The Original Theban Workbook: Learn to Read and Write the Witches Alphabet in 27 Days or Less!

The Original Theban Workbook: Learn to Read and Write the Witches Alphabet in 27 Days or Less!

by Gealhain Samlach


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In this workbook, you will learn fun techniques that will help you read, write,
and retain this magickal and mystical script called the "Witches Alphabet".
This is the very first book of its kind that was written over a decade ago for just a select few and now available to anyone who has an interest in learning these cryptic characters. This is book number one in a series to help retain these characters and further your skill in becoming confident in reading and writing Theban like a professional.

The origins of Theban have been lost in the mists of time for many centuries and now available to you. You too can master what many have forgotten over the generations. This wonderfully written workbook will have you learning the Theban
Script in less than one month. Let the Original
Theban Workbook
take you back to a time when these characters were so secret that only a few circles knew of its existence.

These characters have many names - The Runes of Honorius, Theban
Runes, Theban Script, Wiccan Alphabet, Theban Alphabet,
and many others. Some even say that the Theban alphabet originated as a Latin cipher around the 10th century. There is so much mystery surrounded by these characters that many have had their lives changed by it.

This workbook is perfect for those who are new to Theban, those who wish to relearn, to teach their children, or be given as a gift for that special person.
Open this book now and take the journey down the rabbit hole. See what the mystery is all about and learn to read and write Theban today.

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ISBN-13: 9780986392801
Publisher: GoldenPhi Press
Publication date: 04/01/2015
Pages: 124
Sales rank: 834,340
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.26(d)

About the Author

Gealhain Samlach is an individual who discovered one day the rare and beautiful characters of Theban and realized that it would soon fade into history and never be passed on from parent to child. Gealhain spent hundreds of hours exploring ways to retain and become fluent in reading and writing these wonderful letters and came up with the first book - The Original Theban Workbook.

Samlach then decided to print the book and hand them out to close friends and local bookstores. They were very popular and sold out in a very short period of time. Then this first book started to lead to other ideas of teaching people to become more fluent in this alphabet. So a second book was created with several games to help read, write, and retain the Wiccan Alphabet.

Gealhain Samlach's discovered that to keep something like this alive, it should be available to anyone who had an interest, but also keep it easy so others can learn and pass it along to their friends or family members. After 10 years, the book has now become available through the Internet to help keep it alive for generations to come and to rekindle what could have been lost in history.

Theban Today was born from this idea so anyone can learn Theban-Today.

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