The Past and Future of EU Law: The Classics of EU Law Revisited on the 50th Anniversary of the Rome Treaty

The Past and Future of EU Law: The Classics of EU Law Revisited on the 50th Anniversary of the Rome Treaty


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ISBN-13: 9781841137124
Publisher: Hart Publishing
Publication date: 05/01/2008
Pages: 526
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.62(h) x 1.17(d)

About the Author

Miguel Poiares Maduro is Professor and Director of the Global Governance Programme at the European University Institute and Visiting Professor at Yale Law School.
Loïc Azoulai is Professor of European Law at Sciences Po Law School.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors ix

Introduction xiii

I Case 26/62, NV Algemene Transport- en Expeditie Onderneming van Gend en Loos v Nederlandse Administratie der Belastingen 1

1 Van Gend en Loos, 3 February 1963—A View from Within Pierre Pescatore 3

2 The Continuous Significance of Van Gend en Loos Bruno De Witte 9

3 Van Gend en Loos: The Foundation of a Community of Law Franz C Mayer 16

4 Pluralism in Marbury and Van Gend Daniel Halberstam 26

II Case 6/64, Flaminio Costa v ENEL and Case 106/77, Amministrazione delle Finanze dello Stato v Simmenthal SpA 37

1 The European Court of Justice and the Doctrine of Supremacy; Van Gend en Loos; Costa v ENEL, Simmenthal Nial Fennelly 39

2 Costa v ENEL and Simmenthal: Primacy of European Law Ingolf Pernice 47

3 Conflicts and Integration: Revisiting Costa v ENEL and Simmenthal II Herwig Ch Hofmann 60

4 From Costa v ENEL to the Treaties of Rome: A Brief History of a Legal Revolution Morten Rasmussen 69

III Case 11/70, Internationale Handelsgesellschaft mbH v Einfuhr- und Vorratsstelte für Getreide und Futtermittel and Case 4/73, J Nold, Kohlen- und Baustoffgroβhandlung v Commission of the European Communities 87

1 The Incorporation of Fundamental Rights in the Community Legal Order José Narciso Cunha Rodrigues 89

2 Primacy, Fundamental Rights and the Search for Legitimacy Takis Tridimas 98

3 Internationale Handelsgesellschaft, Nold and the New Human Rights Paradigm Mattias Kumm 106

4 The ECJ's fundamental rights jurisprudence— a milestone in transnational constitutionalism Brun-Otto Bryde 119

IV Case C-260/89, Elliniki Radiophonia Tiléorassi AE (ERT) and Panellinia Omospondia Syllogon Prossopikou v Dimotiki Etairia Pliroforissis and Sotirios Kouvelas and Nicolaos Avdellas and others, and Case 5/88, Hubert Wachauf v Bundesamt für Ernährung und Forstwirtschaft 131

1 Wachauf and the Protection of Fundamental Rights in EC Law Francis G Jacobs 133

2 Looking Back at ERT and its Contribution to an EU Fundamental Rights Agenda Damian Chalmers 140

3 Wachauf and ERT: On the Road from the Centralised to the Decentralised System of Judicial Review Zdeněk Kühn 151

4 'All the guidance', ERT and Wachauf Pedro Cruz Villalón 162

V Case 283/81, Srl CILFIT and Lanificio di Gavardo SpA v Ministry of Health and Case 314/85, Foto-Frost v Hauptzollamt Lübeck-Ost 171

1 CILFIT and Foto-Frost in their Historical and Procedural Context David Edward 173

2 The Classics of EU Law Revisited: CILFIT and Foto-Frost Paul Craig 185

3 Cilfit and Foto-Frost: Constructing and Deconstructing Judicial Authority in Europe Daniel Sarmiento 192

4 The Juridical Coup d'État and the Problem of Authority: CILFIT and Foto-Frost Alec Stone Sweet 201

VI Case 22/70, Commission of the European Communities v Council of the European Communities (European Agreement on Road Transport, ERTA); Joint Cases C-466/98, Commission v United Kingdom; C-467/98, Commission v Denmark et al (Open Skies Judgments) and Opinion of the Court 2/94 on the Accession by the Community to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 211

1 The EC External Competencies: From the ERTA Case to the Opinion in the Lugano Convention Paolo Mengozzi 213

2 Bold Constitutionalism and Beyond Piet Eeckhout 218

3 ERTA, ECHR and Open Skies: Laying the Grounds of the EU System of External Relations Christophe Million 224

4 Constructing the European Polity: ERTA and the Open Skies Judgments Robert Post 234

VII Case 43/75, Gabrielle Defrenne v Société Anonyme Belge de Navigation Aérienne Sabena 249

1 The Shock Troops Arrive in Force: Horizontal Direct Effect of a Treaty Provision and Temporal Limitation of Judgments Join the Armoury of EC Law Eleanor Sharpston 251

2 SABENA is dead, Gabrielle Defrenne's case is still alive: the old lady's testament... Denys Simon 265

3 Defrenne II Revisited Síofra O'Leary 274

4 Gender Equality and Social Policy after Defrenne Horatia Muir Watt 286

VIII Case 294/83, Parti écologiste 'Les Verts' v European Parliament 293

1 The Basic Constitutional Charter of a Community Based on the Rule of Law Koen Lenaerts 295

2 Les Verts v The European Parliament Jean-Paul Jacqué 316

3 What Has Been, and What Could Be, Thirty Years after Les Verts/European Parliament Alberto Alemanno 324

4 Opening or Closure? The Constitutional Intimations of the ECJ Neil Walker 333

IX Case C-85/96, María Martínez Sala v Freistaat Bayern and Case C-413/99, Baumbast and R v Secretary of State for the Home Department 343

1 Martínez Sala and Baumbast revisited Christiaan Timmermans 345

2 A View of the Citizenship Classics: Martínez Sala and Subsequent Cases on Citizenship of the Union Jo Shaw 356

3 European Citizenship after Martínez Sala and Baumbast: Has European Law Become More Human but Less Social? Agustín José Menéndez 363

4 Martínez Sala and Baumbast: an institutionalist analysis Carlos Closa Montero 394

X Joint Cases C-6/90 and C-9/90, Andrea Francovich and Danila Bonifaci and others v Italian Republic 403

1 Once Upon a Time—Francovich: From Fairy Tale to Cruel Reality? Damaso Ruiz-Jarabo Colomer 405

2 In Praise of Francovich Andrea Biondi 413

3 Francovich and Imperfect Law Julio Baquero Cruz 418

4 Francovich and its Aftermath: Member State Liability for Breaches of European Law from an Economic Perspective Roger Van Den Bergh 423

XI Case 8/74, Procureur du Roi v Benoît and Gustave Dassonville and Case 120/78, Rewe-Zentral AG v Bundesmonopolverwaltung für Branntwein (Cassis de Dijon) 431

1 Life after Dassonville and Cassis: Evolution but No Revolution Allan Rosas 433

2 Kir Forever? The Journey of a Political Scientist in the Landscape of Mutual Recognition Kalypso Nicolaïdis 447

3 On the Art of Not Mixing One's Drinks: Dassonville and Cassis de Dijon Revisited Nicolas Bernard 456

4 An Outsider's View of Dassonville and Cassis de Dijon: On Interpretation and Policy Donald H Regan 465

XII Case C-415/93, Union Royale Belge des Sociétés de Football Association ASBL v Jean-Marc Bosnian, Royal Club Liégeois SA v Jean-Marc Bosnian and Others and Union des Associations Européennes de Football (UEFA) Jean-Marc Bosnian 475

1 The Development of the Law and the Practice in the post-Bosman Era Marko Ilešič 477

2 Bosnian Changed Everything: The Rise of EC Sports Law Stephen Weatherill 480

3 Bosman: The Genesis of European Sports Law Stefaan Van Den Bogaert 488

4 Inherit the Wind: A Comment on the Bosman Jurisprudence Gianni Infantino Petros C Mavroidis 498

Index 507

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