The Oriental's Guide to Sex, Strength, and Satisfaction

The Oriental's Guide to Sex, Strength, and Satisfaction

by Larsen Halleck


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The idea of Asian men being spastic nerds who are utterly devoid of anything remotely resembling sexuality is a long-standing stereotype and one that, I admit in the interests of objectivity, has a substantive basis in reality. I also notice that there has been a steadily increasing Asian presence in the realms of social justice in recent years.
What if I told you these things were related?
Yes, it turns out that any anger of Asian people (particularly Asian men) in the West is entirely rooted in sexual frustration---and I speak from experience from my own time as a teenage nerd who was sexually frustrated.
In the interests of providing succor to this sexual frustration, of preventing another beta-male rampage, and esoterically of *gasp* making Asian people not hate white people, I have boiled down my hardscrabble life experience in the erotic arts, my auto-didactic knowledge in various gentlemanly pursuits, and the mindset development that enabled me to not fall into the same self-pitying trap that caught seemingly every other mixed race person, into one highly digestible tome:


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ISBN-13: 9781979633512
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/09/2017
Pages: 170
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About the Author

Larsen Halleck is best known as the Return of Kings fitness and nutrition columnist, but is also a martial artist, musician, personal trainer, something vaguely resembling a cartoonist, unpublished fiction writer, Youtuber, and possessor of two degrees (BS and BA) from Rutgers and a Masters (MA) from California State University---none of which were in any subject remotely resembling "English" or "Writing".

Having utterly failed to find gainful employment in his fields of study, Larsen entered the blogosphere in October 2015 with The Barbaric Gentleman, in the desperate hope of getting a steady stream of the best type of income of all-passive income.

He currently resides in New Jersey where he works as a certified personal trainer desperately hoping to jump upon the internet gravy train.

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