The Pastoral Care of Children

The Pastoral Care of Children


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The Pastoral Care of Children by Harold G Koenig, Daniel H Grossoehme

Explore a new way of pastoral care that enables caregivers to develop relationships and provide meaningful pastoral care to the children and youth they encounter!

The Pastoral Care of Children focuses on the need for pastoral caregivers, clergy and chaplains to develop relationships with youths and gives you suggestions to overcome the anxiety associated with caring for an acutely ill child through unique, playful, and child-centered approaches. Many pastoral caregivers have high anxiety when children are ill or hurt, are unsure how to have a substantive conversation with a nine-year old, or their fears of what could be said keep them from hearing what children have to say. The effective approaches in The Pastoral Care of Children are illustrated to assist you with serving the spiritual needs of children. You will explore actual pastoral care experiences that will help you gain confidence in handling situations such as a teenager’s desire to be baptized out of fear of death when neither he nor his parents believe in Christ.

Intelligent and heartfelt, this valuable book gives you a complete theological exploration of ministering to children who may ask you “Why me?”, “Why do people have to die?” and “What happens to children if they die before they are baptized?” The Pastoral Care of Children helps you answer these questions with meaningful responses that are genuine and grounded with yourself, and reflect the parents’beliefs. Some of the help you will discover in The Pastoral Care of Children includes:

  • understanding the similarities and differences of caring for children in comparison to adults, such as different vocabularies but similar emotions, and realizing that children are very perceptive
  • using play as a tool, for example referring to a puppet’s experience in reference to the child to eliminate the child’s self-consciousness and help him or her open up
  • confronting pastoral issues in acute care settings, such as fear, guilty feelings, and anger, from parents, family and the child
  • helping children recover from mental health issues such as depression, eating disorders, and identity and self-esteem issues by using cognitive therapy
  • conducting prayer and rituals with children such as baptism, naming ceremonies, anointings, and funerals to assist the child and family through this spiritual rite of passage

    Complete with child and family focused approaches for dealing with the questions surrounding death, The Pastoral Care of Children also provides you with several cited scriptures, and a list of questions you may be asked by a child who is facing death. You will learn from actual circumstances pastoral caregivers have encountered and discover how to approach topics, and answer questions on God and death. The Pastoral Care of Children, an extremely resourceful book that will assist you in overcoming anxiety and help you deliver thoughtful and uplifting pastoral care to children and youth.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780789006042
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/28/1999
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 6.16(w) x 8.74(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.The Nature of Pastoral Care of Children1
What It Means3
What It Looks Like5
What Is Unique8
Who May Do It10
Pastoral Care and Human Development13
Chapter 2.Getting Beyond the Greeting23
Challenges Facing the Pastoral Visitor24
Visiting Young Children28
Visiting Adolescents31
Visiting with the Parents32
Family Satisfaction with Pastoral Visits36
Pastoral Identity38
Chapter 3.Pastoral Issues in Acute Care Settings43
Guilty Feelings50
Visiting in Acute Care Areas58
Chapter 4.Pastoral Issues in Chronic Care61
Spiritual Friendship64
Dynamics of Depression and Grief74
Making Decisions77
Caring for Children with Severe Chronic Conditions78
Chapter 5.Pastoral Care and Mental Health Issues81
Cognitive Therapy84
Eating Disorders95
Identity and Self-Esteem Issues97
Confidentiality Issues99
Chapter 6.A Theological Reflection103
Responses to the Nature of Suffering104
Chapter 7.Using Prayer and Rituals with Children119
Baptism of Chidren122
Naming Ceremonies125
Anointing Children with Oil126
Funerals and Children129
Annotated Bibliography137
Narratives About Illness137
Prayer and Rituals with Children138
Children and God139
Death and Dying141
Pastoral Care143
Theological Reflection146

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