The Organ Grinder's Monkey

The Organ Grinder's Monkey

by Robert Rangel, Steve Hui


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ISBN-13: 9781483626802
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 05/30/2013
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Robert is a native of Los Angeles. He had his own business at eighteen. Seeking adventure he sold his business at twenty-five and joined the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Thirteen years later, after numerous on duty injuries, mostly bullets, he medically retired as a detective. He then traveled the world protecting princes and princesses from three different countries. The royals stopped traveling and Robert found himself in a new career outside of banks with the sole purpose of stopping armed bank robberies, more bullets. He is currently a civilian investigator for a major police department conducting pre-hire peace officer background investigations, not so many bullets. Married twice, he is now womanless but has three sons. He still resides in Los Angeles but loves the forest. He'd like you to buy a couple of his books so he can move with his luck you'll buy the books, he’ll move to the forest and get shot by a hunter, stray bullets.


A riveting saga of deceit, scandal, sex, greed and power…

I've traveled all over the world. I've stayed in the best hotels and eaten in the best restaurants. But that isn't me. I'm a simple man. I have simple tastes and I live in a simple house.

But people who knew of my past life still want to know . . . what's it like? What's it like to work for the richest family on earth?

"Well they have money and they spend it," I answer them. I tire of the subject. I know once they get a taste of the story, the questions will keep coming.

"No," they answer. "That's not what I mean. What's it like to travel with the royal family? What are they like?"

How can I answer that?

What are they like? They are one of the last true monarchies here on earth. They still rule with a word and with a wave of their hand, no different than they did centuries ago. I worked for a true monarchy which could have been taken straight out of the movie the "King and I."

There is not enough time in a day or even a week to tell them all there is to tell.

Yet this story is true. It is no movie nor is it a fairy tale.

I lived it.

For a simple man like me who lives in a simple house, to become a slave of the highest order and to have lived in their world is still surreal.

I see you interrupting me, "A slave you say. There are no longer any slaves."

I scoff at you. I was indeed a slave. What do you call a person who has no life other than what the prince or princess gives them as their daily morsel. What do you call a man who does not sleep but maybe three hours a night waiting by the phone for orders or instructions for twelve years on end? Shall I tell those who ask that the work almost killed me several times over? Shall I tell them that I was indeed a slave who lost his wife because of years of neglecting her and who did not get to see his own children grow up?

Shall I tell them of the deceit, lies, and backstabbing which were the normal part of my everyday existence. Shall I tell them that maybe only one out of ten thousand men could have done my job because of the miracles that they expected me to perform?

No slaves indeed!

Welcome to my life.

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The Organ Grinder's Monkey 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
4aussiegirl More than 1 year ago
                                                                                                                      2/15/2014 Review Posted                                                          THE ORGAN GRINDER'S MONKEY                                                                            By:                                                       Robert Rangel with Steve Hui   Very interesting title to say the least caught my attention right away. Don't you think?? The cover of the book was interesting too that caught my attention first then the title. Covers are what I look at first as you can tell by my reviews.   Hang on as you travel though Robert adventures with him, WOW!!!   At eighteen he owned his own business wow impressive wouldn't you say? But no he wanted adventure and adventure he got---working for the Sheriff's Department  in LA. Thirteen years matter-in-fact. Then after too many bullets and too many bullets injuries-- what he decided to leave.  Guess enough is enough right?   Now he's on adventure to take care of the Prince and Princess, HELLO --- is there less bullets doing that or less danger?    After they stopped traveling. Robert took on banks ---no, no not to rob them but to stop you got it the robbers, again HELLO more bullets Robert!!!!!!   He carries a bullet indefinitely, no well, maybe a good souvenir, but it's inside his body -- it can't be removed. Or a good reminder of the adventure he so wanted. He still can't stay away from the bullets and adventure that he so wanted instead of his nice quite business he owned at age eighteen, may I remind you.   Wouldn't you think after all those bullets and injuries quiet would appeal to him?? Maybe bullet just follow him like a magnet think? I think with the money he made a good bullet proof vest, head armor and leg armor would be my first purchase.  How about you? I guess some people just love the action of the bullet shoot outs.Some people are born to protect other people look at our Navy Seals and Service men and women they protect all America. I guess I have to say thank you all for your service and loyalty to protection of others as you lay your life down for us. Maybe that truly is the uncovered secret of why they do what they do.    well Mr Robert, I pray you find a place where bullets can't find you and are far from you. My prayers are that our God protect you and gives you the peace you want and deserve for all you have done for peace and protecting others.   If you want an all out adventure that keeps you  captured to the pages and searching for more action then this is the book you are looking for. Grab it and hang on and be ready to duck there's bullets flying every where.   HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I received this geat read from Smith Publicity free for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have express are entirely my own.   5 Stars ISBN 978-1-4836-2680-2