The Other Woman (Jane Ryland Series #1)

The Other Woman (Jane Ryland Series #1)

by Hank Phillippi Ryan
4.3 30

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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The Other Woman 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
JR_Reardon More than 1 year ago
Politics, Scandals, Investigations...and Boston as a Backdrop. Author Hank Phillipi Ryan combines the perfect ingredients for a good Boston suspense novel. While it's not my favorite of her books, I did appreciate the clever twists and turns that form the backbone of her story. I agree with some of the other readers...some parts didn't hold my attention and were a bit confusing. The end was quick, but I did enjoy it. I think it's difficult to write about a scandalous campaign and successfully keep a reader guessing. Thankfully, characters were colorful as well as the setting. Looking forward to reading more of Hanks' books. J.R. Reardon, author, "Advice and Consent"
DAinNY1 More than 1 year ago
Wow! In this fast-paced and action-filled narrative, newspaper reporter Jane Ryland's assignment and homicide detective Jake Brogan's murder investigation turn into a kaleidoscope of duplicity and when it was all over, only the strong survived. This was an awesome read that quickly became a page-turner that I could not put down. I was immediately drawn into this suspenseful drama where the action never stops from the first page to the explosive finale. I had no choice but to take this nail-biting journey wondering what happens next when both Jane and Jake separately connect the dots on this roller coaster ride of intrigue. This is a terrific start in this debut series and I look forward to more thrilling exploits with Jake and Jane, wherever it takes them.
MasonCanyon More than 1 year ago
Stories that could have some facts based in truth pull me in quickly as realistic actions and fantasy characters play out in an intriguing tale of murder and suspense that is plausible. Author Hank Phillippi Ryan puts these elements together in her latest thriller, THE OTHER WOMAN, with great results. Narrator Ilyana Kadushin does an excellent job bring the characters to life providing each with their own distinct voice. She has a flare for expressing the emotional ups and downs throughout the story causing you to feel the excitement as the tension mounts. Protecting one’s source is extremely important to rising T.V. star Jane Ryland. It’s so important she loses her job when she refuses to reveal a source involving charges against a prominent businessman. Landing a job as a newspaper reporter working for a former rival, she’s assigned puff pieces. However, as Jane goes about her job she discovers a candidate for Senate may be hiding a secret mistress just days before a pivotal election and it seems his wife thinks so too. Meanwhile, Boston Detective Jake Brogan is busy investigating a possible serial killer and trying to keep the media from dubbing the suspect as ‘the bridge killer.’ Two bodies of unidentified women have been found by bridges and Jake isn’t making much progress. When the body count rises, the third victim turns out to be someone connected to the case involving Jane’s dismissal from T.V. Jane and Jake begin to realize their cases may be related. As they battle their attraction for one another, they each set out to find a ruthless killer bent on silencing a scandal or making a name for himself. The action is fast-pace and filled with highs and lows true to reporting. Ryan’s detailed descriptions of the Boston area places you in the heart of the action with the characters making the setting a major part of the story. There are twists and turns and just when you have it figured out, another turn takes you in a different direction as dirty politics, revenge, betrayal and seduction lead to murder. Ryan’s journalism background shines through in THE OTHER WOMAN. She has created a dedicated journalist in Jane as she deals with high standards for reporting and her desire to have a forbidden relationship. Jane has strength and determination, but also a vulnerable side. Jake is a dedicated cop trying to do the right thing as he battles his feelings for Jane. While at times there appears to be not one but several other women, in the end there is truly only one that is THE OTHER WOMAN. Will it be who you think it is? This is a adrenaline-driven story that will hold you captive from opening paragraph to the last line. Jane and Jake, a crime-fighting duo to rival Lois and Clark. FTC Full Disclosure - This audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great book, filled with twists and turns that keep you guessing until the very end. A wonderful read with interesting characters, a timely plot, and an abundance of suspense. Highly recommended.
MarienicollBetaIN More than 1 year ago
Loved the story of Jane and Jake. Can't wait to see what the next exciting adventure is for them. Hank Phillipi Ryan, writes with an amazing flow that captivates you from page one. A Perfect book to read to see if you can find out who dun what. Excellent and beautiful story line, makes you wish you could jump into the book and help Jane. Hank, hit this out of the park, you could almost feel yourself being in Boston. Classy read just like the wonderful person that Hank is.
TaylorWheaton More than 1 year ago
Warning: Do not start this book late in the evening if you plan to sleep the same night. Once you begin reading Hank Phillippi Ryan's The Other Woman you will not be able to put it down. Ryan is a master of the believable thriller. Jane Ryland, star television investigative reporter, is fired by her station and forced to grab a lowly newspaper job. As the newbie reporter Jane is assigned to interview the reclusive wife of the leading Massachusetts senatorial candidate. Her cubicle mate gets the assignment Jane lusts for -- a possible serial killer stalking Boston. While her maybe boyfriend, police detective Jake Brogan, hunts the killer, Jane's supposedly simple interview sends her down a rabbit hole of campaign intrigue and infidelity. But who is truly unfaithful and the identity of the Other Woman will surprise you more than once. My only complaint -- Jane's cell phone is so intrusive it practically becomes a character. A minor quibble in an otherwise great read.
Madriver More than 1 year ago
I think Ryan has a flair for developing a mystery, and she includes some interesting twists and turns in her books. But I find the Jane-Jake dance tiring, as well as the almost constant references to how tired Jane is, and how many times her phone rings when she can't answer it (I admit to being in awe of her ability to drive around Boston, though). Also, I thought the motivations of the bad-guy characters here could have been better developed, and the Tuck-roomie thing a little weird. I've always thought Ryan was a good reporter (I live in the Boston area and have seen her on television many times) and has insight to local news and politics that most of us miss. I get the impression, though, that she's got great ideas for mystery plots but not enough time to make the books great, and that's a shame.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is sloppy. The story is confusing characters have no debth. To me it was a very shallow mystery. It was a news paper reportet looking for a story with all the devious things they use and.. makes you not ever want to talk to a reporter. Plus jane is to concerned with herself. Alos the book was to long could have been a short story. Was not worth the read.
VictoriaAllman More than 1 year ago
The Other Woman is a plot-twister of a novel set in Boston involving a strong and sexy cop, Jake Brogan, and a smart and savvy newspaper reporter, Jane Ryland, as they struggle to find a serial killer and follow a political campaign while trying to ignore their draw to one another. When the murder investigation and campaign seem to overlap, Jake and Jane are thrown into each others worlds and have to face what their growing attraction could mean to both of their careers. Steven King once said, "Good books don't give up their secrets all at once." and Hank Phillippi Ryan has proven that with The Other Woman. This is a book that keeps you turning pages to find out its secrets and just when you thought you figured them out they twist and turn into something new. Hank knows how to build suspense. I could not put this down and stayed up way to late promising myself just one more chapter. I HAD to know what happened next. That is what I love about a good book and this one is a great one! Victoria Allman author of: SEAsoned: A Chef's Journey With Her Captain
BuzzBland More than 1 year ago
Jake Brogan is following leads in two deaths….women who the media believes were killed by “The Bridge Killer”….Jane Nyland is trying to get her life back together after refusing to reveal a source and losing her job and her credibility…..she takes a job at a newspaper and doesn’t want to do the local stories that no one cares about…..she is trying to track down “The Other Women” in a Senate election. Will Jake and Jane figure out if their stories are connected? Who is willing to kill women in Boston without a second thought? Will it be to avoid political scandal or is there more to the story? I have watched Hank Phillippi Ryan on my Boston news for years, but until I read her books, had no idea what reporters (especially investigative reporters) go through for stories, including the danger involved if they try to investigate the wrong person! I have a new found respect for the job that she does! If you have not read her four earlier books, now is the time to read a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and keep you reading long into the night! Think you have the story figured out? Guess again! The plot twists and turns and keeps you guessing, taking you through the streets of Boston, with an inside look at crime fighting and journalism. You will not want to put this book down! Another amazing book by and equally amazing author, Hank will be on your favorite authors list before you are finished with the book! Don’t miss this one! Thanks Hank for another thrilling ride!
gloriafeit More than 1 year ago
There is more than one “Other Woman” in this new novel by Hank Phillippi Ryan [following her 2010 “Drive Time,” the fourth in the terrific Charlotte McNally series]. This time she introduces a new female journalist, Jane Ryland. For Jane, the other woman she is trying to track down is the one she suspects of being the paramour of Owen Lassiter, the political Golden Boy, charismatic former Governor and current candidate for Senate, in whose life there is, perhaps, more than one “other woman.” For Jane’s not-quite-significant other, Detective Jake Brogan, of the Boston PD, the “other woman” is the one whose dead body is discovered [on page one], the second in a week found in the river, under one of Boston’s bridges, with nothing to identify her: no ID, not even a pair of shoes, for the police to work with. The tabloids have of course dubbed the women as victims of The Bridge Killer, though the police vehemently deny that a serial killer is in their midst. And there will be more “other women” before this tale is through. Jane’s personal backstory plays an important part in the plot: an award-winning investigative tv reporter, when she refuses to give up her source on a scandalous piece she did about a married businessman magnate who patronized a prostitute, she and the tv station for which she covered the story are found guilty in the ensuing defamation lawsuit, a million-dollar verdict the result. She is, of course, promptly fired, although she soon manages to get a job as a reporter on a Boston paper. On the romantic front, she and Jake find that their respective professional obligations make any relationship difficult, at best. Other bodies turn up, and the ‘serial killer’ theory harder to deny. The political story as well is a tough one for Jane to uncover. There are a couple of females who could be described as potential stalkers, their motives unclear. But who was the real threat? And who the killer? The author sleekly weaves together several threads, with corresponding and changing pov, each time leaving the reader with mini-cliffhangers, and building the suspense to the point that this reader was racing through the pages in the final third of the book. Ms. Ryan’s bona fides in writing about a media reporter turned print journalist, involved in a political fray, are hard-won: She is a multiple-Emmy-Award-winning reporter on Boston’s NBC affiliate and former US Senate staffer and political campaign aide, and her credentials are evident on every page. I found this a terrific summer read, and it is highly recommended.
charleneC More than 1 year ago
really wonderful book! fast paced and interesting. The characters are complex and the story has twists and turns, This book will really keep your attention. This book won't disappoint you. Jane Ryland is a wonderful character that you will grow to love. She lost her job as a tv reporter for not revealing her source and now works for a newspaper. Another great story from Hank Phillippi Ryan!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A delightful page turner. Great Boston setting and believable characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book, the first I've read by this author. Fast moving, interesting characters, and a reasonably believable plot. Will read more by this author.
SharonKG More than 1 year ago
An intriguing read with lots of plot twists. After The Other Woman I’m eager to read more Hank Phillippi Ryan novels.
KatydidCV More than 1 year ago
I had never read books by this author, Hank P. Ryan before, but after I read that one I have ordered three more. They are fun to read, not "predictable" as some are, and not so repetitive. I hope to read all her books eventually..
harleydivaTX More than 1 year ago
Like life, the story has it's disconnects which is frustrating to read, but real. good story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fast moving keeps you reading
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A fast paced thriller.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Always good books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Humbee More than 1 year ago
How timely can it get? Hank Phillippi Ryan's new book/audiobook reads like it's torn from the front pages of today's newspapers! I thought it was timely when I was listening to it during the Romney/Obama campaign. Boy, did I have no idea! This is a fabulous book which gives the perspective of a young woman who's caught between a blockbuster story and everyone who wants to be "off the record." Every newswoman's nightmare. Jane Ryland, the main character, is a tough and tender news reporter who would do anything to protect her sources, and does. She's also feisty and ferocioius when it comes to those she wants to protect in her private life. Coupled with the sometimes "off the cuff" love of her life, Jake Brogan, an equally manned-up cop, she does all she can to help turn a campaign on its ear, solve the mystery of the (several) other woman, and dig into the case of The Bridge Killer, a seemingly serial killer loose in Boston. A lot for one woman and a cop to deal with while they steal kisses and longing looks! Boston becomes another actor in this hot and heavy thriller, which I absolutely loved. The town is home to me, and Ryan describes it so well as she chases after big stories and people of interest. More of this would be wonderful as Jane becomes a series persona! This is a fast-paced, heavy hitter of a book. Never a dull moment as Jane works to find the other woman within a maze of different senarios. Misadventures, mistaken identities and miscrossed situations make this a story that won't let up for one second! If you wonder how things can get so tangled in the headlines, read this one! The twists will defy even your attention! I listened to this audiobook while preparing jewelry items for market this last month. It stopped me dead in my tracks on several occasions. Hot and searing in its doesn't let go until the wrap up at the end. I recommend it!