The Panty Melter

The Panty Melter

by Lili Valente

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Deacon Hunter is domineering. Condescending. Infuriating.
And yet I can't seem to keep my panties on for five minutes when we're alone together.

He keeps melting them right off. With that sexy voice, those confident hands, the way he brings my body wildly to life, he's proved my libido hasn't gone into permanent, post-divorce hibernation after all.

Surely there's no harm in being enemies with benefits... Right?

When Violet Boden asks me to take her Divorce Virginity, the only thing I can think is—come again?

No, seriously, come again.

And again and again, until both of us are so satisfied we can't remember the people who did us wrong.

Best if we keep conversation to a minimum, though, considering I drive her crazy. She drives me crazy sometimes, too. But she's also sweet, loyal, fearless, and so much fun she's making it damn hard not to fall for her.

But how to convince a woman who's put me in the emotional no-fly zone that I deserve a place in her heart? As well as in her panties...

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Publisher: Self Taught Ninja
Publication date: 03/26/2019
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About the Author

Author of over forty novels, USA Today Bestseller Lili Valente writes everything from steamy suspense to laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. A die-hard romantic and optimist at heart, she can’t resist a story where love wins big. Because love should always win.

When she’s not writing, Lili enjoys adventuring with her two sons, climbing on rocks, swimming too far from shore, and asking “why” an incorrigible number of times per day. A former yoga teacher, actor, and dancer, she is also very bendy and good at pretending innocence when caught investigating off-limits places.

You can currently find Lili in the mid-South, valiantly trying to resist the lure of all the places left to explore.

Lili also writes super naughty books as L. Valente.

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The Panty Melter 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 5 months ago
I have read several books in this series and I could not wait to read what was in store for Deacon Hunter and the woman who would bring him to his knees Violet Boden. An enemies to lovers story that was absolutely captivating to read. A chance meeting at a masquerade party has Deacon and Violet hot for one another until she realizes who he is and runs. Deacon is an infuriating, arrogant man who manages to drive Violet up the wall, as she does him on occasion. I actually fell hard and fast for Deacon, there is something about him that I loved, perhaps it is that he and Violet are in their forties and are both divorced and not in their twenties looking for their first love. Neither Deacon or Violet want a committed relationship, in fact Violet doesn’t even want or like Deacon, or so she thinks. Declan is attracted to Violet but after her running from him at the party, he is not sure she is interested. Can enemies become lovers with benefits, without commitment? The chemistry between Deacon and Violet is intense and they find it hard to ignore. What will happen when emotions come in to play and casual becomes anything but? Can Deacon and Violet get the happily ever after that they both deserve? This was a fun, quirky, flirtatious read that ticked all the boxes for me and had me invested from the start. One click this little gem, I don’t think you will be disappointed.
Anonymous 3 months ago
KaraS 4 months ago
Oh my...Deacon may be my favorite Hunter!! "I'd sure as h*** rather spend the next thirty years cursing myself up with you than give up now and never know if this is what I think it is." Seriously - who can resist a man that tells you that??!?? So while Deacon and Violet aren't exactly enemies; they aren't really friends either. When they almost hook-up at a costume party...the chemistry eventually becomes too hard to deny. This has the normal wittiness of a Lili Valente book and I so love the text conversations between characters - it really allows you to gain insights into the characters. Deacon may have a military background and be a little stern, but man is he loveable too!! This one definitely had some unexpected complications, but I think that just gave this story more heart. These two are just so good together and I loved that sweet. Another plus - this is an older romance which is great because we don't have enough stories for second chances at new love!! Really - there wasn't a single thing not to like about this story. It works as a stand-alone, but really you'll want to meet all the Hunter men!! I voluntarily requested and read an advance reader copy.
UpAllNightBB 4 months ago
3.5 Stars Review by Lisa Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog With a title like Panty Melter what could go wrong? Or is it all wrong for the right reasons? The Panty Melter by Lili Valente starts off with what the title implies and gives you panty-melting moments throughout the story. I felt the ending was just a bit too much for me. I get where the author's direction was going and I would never knock an author for all her/his hard work but in my honest opinion, I feel like it started with a bang and kind of fell flat at the end. I love the premise of this story. which is enemies to lovers I also loved the fact these two people, Deacon, and Violet. are in their forties, have grown children and that they are divorced trying to find that happiness once again. The back and forth and chemistry, hate you you...hate you...melt my panties off... love you jumps off the pages. The connection between the characters is spot on. As a parent and having these same fears about your children growing up and leaving the nest aspect of the story to stuck hard with me. Powerful feelings were evoked Great read.
Anonymous 5 months ago
This was a fun read with all it's twists and turns. I recommend this book. As a mature reader it was easy to relate with how the story line went. I rather enjoyed reading about characters that were closer to my age group.
Lisa-Lou 5 months ago
The Panty Melter by Lili Valente is the fourth standalone romance in her Hunter Brothers series. An absolute and complete feel-good romance. There is not one moment in the book that is overly angsty. Now do not get me wrong - there is a little bit of drama - but it is such a lovely story of two people finding love at a time when they'd about given up on it. Gah! Swoon! Deacon is such an alpha hottie with a soft streak and good heart and Violet is a wonderful person, a fabulous mom and an irrepressible soul! Everything in this book just made my heart warm. Enjoy!
SofiaAlmiroudis 5 months ago
The Panty Melter is the fourth book in the Hunter Brothers Series by the extraordinary Lili Valente. Deacon has returned from serving his country, has returned to the living. He's been single for just as long and getting back into dating scene hasn't been something he's wanted or easy. That is until one sexy encounter in an attic with Violet, and Deacon can't stop thinking about getting back into the game, with Violet that is. The only problem is that she thinks he is a domineering jerk and Deacon is also the older brother of her boss. A big NO NO! But how can he get Violet out if his head? Her curves, her moans, her smell, and her sweetness. Nope, Deacon is all in and will stop at nothing to make her his. Violet's marriage of twenty years ended two years ago when her ex decided to cheat with a much younger woman. Since then, Violet's luck in the dating scene has been anything but lucky. As the responsible one, Violet never ever does random hook ups. So when she uncharacteristically starts hooking up with a total stranger in the attic, she is quickly reminded why she doesn't. The masked stranger is Deacon, her bosses older brother and a man that reminds her too much of her ex. Been there and done that. But as much as Violet loathes Deacon, she just can't get him out of her head. Deacon doesn't know why Violet loathes him, but he has no intention in letting that stop him from showing her who he is and winning her over. The more time they spend together, the more Violet sees who Deacon really is and starts to fall hard for him. Just when things start to get really good, an outside conflict brings tension between Deacon and Violet. Deacon's overly bossy and narrow mind thinking comes barreling out, and Violet starts to question her relationship with him. Can Deacon get out of his own way and win Violet back? The Panty Melter was sexy, fun, lovable, hilarious, and refreshing. Deacon and Violet shared a passion that was off the charts, and even with their crazy hot chemistry, they didn't allow that to consume them. They talked things out and respected each others pasts. I was engrossed in the story and didn't want it to end. Great story telling Lili!
StarStacy 5 months ago
I melted for this rom-com! I had no idea this was a series of books with different brothers, but you do not need to read them to understand this book. I did not read the earlier books & understood everything. I enjoyed this rom-com! I laughed out loud, melted (or swooned) at the romantic gesture then smiled at the happy ending. I loved that this book was two adults in their early forties, Deacon & Violet, who knew who they were but were not afraid to find love again after getting divorced & raising kids. At first they were hesitant for reasons you will have to read, but their chemistry was too strong. Once they got to spend time together & know each other then the real love was found. They found each other even though they thought their time had passed, & I loved that message. If you want a rom-com about adults, then this book is for you!
Rina_S 5 months ago
I immersed myself and devoured this highly entertaining Enemies to Lover's story with some rather quirky characters with interesting lives. I thought Deacon was one hell of a man. Although Vi had somewhat of a different opinion initially of him, however she grew to like him a lot. I just loved the banter and witty messages, the friendships they both had and their jobs as well. I loved the direction the story went and the ending was absolutely amazing! Such a great read, I can highly recommend it as. A must read!
Nicolerko 5 months ago
I really, really enjoyed this one. I could hardly put this book down. I got ensnared by the characters right away. I liked that the characters in this one are a little older. I just loved Deacon and Violet. If you're of enemies to lovers then you will love this one to pieces. This book had the humor that I love with a Lili Valente book. I don't know how many times I found myself laughing out loud while reading this. I loved the epilogue so hard. I'm going to admit that honestly was my favorite part of the book. It just made my heart so happy! I can't recommend this book enough!
CeeCeeHouston 5 months ago
5 'Panty Melting' stars!! The Panty Melter is the fourth standalone in ‘The Hunter Brothers’ series of standalone books.After, Dylan Rafe and Tristan got their girls, it’s now Deacon’s turn. Deacon’s been in and out of the series, he’s ex-military and has just recently retired from the Airforce. Now he spends his days working on his dad’s farm and volunteering part-time with the local fire department. He’s at a loose end of sorts, just waiting to see where his life is going, until he and Violet meet at a costume party. They are just getting down and dirty when Violet discovers who the man beneath the mask is that she was hooking up with. Queue rapid exit!! Violet works for Deacon’s younger brother, Tristan. They know each other… sort of. But she knows she can’t get involved with her boss’s older brother. Deacon thinks otherwise and sets out to prove just how wrong she is, and how right they are for each other. He’s hot, sexy and pretty alpha, but he is sweet and romantic too. He swept Violet off her feet with his wooing and I have to say, it was very swoon worthy. He was a man on mission and he never failed to deliver the goods. There was some funny banter, sexy innuendo and plenty of steamy times. But then there came a lump in the road and Deacon let his ‘take charge’ mentality get the better of him. Violet didn’t like seeing that side of him. He’s a tough cookie under pressure and didn’t wait to see how she felt. Violet tried hard not to fall for Deacon. She’s been divorced for two years and is lonely now that 2 of her 3 daughter have flown the nest, and Adriana, the youngest will be gone by the end of the summer. Deacon is already under her skin, but now he’s wormed his way into her heart too. Can she ignore his ultra-alpha tendencies and let love fill the hole in her soul?This was a sweet and sexy, stightly angsty story. The characters were older, being divorced and in their forties but the story was just as entertaining, if not more so. I loved both Deacon and Violet, and the ending made me laugh. This is definitely a contender for the One-Clickers out there. Grab your copy today and enjoy.
KaraHildebrand 5 months ago
The Panty Melter is the fourth book in the Hunter Brothers series by the talented, fabulous and hilarious Lili Valente. I've been waiting for Deacon's story. He's the oldest brother, at forty-five, and the one who took care of his younger brothers with his sternness, domineering and jerky tendencies. He's been single for a long time and a single father who loves his boys. He wasn't always there for him when he was deployed, but he would do anything for them. Violet works for his brother. She's a recently divorced single mom at the age of forty. She thinks Deacon is like her ex and she wants no part of that even if just being near him has her clenching her thighs and constantly stopping herself from jumping him. Deacon likes Violet. She gorgeous, smart, a great mom. But she hates him and he has no idea why. He wants her and it's more than their combustible chemistry. He wants to date her. Take her out. She wants stop wanting him. Violet starts to see that Deacon isn't who she thought he was. He's kind, sweet, thoughtful and caring. He's also the sexiest man she's ever seen and she can't stop kissing him. That's it! She's giving in and after one date, she stops fighting and lets it happen. It's fun, it's sexy, it's hot. It's like nothing she ever had before. Maybe being divorced and forty isn't so bad. Maybe this is her chance at real happiness. Deacon is an adult. He knows what he wants and he goes after. He wants Violet and now that she's his, he's never letting her go. When obstacles keep getting in their way, can they make it over them together? I loved this story for so many reasons. One, they are older, in their forties, like me, and there aren't enough romances out there with older characters. Two, they are mature, rational adults that don't stop talking, run away or give up. It's refreshing to read about adults having an adult relationship. Third, it's hilarious and sexy. Deacon is my favorite Hunter brother and I want him for myself! He's sexy, smart, fit, can sing (swoon), and would do anything for the people he cares about, no questions asked. Lili Valente is one of my go-to-authors and she always gives me what I need: humor, sexiness, fun, friendship, family, loveable characters and hilariousness!
KindleKat64 5 months ago
Watch out because not only will Deacon melt your panties off but he will also leave your heart a soft pile of goo while he's at it. I love over 40 romance and Deacon and Violet's story is truly a Lili Valente special infused with just the right amount of heat, humor and heart. It is a fun, flirty and sexy story but there is a side of serious too. These two characters are so real and lovable and their stories are so relatable. They are both over 40, divorced and have older children. They both have stories and pasts but realize a kindred spirit in the other. Their chemistry is flammable and when they finally drop the match all bets are off. I mean they are 5 alarm hot together!! This story went in a direction I wasn't expecting but I love how it was all handled in the end. Things are definitely not always easy when children are involved, as life never is, which is what makes this such a relatable story.
TerriDlovestoread 5 months ago
Happy reader here. We get another Hunter brother to devour and drool over. This is Deacon Hunter's turn at HEA but will he find it with the gorgeous Violet Boden? Violet works for his brother Tristan and he has seen her once or twice but when they run into each other at a party, masquerade party, the sparks fly. That is until Violet realizes her masked panty melter is Deacon. She slams on the brakes for this oh so delicious moment to only regret it later. This series has given me so many swoon moments and this one follows suit. This story gives us an older couple. Deacon is the oldest of the Hunter men so he is full grown and all alpha man. Violet has raised her daughters and dealt with her husband leaving for a younger woman and now it's time for her to take her life by the reins and head for her future. She is just surprised what her future holds. Loved the story of "adults" for a change. Nice to read about a couple in their 40's instead of 20's. There are lots of twists and turns to their story and surprises for sure. I loved Violet and her independence and love for animals. I loved Deacon and his strong will but also sweet soft side. My only real drawback, which isn't bad, is I wish we would have gotten to catch up with the rest of the family too. They are all such great characters it would have been nice to reunite with all the Hunter men and their families. I received an early copy to read and review and give my honest opinion. I loved it and recommend it.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Loved it! So great on several layers! Huge fan of enemy to lovers because there is always an underlying fire just waiting for the combustible chemistry to ignite, and Deacon and Violet did not disappoint! The whole "take charge" military/fireman element was intriguing too. I loved their playfulness, their banter, and how they found their own definitions of what they wanted and who they wanted to be. Very sweet, plenty hopeful and the kind of story I needed right now with the right amount of heat and laughter to keep me turning the pages.