The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries: Murder Mansion

The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries: Murder Mansion

by M K Scott

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Donna’s dream of running a Victorian Bed and Breakfast is almost a reality. Her lack of inn keeping expertise, a shabby house in need of dire renovation and lack of money has slowed her down a bit. The murdered man in the upstairs parlor is her biggest obstacle. Less determined people might give up, but not Donna. No killer is going to stop her from serving apple crumb cake to high paying guests.

Her natural skill at the Clue board game, along with the grudging assistance of veteran detective, Mark Taber, an overweight Puggle, and a chatty octogenarian neighbor should help her sniff out the killer unless she’s snuffed out first.

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BN ID: 2940152492583
Publisher: M K Scott
Publication date: 11/27/2015
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 45,976
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About the Author

M. K. Scott is the husband and wife writing team behind the cozy mystery series. Morgan K Wyatt is the general wordsmith, while her husband, Scott, is the grammar hammer and physics specialist. He uses his engineering skills to explain how fast a body falls when pushed over a cliff and various other felonious activities. The Internet and experts in the field provide forensic information, while the recipes and B and B details require a more hands on approach. The couple’s dog, Chance, is the inspiration behind Jasper, Donna’s dog. Murder Mansion is the first book in The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries. Overall, it is a fun series to create and read.

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The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries: Murder Mansion 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well edited. Slow. Clean read with no foul language or violence. The main character is hard to like. She's portrayed as abrasive and unfriendly. There are very few characters and no neighborhood or village to connect with. OK and harmless book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Surprisingly well written; this isn't the typical self published fare. I disagree with another reviewer that complains the protagonist was unlikeable, but then I have three nurses in my family, so I'm perhaps more accustomed to the factual no-nonsense attitude displayed by good nurses. I found the character's beginning growth and self-realization interesting, and enjoyed the interactions between her and the detective, a potential romantic interest. Good grammar and descriptions; I'll be reading more from this author.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read! I really enjoyed it all!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Readers Favorite by Michelle Stanley Murder Mansion is the first book from The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries by M.K. Scott. Readers will enjoy the story. Guests without reservations end up dead in M.K. Scott’s Murder Mansion. Donna Tollhouse can’t wait to renovate and open The Painted Lady Bed and Breakfast Inn, but gets a setback when she finds a body in one of the rooms. The new neighbours aren’t pleased about the scandal or having petulant Donna around, and Donna thinks a few of them are supercilious. She impresses Detective Mark Taber with her keen observations about the crime, but ignores his warning about getting involved in the investigation. Her neighbour, Herman, relates an old mystery about the house that had remained unoccupied for some time. Nothing, however, is going to stop Donna from opening The Painted Lady Inn, not even a murderer. Murder Mansion is an amusing sleuth mystery with a protagonist who is headstrong, doesn’t mince words, and often hurts people with her snappish remarks, although she believes she is being nice. The character development is good and their reactions to the crime and having an unfamiliar person move into their community are natural. M.K. Scott writes with a sense of humour as some characters’ personal lives are very interesting. The cover illustration is appealing and I understand why Donna selected the house for her Inn. This book is suspenseful with twists that come with a nice conclusion. Murder Mansion, Volume 1 in The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries by M.K. Scott makes for an enjoyable story.
The_Brats More than 1 year ago
When the first sentence in the story talks about crime scene tape being strung aound your house, you know there's a problem. The problem, in this case, is murder. Donna Tollhouse just bought an old Victorian home in hopes of converting it into a Bed and Breakfast Inn. However, a corpse in an upstairs room throws a big monkey wrench into her plans. Nobody seems to know who the murder victim is or why he was in the house. Detective Mark Taber is assigned to the case and Donna's main concern is when will she be able to get back into the house to start her restorations. When the inverstigation appears to come to a screeching halt, Donna figures that she might have to look into things herself. Between working at the hospital and trying to solve the mystery of the man found dead in her house, when will she have time to do the renovations? To make things worse, Detective Taber seems to be able to read her like a book and blocks her every attempt to get answers. Okay, so who was the man she found dead in her house and who killed him? Will Donna ever get to fulfill her dream of opening a Bed and Breakfast? The story actually starts out a little slow, while the characters are developed, but the pace remains fairly steady throughout the book. The story is full of twists and surprises.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the first book in the Painted Lady Inn Mysteries series and it’s great! The story line moves along nicely as the main character, Donna, purchases an old Victorian home with the aspirations to turn it into an Inn. Trouble ensues from there and creates a marvelous murder mystery. The characters are excellent, funny and sassy, making this a great romantic comedy. The personalities from the characters mesh very well together and you will be anxiously awaiting to see what happens next. I like that there is a slow build up because it’s creates an effective and exciting end. If you are in the market for very pleasant short read, this novella is for you. I highly recommend this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a fun introduction to a new cozy mystery series. I enjoyed the dynamics between brother and sister (Daniel and Donna), which had an authentic feel to it. Liked the fact that Donna was a scrapper and often hard a hard time with small talk, which causes issues with being a B & B owner. The food descriptions along with the suspense was my favorite. Include more recipes next time.
Caterina_Neko More than 1 year ago
When 50-year-old Donna buys a new house, planning to turn it into an inn, she never expected to find a man dead in one of her rooms. A man not just dead, but murdered, too! With the investigation going through her house, will she be able to finish her preparations and have her inn ready soon enough? Having those thoughts and being anxious about her plans, she starts investigating the murder with Mark, the detective who has been assigned to the case, and the help of her octogenarian neighbor and Donna's overweight dog! This was an unusual story, I fully enjoyed reading about. I particularly loved Donna, the protagonist. She is a determined woman, who has seen her share of life and knows what she wants! When left at the altar at the young age of 22 she decided to never get married. Now, at the age of 50, I would expect her to seem a little older, but surprisingly she did not! Her way of thinking was quite refreshing, and I loved so much the way she stands by her beliefs and decisions. She has set her mind on making her new house into an inn, and won't settle for anything else! I also loved Mark! He is clever and witty, even if Donna disapproves of a few of his unhealthy habits! The way the author wrote this story was lovely, emphasizing what a witty heroine Donna was, as well as giving as crystal clear impressions of the rest of the people involved! A murder mystery so well planned and narrated! I completely loved the fact that in the solving of the mystery not only detectives were involved, but also everyday people - and animals! Also, the unexpected twists and turns would just get me on the edge of my seat, another way in which this story amazed me! All in all, 4 stars to a murder mystery, which involved a detective and a very stubborn, very determined and awesome nurse!