The Osler Guide to Commercial Arbitration in Canada. A Practical Introduction to Domestic and Int'l Commercial Arbitration

The Osler Guide to Commercial Arbitration in Canada. A Practical Introduction to Domestic and Int'l Commercial Arbitration


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The Osler Guide to Commercial Arbitration in Canada. A Practical Introduction to Domestic and Int'l Commercial Arbitration by Barin, Andrew D. Little, Randy Pepper

Osler is internationally known as one of Canada's leading corporate/commercial law firms. In this incomparable guide for practitioners, three experienced Osler lawyers¿one each in Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta--provide an easy-to-use practical

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9789041124289
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory
Publication date: 02/28/2006
Series: Eiss/Kluwer Law International Series
Pages: 198
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.42(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword     xi
Introduction     1
What is Arbitration?     3
Arbitration versus Expert Determination     4
Arbitration versus Mediation (or Conciliation)     5
Arbitration versus Other Forms of ADR     7
Types of Arbitration     8
Why Choose Arbitration?     11
The Arbitration Landscape in Canada     17
Canadian Arbitration Legislation and the UNCITRAL Model Law     17
Domestic and International Arbitration     20
"International" Arbitration     21
Common Law Provinces     22
Quebec     23
Federal     23
"Commercial" Arbitration"     23
Ad hoc or Institutional Arbitration     26
Arbitration Rules     27
Jurisdiction of the Arbitral Tribunal     28
The Arbitration Agreement     33
The Agreement     33
Terms of Reference     34
Arbitrability; What Kind of Dispute May Be Arbitrated?     35
Arbitrability of a Dispute     35
Arbitration of Disputes Traditionally Resolved in Court     36
Arbitration of Statutory Oppression Claims     37
Legislation in the Common LawProvinces     39
Legislation in Quebec     40
Legislative Limits on Arbitration     41
Impact of Consumer Protection Legislation     41
Impact of Class Action Legislation     42
Issues to Address in an Arbitration Agreement     45
Commencing an Arbitration     53
Technical Requirements to Commence an Arbitration     53
Appointment and Composition of the Arbitral Tribunal     54
Number of Arbitrators     54
Common Law Provinces     55
Quebec     55
Federal     56
Appointment of Arbitrators     56
Common Law Provinces     56
Quebec     57
Federal     58
Selecting an Arbitrator     58
Use of Private Appointing Authorities     59
Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrators     60
Common Law Provinces     61
Quebec     62
Federal     62
Challenging as Arbitrator's Appointment     62
Common Law Provinces     62
Quebec     64
Corporations as Arbitrators?     65
Enforcing an Agreement to Arbitrate     67
Stays and Referrals to Arbitration of Court Proceedings     67
Stays or Referral to Arbitration under the Domestic Acts     67
The Legislation and its Underlying Policy     67
Statutory Exceptions     69
The Scope of the Arbitration Clause     71
Extraordinary Circumstances     74
Statutory Exceptions     75
Appeals from a Stay Application     76
Interprovincial Issues     76
Referral to Arbitration in Quebec     76
Effect of a Stay Application on the Arbitration     78
Stays under the UNCITRAL Model Law     78
Partial Stays Pending Arbitration     80
Stays of Arbitration Proceedings Pending Court     81
"Anti-Suit" Injunctions     82
Obtaining a Remedy before the Arbitration Hearing     85
Interim Measures or Relief from the Courts     85
Common Law Provinces     86
Quebec     86
Interim Measures or Relief from an Arbitral Tribunal     87
Common Law Provinces     87
Quebec     88
Federal     90
Injunctions Maintaining the Status Quo or Requiring Continued Performance Pending the Hearing     90
Joining and Consolidating Two or More Arbitrations      92
Conduct of the Arbitration     97
In General     97
Exchange of Pleadings     99
Discovery of Documents and Oral Examinations for Discovery     100
Expert Evidence     102
The Hearing     102
Applications Related to the Arbitration Hearing     105
Jurisdictional and Similar Objections     105
Removal of an Arbitrator     106
The Arbitral Award     109
Requirements of an Arbitral Award     109
Reasons for the Award     110
Common Law Provinces     110
Quebec     111
Federal     111
Settlement and Consent Awards     111
Common Law Provinces     112
Quebec     112
Default Awards     113
Partial and Interim Awards     114
Extension of Time for Rendering Awards     116
Common Law Provinces     117
Quebec     117
Federal     118
Correction and Interpretation of Awards     118
Common Law Provinces     118
Quebec     119
Federal     120
Appealing, Setting Aside and Enforcing Arbitral Awards      121
Appealing a Canadian Arbitral Award     121
Statutory Appeals under the Common Law Provinces' Domestic Acts     121
Overview     121
Seeking Leave to Appeal     123
Standard of Review on Appeal     127
Agreements to Exclude Appeal Rights     128
Appeals from Court Decisions Denying Leave to Appeal     129
Further Appeals to the Court of Appeal     130
Applications for Annulment in Quebec     130
Appeals under the Federal Act     133
Private Appeals     134
Setting Aside an Arbitral Award (Declaration of Invalidity)     134
Enforcing a Canadian Arbitral Award     139
Enforcement within a Province     139
Enforcement between Canadian Provinces     141
International Enforcement of a Canadian Arbitral Award     143
Enforcing a Foreign Arbitral Award in Canada     143
Common Law Provinces and the Federal Act     143
Quebec     150
Confidentiality     155
Confidentiality and Privacy Issues     155
General Confidentiality Protection     157
Specific Confidentiality Protection May Be Available     161
Loss of Confidentiality      162
Practical Solutions     163
Selected Other Issues     165
Limitation Periods     165
Common Law Provinces     165
Statutory Limitation Periods     165
Contractual Limitation Periods     167
Possible Impact of the Ontario Limitations Act, 2002 on Arbitrations     168
Limitation Periods in Quebec     169
Limitation Periods in Inter-provincial Arbitrations and International Arbitrations Seated in Canada     170
Costs and Interest     172
Common Law Provinces     172
Quebec     174
G.S.T. and Arbitrations     176
Canadian Legislation and Selected Arbitration Websites     177
About the Authors     179
Index     181

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