The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mexican History and Culture

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mexican History and Culture

by William H. Beezley (Editor)


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In 129 articles and three volumes, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mexican History and Culture provides a compendium of the best available scholarship on the nation's rich history and culture. An international group of leading authors, including well-known Mexican scholars, reveals new or little-known dimensions of this past or confirms with new sources previous interpretations of the Mexican experience. Themes include the expected topics of politics and economics, combined with powerful articles on biography, environment, gender, and culture, including music, art, and cinema. Unique to this volume are the essays on digital sources, such as digitized archives and photographic collections, with information on accessing and using them for historical research.

Articles add to topical considerations such as gender and ethnicity, place Mexico into wider dimensions such as the Atlantic World and the Pacific Rim, and offer conclusions on natural phenomena such as flora (yielding pulque) and volcanic eruptions (in a farmer's corn patch). Authors enlighten readers with assessments of Spanish-Aztec warfare, indigenous mastery of the Spanish legal system to bend it to their purposes, songs prohibited by the Inquisition, and more than one hundred other fascinating aspects of the nation's history. Coverage of individuals includes widely known figures such as the monumental Benito Ju rez, the hero and traitor Antonio L pez de Santa Anna, Porfirio D az, and L zaro C rdenas, as well as several outstanding women whose contributions have helped shape Mexican culture and politics. The Tlatelolco massacre of demonstrators in 1968 receives careful assessment and other essays examine the changing popular and political attitudes that followed. The tragedy ushered in events that created Mexico's electoral democracy confirmed in the 2000 presidential election.

Written in clear explanatory prose and incorporating the latest research, the encyclopedia's articles offer a marvelous narrative that will be of use to scholars, students, and the general reader.

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Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 01/15/2019
Pages: 2360
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About the Author

William H. Beezley is Professor of History at the University of Arizona and the Editor in Chief of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History. He has achieved an international reputation for his investigations of Mexico's history and culture through such publications as the classic Judas at the Jockey Club and over 25 other books, including The Oxford History of Mexico (2nd edn., 2010). In 2017 the Mexican government awarded him the Ohtli Medal.

Table of Contents

Agrarian Revolt in the Sierra of Chihuahua
Architecture in Mexico City, 19401980
The Autonomous Department of Press and Publicity (Departamento Aut nomo de Prensa y Publicidad)
Aztec Apocalypse, 15191521

Benito Ju rez and Liberalism
The Bracero Program, 19421964

Carlos Salinas de Gortari and His Legacy
Caste War in Yucat n
Catholicism in Mexico, 1910 to the Present
The Centennial Celebration of Mexican Independence in 1910
Chiapas and the Zapatista National Liberation Army
Chin Chun Chan: The Zarzuela as an Ethnic and Technological Farce
Civilian Aviation in Mexico
The Colonial Economy of New Spain
The Colonial Mosaic of Indigenous New Spain, 15191821
The Conjunction of the Lettered City and the Lettered Countryside in 19th-Century Mexico
Convent and Family Property in New Spain
Cuauht moc C rdenas and the Democratization of Mexican Politics
Culture in Mexico during the Miracle and Beyond, 19461982
The Culture of a Multi-Ethnic Colony

Democratizing Mexican Politics, 19822012
Digital Resources: Digital Projects in Mexico City's Archives and Libraries
Digital Resources: Getty Research Institute Digital Exhibitions and Portals for Mexico
Digital Resources: Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI)
Digital Resources: LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections, University of Texas at Austin
Digital Resources: Power of Attorney, a Digital Spatial History of Indigenous Legal Culture in Colonial Oaxaca, Mexico
Digital Resources: The Bracero History Archive
Digital Resources: The Documented Border
Digital Resources: The Jos Guadalupe Posada Collection at the Ibero-American Institute
Digital Resources: The Wheelan Collection of Photographs of the Mexican Revolution
Digital Resources: Using Facebook to Foster International Conversations about Mexican History
Disease, Ecology, and the Environment in Colonial Mexico
Disney Health Films in Mexico
Drought and the Origins of the Mexican Revolution
The Drug Trade in Mexico

The Economy during the Mexican Revolution
Emiliano Zapata and Revolutionary Mexico, 19101919
Excavation and Exhibition of Pre-Hispanic Artifacts during the Porfiriato
The Extraordinary Career of Juana C. Romero, Cacica of Tehuantepec

Foreign Travelers in Mexico
The French Intervention in Mexico and the Empire of Maximilian and Carlota

Gabriel Vargas and La familia Burr n
General Victoriano Huerta and the Mexican Revolution
Guerrilla Movements and Armed Struggle in Cold War Mexico

The History and Visual Culture of Mexico City's Xochimilco Potable Water System during the Porfiriato
History of the Torre Latinoamericana
Human Rights and the Mexican Student Movement of 1968
Humboldt in Mexico, 18031804

The Independence of New Spain and the Establishment of the Mexican Republic, 18081824
Indigenous Mobilizations and the Mexican Government during the 20th Century
Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura
The Internal Provinces of the Northern Spanish Empire
Internment of Japanese and Japanese Latin Americans during World War II

Jean Charlot and the Mexican Mural Renaissance
Jos Guadalupe Posada and Visual Culture in Porfirian Mexico
Jos Vasconcelos, National Education, and Revolutionary Culture in Mexico
Juliet Barrett Rublee and Flame of Mexico

Laura M ndez de Cuenca: Force for Mexican Modernity
L zaro C rdenas and Cardenismo
The Life, Myth, and Commemoration of Benito Ju rez
Lombardo Toledano's Struggles in the World of Labor
L pez Obrador in Democratic Mexico
Lucas Alam n and 19th-Century Monarchism in Mexico
Lucha Libre

Manuel G mez Morin and the Creation of the National Action Party (PAN)
Men and Modernity in Porfirian Mexico
The Mexican-American War
Mexican Culture, 19201945
Mexican Foreign Relations, 1910-1946
The Mexican Muralists and Frida Kahlo
Mexican Politics, Economy, and Society, 19461982
The Mexican Revolution, 19101946
The Mexican Son, Past and Present
Mexican Telenovelas
Mexican Women Writers, 1960 to the Present
Mexico and the Outside World
Mexico and the Pacific
The Mexico City Metro and Its Riders
Mexico in Spain's Oceanic Empire, 15191821
Mexico in World Expositions and Fairs
The Mexico that Spain Encountered
Mexico's Political Laboratory: The Revolutionary and Postrevolutionary Southeast
Mexico's First Decades of Independence
Ministry of Communications and Public Works (Secretar a de Comunicaciones y Obras P blicas)
The Motherland and the Welfare State in Mexico: Government Symbols, Programs, and Visions, 19431970
Mountain Communities and Their Changing Landscapes in 19th-Century Mexico
Music and Folklore Research in the Departamento de Bellas Artes, 19261946
Music in Mexico City, 18801960

Nature Conservation and Protection in Mexico

Oil and Environment in Mexico
Ordinary Opinions of Everyday Mexicans: Polling from the 1940s to 2012
Oscar Lewis, Urban Poverty, and The Children of S nchez

Par cutin: Volcano in a Cornfield
Pedro Infante and the Mexican Imagination
Photography and Cinema in 20th-Century Mexico
Political Prefects: The Regional Political Bosses of Mexico
Porfirian Politics in Mexico, 18761911
Porfirian Social Practices and Etiquette
Public Health in Mexico, 18701943
The Public Sphere and Liberalism in Mexico from the Mid-19th Century to the 1930s
The Public Sphere in Mexico since the Mid-20th Century
Pulque: A Pre-Columbian Alcoholic Beverage of Mexico

Railroads and the Mexican Imagination during the Porfiriato and Revolution
Rediscovering the Aztecs and Mayas: Field Exploration, Archaeological Exhibits, and National Museums
The Reforma Period in Mexico
La Reina de la Raza: The Making of the India Bonita
Revolutionary Influences on Genre Cinema in Mexico
Revolutionary Land Reform and Its End in Mexico
Ricardo Flores Mag n and the Ongoing Revolution

Santa Anna and His Legacy
The Secretary of War's Historical Commission: Military Historians and the Cristeros
Smallpox Eradication in Mexico
Social Order and Mobility in 16th- and 17th-Century Central Mexico
Sones de la tierra in the Mexico City Inquisition
State-Building and Roads in Postrevolutionary Chiapas and at the Turn of the 21st Century

Taste, Smell, and Flavor in Mexico
Technology in 19th-Century Mexico
The Three Faces of the Family, 1872 to the Present
Travel and Transport in Mexico

Urbanization and Environment in Mexico since 1521

The Virgin of Guadalupe as an Iconic Image in Mexican Culture

War and Peace between Mexico and the United States in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Water and Environmental Change in the US-Mexico Borderlands
Women and Commercial Sex in the Viceroyalty of New Spain
Women in Mexican Politics since 1953
The Women of Guadalajara in Mexico's History
Working Women in the Mexican Revolution

#YoSoy132, Social Media, and Political Organization

The Zoque Carnivals of Northwestern Chiapas, Mexico

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