The Parents' Survival Guide to Children, Technology and the Internet

The Parents' Survival Guide to Children, Technology and the Internet

by Robyn Treyvaud, Courtney Vowles


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Do you struggle to keep up with the technology in your children’s lives? Do you feel as if there’s a new game, app or social media platform to worry about almost every day? Do you want to know more about what young people do online?

Living in the information age can often lead to a feeling of information overload. While there’s no shortage of parenting advice, how do you know if it’s reliable? And what do you do when that information is full of contradictions? The Parents’ Survival Guide to Children, Technology and the Internet consolidates information, research and advice from over 200+ leading international resources, including some of the world’s best technologists, child psychologists and online safety experts. In this ground-breaking book you will learn everything you need to know about:

• how to deal with the internet, gaming and social media addictions

• how to recognise and confront cyberbullying, extremism and online grooming

• teaching your children about pornography and other potential danger zones

• recognising when your children are having difficulties online

• overcoming sleep deprivation caused by technology

• setting a great example for your children

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780994405500
Publisher: Family Insights
Publication date: 11/07/2018
Pages: 242
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Robyn Treyvaud is an internationally recognised online safety expert and founder of Cyber Safe Kids: a global organisation that advises educators, schools and communities on how to overcome the challenges of the digital world. Her transition from education leadership into consulting positioned her as a trusted advisor to media, industry and government bodies worldwide. Robyn has been a keynote speaker at major global events and is now the Head of Education at Family Insights.

Courtney Vowles has been a key member of the education team at Family Insights, an Australian cyber-safety platform for children, teens, parents and, most importantly, families. She has played a crucial role in creating world-class educational content for the company's Knowledge Centre and developed an in-depth understanding of online safety issues and the challenges they present to parents.

Table of Contents

About the authors vii

What other experts are saying about The Parents’ Survival Guide to

Children, Technology and the Internet ix

Introduction 1

Why you (and the world) need this book 1

How to use this book 7

1. Monitoring screen time in the

age of distraction 9

Are screens inherently bad? 10

What are the potential risks of too much screen time? 11

A quick word on brain development 17

So how can you manage screen time effectively? 18

Taking care of digital friendships 21

2. Internet addiction 25

Understanding internet addiction 27

Different types of internet addictions 30

Side effects of internet addiction 34

Internet addiction in adults 35

Healthy use of screens 37

Preventing addiction 38

Dealing with internet addiction 41

3. Sleep deprivation 45

Understanding the importance of sleep 47

Biology versus technology 49

Side effects of sleep deprivation in teens 54

Symptoms of sleep deprivation 57

Managing sleep deprivation with your teen 59

4. Parental controls 63

Looking at spyware options 65

Using network and browser filters 67

Considering monitoring software 68

Recognising the need for trust and privacy 69

Working out what’s best for your child 74

5. Cyberbullying and cyber abuse 77

Cyberbullying behaviours 78

Cyberbullying versus conventional bullying 80

Preventing bullying behaviours 88

Signs that your child is being cyberbullied 90

Signs that your child is a cyberbully 91

What to do if your child is being cyberbullied 92

How and where to report cyberbullying 97

6. Video games 101

Taking a balanced look at video games 104

Different types of video games 111

Playing online games safely 115

Video games and childhood obesity 118

Healthy video game habits 120

Managing video game addiction in children 124

Final thoughts for parents 128

7. Social media 131

Social media: Friend or foe? 132

Depression and anxiety and social media 138

Self-esteem, body image and gender norms 143

The pressure to be liked 147

The benefits of social media 149

Considering your own ‘sharenting’ 151

Sexting 154

8. Online grooming 159

Understanding online grooming 161

The six stages of child grooming 162

Who is at risk? 165

Profile of a predator 167

Parental and institutional grooming 172

Online grooming 173

Is my child being groomed? 176

Staying on the offensive and getting help 179

9. Offensive and illegal content 183

Online extremism and radicalisation 184

Online pornography 189

Actions you can take 194

Online shopping, scams and fraud 200

Scam warning signs 202

Tips for online shopping 204

Conclusion 207

References 211

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