized work of beauty and teachings that increased the intensity of the joy that it provides to those who would study it intently. She presents this newly-found inspiration intending for people to check out this transliteration and experience it for themselves.

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ISBN-13: 9781449095697
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/29/2011
Pages: 28
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The Oldest Letter of Hay

Is To Me Too
By Uratsu


Copyright © 2011 Uratsu
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-9569-7

Chapter One

This is the story of Ha-Hay, a tiny star among the heavens who turned the world upside down during the rule of the Darkness in the heavenly kingdom. Ha, the star who adored the mercy of the heavenly kingdom and who had proclaimed, "Hate the death and its husband," was the younger brother in his father's house. His elder brother, who embraced the Darkness with the Law of Judgment Unto Death, allowed the Darkness to invade and occupy because, as the firstborn son and the heir of his father's house, he had the birthright to keep, run, and rule the house. Once out of his father's will, the elder brother became prideful and insisted on his right to the judgment to death, the law that brings everything into darkness and death, where there is no joy, no peace, no love, no voice, and no song of joy. The enemy destroyer, the Darkness-Perdition-Satan (Death), had stripped off the star in the darkness so that it could not fly without and would finally die. As the star was burning out and dying, he caught the root of the Darkness, having flown like an eagle of fire with all his strength to catch its prey, and his feathers of mercy covered all. He hoped that his seed would forever reestablish the kingdom of mercy, the life with light. It was victorious and glorious work in the heavenly kingdom, and he rejoiced.

This is a portion of the creation story of the Bible, from Genesis 1: 1-2 and Joel 2:28-32 (but 3:1-5 in the Tanach). These lines sum up the core messages of the Bible as I see them, rising out of my transliterations. They differ from the common translation in the languages, their differences and modernization, and the transliteration of the Hebrew and Greek. I believe the language I call Uratsu is the spoken language of the Bible. Let's consider this teaching together, through the Uratsu language. The citation of the book of Joel confirms the genesis of Genesis and further expands its importance. I never plumbed its depth, and I can never say I reached bottom, but that is the beauty of it, that I have wondered at with utter amazement and cannot keep it to myself. I discovered its connection to the Hawaiian Creation story, the Kumulipo, which starts with its "beginning in deep darkness where the light comes in." I also transliterated it into the Uratsu language and concluded that the poem points exactly to where Genesis starts in the Bible. At the completion of this book, I learned about the Mayan's creation story and found out that it strongly identifies with my study on Joel's. How strange! Do they have a much more accurate message than that of the available Bible translations? Well you certainly can think about it, and perhaps check it out for yourself.


EVERY WORD IN THE BIBLE carries some meanings that are imparted to us in the historical and/or the spiritual sense of the message of the text. The Bible teaches us Solemn Words from Ha-Esh-Yehw during His framing of the Heavens and the Earth; and we should not focus on historical meanings since many of the precious messages buried in the historical meanings have lost the Bible's fragrance and beauty, even to the causing of wrong translations! This is to be emphasized because Christ said that without a parable He did not speak. His main focus is His Spirituality, heart-mercy, and not head-mind-ideas of ours. Other things including historical/visible events and anecdotes explain to us that which stands behind Spirituality (1Pe 4:6). Both the visible and our complacent comfort of mind are focused on the Darkness that became alive but remains dark even as He covered the darkness matter with the Light-Life of His likeness, whereas the mercy/heart looks to the invisible life the partner of His image. Darkness, which became a living form, like our visible eyes for instance, that keep us reliant on our DNA from the 'mud covered with life', is an enemy of the Mercy (Mr 4:2,11,12; Isa 6:10; Heb 11:1-3) Therefore, it is important to understand that words always carry the Spiritual message. The word is the Spirit-Word of Mercy and is of Ha-Esh-Yehw Himself, whose action caused the actual creation which is founded on the darkness/matter. Words convey ideas, teachings and messages. Grammar puts words in a language in such a manner that a reader can understand; and to convey concepts it is necessary to have names and numbers, which are words.

The names in the Bible carry meanings and teachings. The Fire-Light, the younger son Ha, who took action according to His mission was descriptively named Esh and yahwd. The name 'Esh', although commonly understood as 'the fire' "to destroy the heavens and earth as His righteous judgment" as described in the the book of Joel 2:28-32 (TNK Joel 3:1-5) as well as its citations in the New Testament, Act 2:17-21, and 2Pe 3:7, 10-13, is NOT understood as it should be, as a Spiritual meaning and its core messages of the precious atonement made before the foundation of the heavens and earth. He was and is to destroy them which destroy the earth (Re 11:18) and heavens. The verse, 'Behold, I will destroy them with the earth' (Ge 6:13), translated from the words, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], as describing an end to the destruction; 'Root of the Light pushed the Devil, Darkness, Death, Destroyer out and caught them', is a merciful and loving action protecting Life, and hatred of death and destruction. The Devil, the Destroyer on the other hand holding His righteous judgment unto death is an enemy of the Mercy, Love, Life, and Light. It is therefore incorrect to make of Him the destroyer who destroys His creations of Life and universe which availed of His precious blood under His covenant of Mercy, saying "Hate Death and its husband". The bloodshed-husband, Ha the Father was described by the name y[??]hwâ as well as by the number Seven or Seventeen 17 according to His atonement that had been sealed until Ha's First Begotten Son became the Husband to receive His brides, which of course allude to the Words of Mercy to SHINE and to COVER. He is the Giver of Life to those dead in darkness of the destruction, by covering His eternal Life of Mercy. If we were still to declare the righteous judgment unto death as being from Christ or y[??]hwâ, we would be denying His atonement, trying to crucify Him again (Heb 6:4-8;13:2o), and deleting important Preciousness from the Bible. Esh and y[??]hwâ point to the Redeemer, the Lamb, as the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world described in the book of Revelation 13:8, even though it carries a meaning of consuming fire, the burning fire that was to melt down the Darkness to give life by capturing/devouring the prey of the Root of the Darkness-Destroyer, the judgment law and its Death. Esh, who was the Light-arrow-like Fire, shed His blood because of the judgment law of the death-darkness, is the Redeemer, the Savior, and the maker of Peace. In both cases, "Esh is the first part of the word that ends with -sh", or y[??]hwâ pointing to the words 'forgiven' and 'Mercy' before the creation of the world. Also the word "bara" in Genesis 1:1, by its simplistic translation as "God created", imparts this one particular meaning to the Bible verse, causing it to lose its more important messages of the Darkness host-perdition whereby the kingdom of the Word with Mercy was established.

The phrase of [n@'um]the LORD hwhy[Y@hovah] is found in translated as 'saith the LORD' in the book of Jer 12:17; 51:25; however, it is to bear the Root, His Son by Y@hova in Uratsu language. This Root and the Wheat have a strong tie with the heavenly tree, the wheat of His children and with Root of eternity.

'Each word carries three explicit and some implied meanings that are confirmed throughout the Bible'

The foundation of the heavens and earth demonstrates three dimensions of the works of Mercy-Ha: the action of Star-Light-Fire, the Words of the war for rulership, and the relationship you and I have with the Light-Life-Giver.

The first one treats the conditions of the physical foundation-creation of the heavens and the earth, and addresses the reasons for the second one.

The second expression goes beyond our understanding, teaching us about the Spiritual war for dominance that raged in the heavens. The Star Light-Life carried the Spiritual-Word of "Forgiven" Law, and was proclaiming "Hate death and its husband" at the holy place where the Light-Ha was.

The holy place of the Star-Light was invaded by the Darkness host that was warring against the regions of the Light. This is the first line of the Bible (the first 7 words!). You can imagine a black hole becoming violently strong and sucking out the vast lights of our solar system.

The word in the kingdom of the heavens proclaimed the righteous laws: 'the Law of Judgment Unto Death' (Ro 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; Eze 18:20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die.) and the word of mercy-love-life of 'the Law of the Word of Mercy-the Forgiven'. The Law of Judgment Unto Death was a righteous law of the word, as well as the Law of Mercy. The Law of Judgment Unto Death held violent domination in the heavens under the rule of an elder brother of the one that Genl:1 calls Ha. The heir of their father, the first-born son had inherited their father's kingdom and will; however, because his own will and actions had fallen, he became an evil, evil king of darkness where the the Law of Judgment Unto Death prevailed. He became a mighty destroyer, the root of the darkness-perdition-death (Satan). With his queen, he bore more children of the perdition-darkness. Then, the darkness took the holy place, where 'the Word of Mercy' was upheld. The heavens became the darkness fortress kingdom by its proclamation of the word of Law of Judgment Unto Death. Then his younger brother Ha, who was and is and will be merciful, adoring his father's righteousness and mercy, stood up and proclaimed the words of mercy saying, "Hate Death and Its Husband" (1Co 15:26; it is also described in Eph 6:12, 'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.') Ha, the Star-Light, was caught in the deep darkness; yet before dying, he light, Ha, pierced into the Root of the Darkness, as an arrow piercing the target, the Root of the deep Darkness of the black hole, and broke its power and strength. And then Ha-Star-Light covered over and meshed with the deep darkness, as it written, "A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh; And I will put my spirit within you"(Eze 36:26-27.) As in the relationship of husband and wife, the Light was the husband and the Darkness fortress was the wife and also the mother of the deep darkness. It was in the starting of the universe that Ha, by cutting the violent strength of the Root of the Deep Darkness, opened His road as the Fire-Arrow pierced through the darkness, where Ha-light prepared the placenta of the mother of the darkness, forming it into an ice-blue, Ocean of darkness surrounded with a Magnetic field wherein the Star-Light Ha, the husband placed His Son-Light, the "blood of princes of the lamb" (Eze 39:18). By this works the mercy rejoiceth against judgment (Jas 2:13) of death, Ha as described in the name of y[??]hwâ, Ha the husband, as if molting birds' feathers that were like Rays of Light, and wings of light warmly covering the deep darkness field, made the wind in the lee-Blue Ocean of the darkness (Jer 18:17 1 will scatter them as with an east wind before the enemy; Mt 24:27 the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth.)

It was in the dim light of the night, and there was a sound, a faint prayer Sound/Word of Mercy, and a fragrance, when the child was formed in the Darknessmother; the Child-Sun-Light, Word-Mercy, the First-Begotten son, the builder and finisher, the Creator that His Father Star-light/Ha begat by covering over the darkness with His Life-Mercy, laying the foundation, and paying the seventeen shekels of silver (Jer32:9-16), the atonement price that bought the field of Darkness for the building of the earth and heavens. (Heb 2:14 ; 2Ti 1:9 before the world began;Tit 1:2-3 promised before the world began).

The third meaning expresses the Star-Light as the Life, who availed us our lives. Our physical lives, the blood rich in Oxygen and Iron of the elements of light, and Oxygen in the air gave us breath, and speech capability. All from the light; thus was life born (Le 14:51,17:14; De12:23, 21:8; John 1:4-5). The blood is His precious Life and sound is His victory over the silence of the Darkness. That sound of joy is within you and me. Again all lives were formed and kept by the works of Light-Mercy and are from the Light. When death comes, there is sound no more, all goes to silence. Yes, creation was an act of Mercy. The actions were of the Light, the life, the mercy, and of His vow that was covenanted at the engagement/marriage to the Darkness/wickedness, when it became reality (Zec 9:11). That is why, already in the womb we are wicked because we were created with the mixture of elements of the dark matter-soil of the mother, thus heading to death (Ps si:s in sin aid my mother conceive me). Yet, it tells us that our connection to the Heavenly Father/Mercy is within us, and He talks to you and me anywhere and anytime - in our hearts. The works of the God of peace, through the blood of the everlasting covenant (Heb 13:20), were finished from the foundation of the world (Heb 4:3). The Words and expressions are from Him. (Rev 22:18,19; Joh1:1-5; iPe 1:25) Therefore, we all know Him and His entire creation knows Him because we were made by Him, and with Him; even though the two kingdoms have coexisted within us. It's as if we were on a ship heading towards a port; if the ship is laden with our adoration of the Mercy, mercylove, joy, peace, and the thanksgivings of our prayers filled with the harmony of our hearts and minds, we to go to the port city of the kingdoms of Mercy. Or if our ship is loaded with our righteous minded hearts, destructive thoughts and actions, and our unforgivable root of hearts enclosed in the fortress of darkness, it carries us ashore to the Kingdoms of the judgment/ Death-Darkness/port city.

Ha's mission to build His Framework started:

To make peace with his elder brother, an heir who embraces the Law of Judgment unto Death,

To cut off the Root of the Darkness unto death force,

And to build His foundation, His first begotten-son, the first Fruit, the Wheat, under the Blood covenant.

To satisfy the demands of the Law of Judgment unto Death, he offered his own self. There, once in the darkness, like an eagle that caught its prey, the Lion of Mercy caught death as his prey and broke it in its root; the Root of Darkness, the root of the Tree that goes into Darkness, the Root of the Law of Judgment unto Death, that He might build His own foundation, the Root of the Covering Law of Mercy to bring life in the Darkness (Am 5:4, 6 De 26:22 the first {[re'shiyth]=the Spirit Being) of all the fruit). In the Darkness, when His light/fire was waning, He declared Himself as new husband to the wife of the Darkness/Perdition, the new Husband of Mercy-Life. Therefore, the womb that was of the Darkness-Death-wife lit up with the rays of light-feathers, the Law of Forgiveness that overcame the Law of Judgment unto Death, to then form the new life of mercy-love, of peace and joy (De 7:13 bless the fruit of thy womb). Over the foundation of the Law of judgment Unto Death, the "Builder of Mercy-Life' built a new foundation of the 'Forgiven Law' as a result of the wife's acceptance of him as her husband of Mercy-Light-Life. His Law was then exalted above that of the Law of Judgment Unto Death, and having established its foundation, he begat His Son, the righteous Heir of the heavenly kingdom, the 'First-Begotten Son' (Ge 30:2; Nu 18:12;Jos 5:12, and Joh 12:24 the first fruit/wheat; 1Co 15:20 first Fruit of dead; Ge 9:9 ;13:15; Ps 89:4 Thy seed will I establish forever, and build up thy throne to all generations.)


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