The Oxford Tearoom Mysteries Box Set Collection I (Prequel + Books 1 & 2)

The Oxford Tearoom Mysteries Box Set Collection I (Prequel + Books 1 & 2)

by H.Y. Hanna

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BN ID: 2940155368953
Publisher: Wisheart Press
Publication date: 01/05/2018
Series: Oxford Tearoom Mysteries
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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The Oxford Tearoom Mysteries Box Set Collection I (Prequel + Books 1 & 2) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous 8 days ago
Great series, definitely worth reading. If you enjoy a light hearted mystery set in a traditional English teahouse near Oxford you'll love this series. The book draws you in and soon the characters feel like old friends. All of Ms. Hanna's series are great reads...she doesn't disappoint.
C_Fowler 1 days ago
One of my very favorite cozy series! Gemma Rose leaves a high powered job in Australia to return to her hometown of Oxford, England to follow her dreams and open The Little Stables Tea Room in a nearby Cotswolds' village. Her new endeavor is going well and looks to be a success until Gemma stumbles upon her first body and mystery. These books are truly a delight. I loved reading about Oxford and its Colleges and traditions, and H. Y. Hanna has captured the atmosphere of Gemma's Oxford perfectly. The characters in these books are well developed, from Gemma to the Old Biddies (kindred spirits of sorts). There are all sorts of hilarious antics such as her mother's attempts to use an iPad. In all of the books, I could not guess the identity of the murderer until the very end and was always surprised. I am quite an Anglophile, and really enjoy books written about England. I liked the English spelling of words and would have loved to be reading this book in a tea room just like The Little Stables with some scones and clotted cream. All the characters we know from the earlier books are here, and with Gemma's quest to solve murders you have a winning combination. Like scones with jam and clotted cream, I recommend this series wholeheartedly -- you will love Gemma, the Old Biddies and Gemma's mercurial Mother as well as her other friends, as they become more and more like family.
DKStevens119 6 days ago
This is a fun series. Great characters and I always get a laugh at what the Old Biddies get themselves into. A little mystery and a little humor make these a delight to read!
Roxie_Bean 6 days ago
These books are wonderful & so hard to put down. The characters become part for your life, you will love them all! Especially Muesli, so cute, so cheeky, so loveable. I’ve read each of them a couple times over & have the whole series. I always keep my eyes out & wishing for new additions. Do yourself a favour & get this series, a cup of tea, put your phone on silent enjoy yourself with these wonderful characters & Muesli :)
CozyLoverSLA 8 days ago
This series is fantastic. I have read every one along with the other series she writes. If you love cozies and you love cozies set in England., you will love this series. I recommend these and I hope you enjoy them....
LolaReviews 8 days ago
I really like this series! This set contains the prequel and the first two books. I copied the summary of each of my reviews below. All-Butter ShortDead (Oxford Tearoom Mysteries #0.5) this is a fun prequel novella, that shows how Gemma started her tearoom and returned to Oxford. We see how Gemma meets Muesli and the old Biddies, gemma her mom and Cassie play a role as well. I liked getting this extra piece of Gemma her story and there was a short and fun murder mystery as well. It was a bit less intricate than the mysteries in the full length novels, but it kept my attention and I there was a good plot twist at the end. Overall a fun read for fans of the series or for those new to the series to start the series here. A Scone to Die For (Oxford Tearoom Mysteries #1) I really enjoyed this book! Its a fun and enjoyable cozy mystery with an intriguing mystery that kept me guessing till the end. The mystery was handled well and it felt realistic how Gemma got involved and how the policy handled things. I liked main character Gemma and could relate to her as I have my own business too. Gemma was a likeable character, although her jealousy and accusations when it came to her ex did bother me a bit. There is a hint of romance and two potential love interest, but not much more yet in this book. I liked the small town UK setting and the tearoom and the quirky characters. All in all this was a great cozy mystery and I am looking forward to the rest of the books in this series. Tea with Milk and Murder (Oxford Tearoom Mysteries #2) really enjoyed this book! The pace was well done and the mystery was interesting with lots of twists and turns, foreshadowing and it kept me guessing. There's enough going on besides the murder mystery as well I liked seeing more of the familiar characters we got to meet in the first book already. There's also an interesting plot line involving Cassie her new boyfriend and Gemma's dislike for him. Gemma doesn't handle it the best way, it was obvious she just wanted the best for her friend. Then there is a bit of a romance subplot, it doesn't progress much, but just a bit to keep me interested in what will happen with that. All in all this was a great sequel and I can't wait till the third book will be released!
The_Brats 8 days ago
All-Butter ShortDead - Prequel After graduating from Oxford University, Gemma Rose moved to Australia to make a life for herself and cut the apron strings. Eight years later, she quit her corporate executive job and returned to England to fulfill her lifelong dream of opening an authentic English tea room with traditional English tea and foods. On the flight home, Gemma meets Jenn Murray, who is going to England on holiday. Later, when Jenn is found murdered in her hotel room, Inspector Glenn immediately suspects Gemma of being the killer. After a newspaper article about the investigation, the bank hesitates to loan Gemma the money to open her tea room. Inspector Glenn is retiring in a month and does not want any unsolved cases, especially a murder case. This leaves Gemma has very little time, if she hopes to prove her innocence. Who killed Jenn Murray and why? Being the only suspect, Gemma does not think she can trust the police to find the killer! How will Gemma be able to prove her innocence? A Scone to Die for (Oxford Tearoom Mysteries, #1) Gemma Rose is starting over again. She has returned home to England to follow her dream and open a tea room near Oxford University. With the tea room becominging popular, Gemma couldn't be happier until a loud and rude American makes an ugly scene. When Gemma shows up the next morning, she finds the "offensive" customer dead at one of the outside tables. Things get somewhat complicated when Gemma learns that the lead detective is Devlin O'Conner. Devlin is the only man she has ever loved. After the police close the tea room for the weekend, Gemma decides to do a little investigating on her own. When a second body is found, the American's widow jumps to the head of Gemma's suspect list. But who else might have had a motive and what is the connection, if any, between the murders? Tea with Milk and Murder (Oxford Tearoom Mystery #2) After a long day at her tea room, Gemma takes a break to visit an art gallery. The gallery has a show honoring her best friend, Cassie. Though the showing is also displaying many other artists, Gemma is only interested in Cassie's contributions. Gemma also learns that Cassie has a new boyfriend, Jon Kelsey, who is also the owner of the Gallery. When an aparently drunk young lady comes in and disrupts the event, she is denied alcohol, but offered a cup of tea. While drinking the tea she goes into convulsions and dies. Gemma smelled almonds on her and jumped to the conclusion that the young lady had been poisoned with cyanide, making the bar waitress the prime suspect! During her investigation, Gemma and Devlin O'Connor, the CID Inspector on the case, rekindle their relationship. Although Devlin does not always agree with Gemma's participation in the investigation, Gemma can't just let it go...her best friend is "involved" with the gallery owner and Gemma instinctively distrusts Jon, but cannot specifically say why. To make matters worse, Meusli, Gemma's cat, takes an immediate dislike to Jon the first time she sees him. Gemma's investigation quickly reveals that the victim, Sarah, was a very rude and unpopular person, with no shortage of enemies. The questions involve who did it, when was she given the poison, and why? Throughout the ups and downs of Gemma's investigation, you get to learn more of the traditions of England and Oxford college. A very enjoyable series and I look forward to many more books in this series.
KarenAnnie 8 days ago
The Oxford Tearoom Mysteries are really charming cozy mysteries. A university town, a sweet cat, charming people, and goodies. Not to be missed. The author also has other charming series.
KathleenC55 8 days ago
Murder Seems Better with an English Accent! Deliciously Fun! H.Y. Hanna is my all-time favorite author of my all-time favorite series! It is very entertaining joining Gemma Rose and the ‘bloody’ delightful mysteries H.Y. Hanna has created. She delivers clever murder mysteries often with an entertaining British flair, fun and some quirky characters, and Gemma always seems to find some danger before the killer is brought to justice. Romance? Yes, it starts out as a big question with whom Gemma will lay her heart, but I enjoy the romantic dance of ups and downs, wading in slowly or jumping into the deep end. This series satisfies my Anglophile appetite as I learned how to make traditional scones to serve with a perfect pot of tea. Cornish or Devon? I decided I’ll have my cream tea the Devonshire way…clothed cream, first, then jam! And in the back of the book there is a Glossary of British terms and an easy to follow recipe that has a connection to that book. Which English recipe will be your favorite? Many know I've always been a fan of all things British, so I am in ‘seventh heaven' with all the references to Oxford University and the local haunts, Meadowford-on-Smythe, traditional fare for tea and treats. It is 'jolly good’ fun! “All-Butter ShortDead” earns 5+/5 Cups of Earl Gray with Lemon! This was an excellent prequel! Since most fans have read the other full-length novels, going back in time is an entertaining look into Gemma’s first arrival home and getting ready to embark on her new venture with the tearoom. For those just starting off on the Oxford Tearoom Mystery journey, the prequel is a great place to get introductions to Gemma, her BFF Cassie, her mother (OMG, her mother!), the ‘Old Biddies” (stewed prunes and all), and the engaging style of H.Y. Hanna. The only thing missing in this book is a recipe…how do I make traditional English shortbread biscuits—rich and crumbly? "Scone to Die For” earns 5+/5 Traditional Scones with Clotted Cream and Jam! It is not important to start with book one, but the story moves forward with Gemma Rose opening her Little Stables Tearoom offering traditional English fare, and becoming a popular destination for tourists who desire to experience a proper English Tea. The supporting characters become more developed as Gemma relies heavily on her BFF Cassie, a very bossy mother, my favorite octogenarians dubbed the “Four Ol’ Biddies,’ handsome former college flame turned detective Devilin O’Conner, and Museli her cat. Gemma’s investigation techniques consist of tracking down clues at her Oxford University alma mater, local pubs, and even finds herself fibbing a bit to get the key piece of evidence. H.Y. Hanna kept me engaged with a truly delightful story with more than a few quirky characters, provided marvelous descriptions of the village that I almost felt like an ex-pat residing alongside the locals, and gave me a bit of a lesson in Oxford University etiquette. With a few unforeseen twists and a reference to my favorite detective dramas—Morse and Midsomer Murders—I was hooked! And the recipe for the Traditional English Scones was the perfect little extra. “Tea With Milk and Murder” earns 5+/5 Slices of Velvety Cheesecake! The journey continues, and I'm thrilled it does. Gemma Rose’s opinion of her BFF’s boyfriend is validated when she overhears him plotting in the shadows, and his self-proclaimed girlfriend shows up causing a scene, flails, and collapses on the ground…dead. Gemma once again me
embam1969 8 days ago
You will love this box set. The three stories are all totally fantastic. The characters are realistic and such fun to get to know. The old biddies are hilarious. Gemma is so likeable and you root for her as she takes on more than she can handle. All of the characters grow as the stories continue, you just can help but cheer them on. Review for all Butter Shortbread - Really enjoyed this book. Characters were well rounded and likable. The story setting and plot are well crafted. Like the premise of leaving a high stress job behind and doing something you love. Reading the entire series in paperback and looking forward to the next book. Recommend to anyone who likes mysteries. Love muesli the cats’ role in the story. Review for Scone to die for - You will love this book. The detail of the characters and location are fantastic. I totally love this series and cannot wait to read the second book. Started with book number 6 in this series. Immediately went back and started from the first book and will continue with all of them until they are finished. Highly recommend this book and author to everyone. Her writing style is both thorough and fun. You cannot help but feel like you know the characters well and understand how they think. You will enjoy this book. Review for Tea with Milk and Murder - What a wonderful book. Gemma and all of the characters are involved in investigating another murder. Who would have thought an art gallery would be the scene of a murder? Love the characters, they are so real and I love getting to know them. Ms. Hanna does such an excellent job describing the scenery and settings that you feel like you have been there. Totally love Muesli, he is always where he should not be. Reading all of the paperbacks in this series and enjoying every one. A great cozy mystery series.
CathyGeha 8 days ago
ALL-BUTTER SHORT DEAD: As a prequel to the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries series we are given a glimpse into how Gemma ended up back in Oxford running her own business. Her mother, the Old Biddies and Muesli all make an appearance as do some others that show up in the series. This was a fun quick read that solved a mystery and added to this fun cozy murder mystery series. (3.5 Stars) A SCONE TO DIE FOR: Delightful and Delicious! This story of second chances was a fun easy read for a wet rainy afternoon and it provided some smiles while brightening my day. Gemma has returned to her home just outside of Oxford to open up a Tearoom – a big step away from all she has done since graduating from university. She has Fletcher to bake delicious goodies, her friend Cassie to assist with service and all seems to be going well until she finds a body in the courtyard of her business. The writing is excellent, the story is well plotted, the characters and their interactions with one another are interesting, the descriptions perfection and the overall story entertaining. I believe this series has a GREAT future! This is a story that will be enjoyed by adults but is also one that I believe older teens would enjoy and it could be read by a family together. (5 Stars) TWO DOWN, BUN TO GO: Another charming cozy murder mystery starring Gemma and the Old Biddies has the sleuths looking for the real murderer since they know Seth did not do it. In addition to suspects to investigate, a tearoom to run, pet cat Muesli to care for and a quirky mother add two men that are equally delightful but rather different and you have a fun story to entertain you while learning more about Oxford along the way. Each book provides another layer to the characters making them fuller and more fun and also creating a sense of knowing them that makes me want to know what will happen next in their lives. I wonder just who Gemma will end up with – Devlin or Lincoln? Thank you to the author for the copy of this book to read and review. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading book four. I do wonder what will happen next. (4 Stars)
Anonymous 8 days ago
This box set is wonderful! I can’t wait to read more. Gemma’s character is so engaging. She would be someone that I would like to get to know better. The setting of a lovely small-town English tearoom is one of my favorites. I have been fortunate enough to visit Europe, but not England. It’s definitely high on my want-to-visit list. Ms. Yi’s descriptions of Oxford make me feel like I’m there. Such history and beautiful scenery. She has captured the essence of genteel Britain. Her mysteries are funny, yet still have a can’t-put-it-down feel. If you like a strong female main character, heart-warming feel of family and friends, lovely British setting and surprise endings to your mysteries, then you should get this boxed set next! I highly recommend it!