The Other Side of Something

The Other Side of Something

by Sara Groves


Product Details

Release Date: 03/23/2004
Label: Imports
UPC: 0000768291627
catalogNumber: 8291627


Disc 1

  1. The One Thing I Know
  2. The One Thing I Know
  3. Jeremiah
  4. Jeremiah
  5. Compelled
  6. Compelled
  7. Roll to the Middle
  8. Roll to the Middle
  9. What I Thought I Wanted
  10. What I Thought I Wanted
  11. Esther
  12. Esther
  13. Boxer
  14. Boxer
  15. Undone
  16. Undone
  17. All I Need
  18. All I Need
  19. Like a Skin
  20. Like a Skin
  21. Come Thou Fount
  22. Come Thou Fount

Disc 2

  1. Story Behind the Song
  2. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  3. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  4. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  5. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  6. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  7. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  8. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  9. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  10. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  11. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  12. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  13. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  14. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  15. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  16. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  17. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  18. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  19. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  20. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  21. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  22. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  23. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  24. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  25. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  26. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  27. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  28. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  29. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  30. Story Behind the Song (Continued)
  31. Weakness Be Our Strength
  32. Weakness Be Our Strength
  33. Prayer for This Child
  34. Like a Skin
  35. Like a Skin
  36. Roll to the Middle
  37. Roll to the Middle
  38. Compelled
  39. Compelled
  40. You Can Not Lose My Love
  41. You Can Not Lose My Love

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sara Groves   Primary Artist,Background Vocals
Charlie Peacock   Piano,Keyboards,Background Vocals,fender rhodes
Chris Eaton   Background Vocals
Steve Brewster   Percussion,Drums
John Catchings   Cello
David Davidson   Violin
Scott Dente   Acoustic Guitar
Tom Groves   Background Vocals
Dick Hensold   Northumbrian Smallpipes
Jerry McPherson   Dobro,Guitar,Electric Guitar
Mark Patrick   Dulcimer,Acoustic Guitar,Background Vocals
Billy Steele   Background Vocals
Monisa Angell   Viola
Jeff Roach   Keyboards
Nate Sabin   Harmonica,Background Vocals
Nirva Dorsaint   Background Vocals
Mark Hill   Bass
Ken Lewis   Percussion
Sara Renner   Background Vocals
Harmony Labeff   Background Vocals
Daniel O'Lannerghty   Acoustic Bass
Matt Pierson   Bass

Technical Credits

Charlie Peacock   Composer,Programming,Producer
Tom Groves   Executive Producer
Nate Sabin   Producer
John Wyeth   Composer
Public Domain   Composer
Sara Groves   Arranger,Composer

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The Other Side of Something 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this CD! I cannot recommend it enough. If you love Sara, this is a must-have. I particularly like "The Boxer" - incredible song!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love everything Sara does, but this new release is fantastic! The bonus CD is a must so don't wait. Compelled is my favorite. Like a skin is my second. I know just what she means. Roll to the middle is so true for us married folks. Esther is great! Upbeat yet tells us a personal story. They are all great yet different. Prayer for this child on the bonus cd is such a beautiful personal song only a mother could write. You will love this cd.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I became a Sara Groves fan after listening to All Right Here, and have been known to listen to her songs on repete, for several hours, if not days, at a time. Her new CD is just as good as her previous ones. More produced, and with a slightly different overall sound, this CD gives us a new and more mature perspective into Sara Groves' songcraft. The album also includes a special bonus CD with interviews and song demos. A nice insight into the songwriting process, to be sure. But above all, listen to the the cute demo for "You Will Never Loose My Love" featuring Sara and her son. It's really cute ;)
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sara Groves continues to prove herself as a real artist who presents her struggles and her faith in an honest and poetic manner. With this CD, she proves that she can break out of the folkish genre to a broader range of styles, which is something many artists in Contemporary Christian music so often fail to do. Although I don't usually like to compare songwriters, Sara Groves is more akin to someone like Rich Mullins than most of the fare in today's Christian music. Like the late-Mullins, she's not afraid to let her guard down and see glimpses behind the mask we all try to put up to give others a good face. It is this ability to take the aspects of the personal and make them universal, that make her such a remarkable artist. This CD, as with her previous efforts, only make me more excited to see what will be coming next from this talented woman.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Just about the time I'm ready to be disillusioned with Christian music (once again), Sara Groves releases a new album, and gives me a ray of hope. "The Other Side of Something" is truly a breath of fresh air! Musically, it's fun. Charlie Peacock and Nate Sabin expand Sara's stylistic boundaries, while maintaining her musical integrity. All-the-while, we see a new level of maturity in Sara's songwriting. As she continues to deal with the real subjects of life, one can walk away from this CD with a real feeling of peace, knowing that just as we strive to be "perfect" in our Christian walk, there is an aspect of God's grace that encourages us to still be human... to be real. For me, the 2nd disc is the real highlight. To hear the stories behind the songs is always an interesting thing, because you realize that Sara lived every lyric. Great work, Sara. Thanks for taking some risks with this release. Thanks for growing. Thanks for not jumping on the worship bandwagon. And finally, thanks for being real.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago