The Passage At Moose Beach

The Passage At Moose Beach


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In the wilds of Idaho, an adventurous young girl stumbles into an alternate dimension that’s plagued by a tyrannical creature and faces a life-threatening curse as she struggles to find courage, strength and her way home. The environmental elements of the story are especially relevant now, as is the strong female protagonist.

Eleven-year-old Alicia encounters unusual, surprising friends and terrifying enemies as she embarks on an unexpected and magical journey in nature. While enjoying the lake with her father, as they do every year, Alicia gets lost during a rainstorm and ends up transported to a different and unfamiliar place with no idea where she is or how she got there. The story takes the reader to a land not so far from home, yet farther than imagined, perhaps another realm, that looks much like what we see around us on earth today, but nothing is what it seems.

Alicia sets out on a difficult journey to try and discover a way home, finding compassion and friendship along the way. She meets a squirrel named Mickey, a jay named Briar, and Fiona the enigmatic deer, who help her fight terrible foes and comes face to face with Bristleback, the fearsome mountain troll. These friends help each other in every way imaginable through both moments of adventure and terror. Though Alicia and her friends help each other overcome crippling fear, can they find a way to stop “The Drying” which threatens them all?

“The Passage At Moose Beach is an enchantingly magical tale about finding friends in the unlikeliest of people and working together with them to achieve your wildest dreams.”

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780996568364
Publisher: MKZ Books, Inc
Publication date: 11/30/2018
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.48(d)
Age Range: 13 - 15 Years

About the Author

Michael Foster works full time for a major tech company, and right now writing is a new hobby. Even with his busy work schedule, he finds time to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, hiking and biking the many trails in the hills around home. He is an avid video gamer and always a people person with a wide network of friends in multiple countries. He loves to host backyard barbecues whenever possible.
Both of his parents were high school teachers and, as a child, Michael's family spent long summers at their cabin in Idaho. His maternal great-grandfather built the cabin in the late 1920's and enjoyed living there during the summers with his wife, especially with all of the guests who came to visit. Aunts, uncles, and cousins would all stop by the cabin for extended stays when Michael's family was there during the summer. Everyone chipped in to do their share of maintenance on the cabin, dock repairs, oiling the exterior wall's logs, chopping wood, and anything else the place needed, which created memories, too. However, when there was free time, Michael, his brother, and two sisters would endlessly explore the vast Boise National Forest around the cabin and lake. Michael calls himself a "free-range child" saying that his parents seldom knew where he was as his inquisitive nature kept him out and about, always exploring.
He knew where every stream was and every meadow where he might see deer. He caught every snake, frog, and salamander that crossed his path. Michael says he fell out of many a tree because he felt driven to climb everything he possibly could, just to get a better view. His adventurous spirit was not afraid to explore the murkiest corner of the lake, the icy cold streams, or the old logging roads. Michael says he never really got lost because the lake was such a huge landmark. He particularly loved running into wildlife which he frequently did on the logging roads near the cabin. Every summer, there was inevitably a visit to the emergency room during family visits to the cabin, his parents knew to expect it. With no electronics to distract them back then, he and his siblings would make up games to play in the woods, they all developed a great love of outdoors.
Another thing Michael's parents instilled was a strong love of reading; he has been an avid reader all his life. Heavily involved in choir during his school years, Michael was very musical and studied classical piano for ten years. During high school is when he began writing music for himself, family and friends. Later, during his twenty's Michael's father taught him to play guitar which became a favorite campfire activity when the family was not sitting around the large dining table in the cabin, playing Crazy Eights or Tripoly. He has always cared about people and became involved in an "inter-personal communications" group in high school as one of the counselors. The group facilitated peer to peer counseling for kids who were fighting or being bullies.
Michael has enjoyed watching his adult daughter grow into the same nature loving the adventurous person he was and draws writing inspiration from both his own experiences at the lake and watching his wife and daughter experience the woods in their own way.

Gloria Miller Allen has lived in Idaho since 1974, though she spent her childhood in the Mid-West. The first job she remembers was in the Litho Art Department of Hallmark Cards headquarters in Kansas City, MO. Allen was 18 years old and learned an incredible amount about color and value contrasts in painting. After marriage, she and her husband moved to Corvallis, OR for his graduate program in Chemistry, Physics and Math. After a PhD, the family of five moved to East Brunswick, New Jersey for about 5 years - then to Idaho.
Allen has painted all her life, but out west painting became a passion. From Mid-America and from Coast to Coast she has enjoyed and struggled with paint. In 2006 she and her husband flew to New York to receive her signature membership in the American Watercolor Society (AWS). In 2012 they flew to California where she received her signature membership in the National Watercolor Society (NWS). She also earned recognition from the Artists USA (KA) and the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS). Collecting all these signature memberships has been a life-time achievement, and her goal. She is now working on Plein Air achievements as a new goal.
Allen did not study art in college but has had the privilege of taking workshops from some of the greatest American Watercolorists. She has thousands of paintings to her credit and has known that library books are gentle and knowledgeable teachers. Allen has always considered her drawing-board like her classroom and loves the idea of being a perpetual student. The thousands of paintings she has produced gave her un-purchasable knowledge. Gloria Miller Allen says she is so grateful that her life has allowed her to explore the world of watercolors, and art in general. Drawing and painting is an incredible way to stand in awe of this planet and our life on it.

Table of Contents


Ch. 1 The Lake in the Woods

Ch. 2 Secrets To Find

Ch. 3 Stepping In

Ch. 4 A Daughter Lost

Ch. 5 Realizations

Ch. 6 The Wild Side

Ch. 7 The Drying

Ch. 8 Tasty Treats

Ch. 9 A Surprising Conversation

Ch. 10 Traveling Companions

Ch. 11 The Last Mountain

Ch. 12 Charon by Night (A Secret Shared)

Ch. 13 Journey’s End

Ch. 15 Rainsong

Ch. 16 A Beautiful Reunion


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