The ORFU semi-pro Canadian Football years: ORFU Register

The ORFU semi-pro Canadian Football years: ORFU Register

by Herman Giesbrecht


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This book is about the ORFU that last played for the Grey Cup in 1954. It contains information available from newspapers and other sources from the era. The ORFU was the only semi-pro football Canadian rules league at the time. The book contains all the modern era scoring from 1946 to 1960 by player with individual statistics from 1954 to 1960. It contains around 1500 players listed alphabetically who were in the game lineups together with their games played per season. The annual standings and regular season games are also included. The 1961 AFC also has limited statistics after the merger with the ORFU in 1961. The statistics are reported to the media from the league. The players listed were in the post-game lineups and the scoring detail from the newspapers. Updated since publishing date after dealing with issues such as player listed twice and the many spelling errors in the newspapers. Most first names also found and included as well as birth and death dates and many player numbers. Professional football in Canada had the ORFU as the only league to play in the Second World War with new teams in 1941. The ORFU struggled to remain competitive with the later CFL teams but had some good players, many of who also played in the CFL and even one in the NFL Hall of Fame. The quality of players improved when they tried to get back into Grey Cup play after 1956, before which they almost folded when all teams decided not to return without more teams, but the attendance did not which doomed the league.

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