The Pastoral Caregiver's Casebook, Volume 1

The Pastoral Caregiver's Casebook, Volume 1

by John J. Gleason


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ISBN-13: 9780817017590
Publisher: Judson Press
Publication date: 02/21/2015
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

JOHN J. (JACK) GLEASON is a retired ordained American Baptist Churches USA (ABC) minister who has served as a pastor of two Georgia churches, as a clinical chaplain in four U.S. states, as a clinical pastoral educator, and as an ABC National Ministries commissioned missionary. He has served as ABC Director of Chaplaincy Services, Vice President of the Congress on Ministry in Specialized Settings, President of the Missouri Chaplains Association, Chair of the Endorsers Council for Veterans Affairs Chaplaincy, and in other offices. He has edited the Spiritual Care Initiative for Professional Excellence (SCIPE) e-Newsletter and the free online Professional Spiritual Care (PSC) Knowledge Base. Jack is married and resides in Greenwood, Indiana.

Table of Contents

Preface vii

Section 1 Ministry in Interpersonal Relationships

Communion as Dementia Breakthrough 2

Confronting Hostility to Good Effect 3

Controlling Spouse 4

Death of an Inmate's Spouse 6

Differing Religious Beliefs at a Terminally Ill Patient's Bedside 7

Distrust of Significant Other 8

Establishing a Relationship with a Terminal Patient 9

Establishing Basic Trust 11

Exhaustion While Ministering to the Dying 12

Family Communing at the Bedside of a Dying Matriarch 13

Family Dissonance at the End of Life 14

Family Support with a Difficult DNR Decision 15

Family's Avoidance of Talk about Patient's Chronic Disease 18

Feeling Victimized by Family 19

Hospital Transfer Precipitating Family Crisis 20

Impact of Critical Illness on Patient's Role as Caretaker of Elderly Parent 23

Living Choices 25

Patient-Spouse Discord in a Hospital Setting 26

Patient's Spontaneous Prayer for Chaplain 27

Sharing Enabling Perspective and Restful State 30

Stress over Limits to Physical Mobility and the Future 31

Tensions among a Dying Mother's Adult Children 32

Timing a Highly Sensitive Question 33

Section 2 Ministry in Intrapersonal Relationships

Acceptance of the Patient's Spirituality 36

Agenda Dissonance Surmounted 37

Appropriate Confrontation Enabling Care 38

Appropriate Self-Disclosure with a Behavioral Health Patient 40

Chaplain and Staff Burnout 41

Chaplain Countertransference 42

Chaplain Guilt 44

Chaplain Intern Feeling Useless 45

Chaplain's Gender and Other Issues 46

Clergy Burnout 47

Countertransference with the Mother of an Alcoholic Patient 49

Eliciting a Life Decision from One's "Inner Voice" 50

Establishing the Chaplain's Own Authority with Authority Figures 51

Impact of "Unfinished Business" on Caregiving 52

Joining the Patient in Suffering and Anger 54

Knowing When to Refer 55

Male Chaplain's Discomfort with Illness of Female 57

Ministry of Reconciliation with Family Member 58

Patient's Immediate Need versus Chaplain's Agenda 59

Spiritual Care Plan Inflexibility 61

Section 3 Ministry in Ultimate Relationships

Abandonment by God amid Family Violence 64

Abandonment Feelings and Anger with God 66

Activating Faith Resources in Depression and Grief 67

Addressing the Doubts of a Dying Patient's Husband 68

Agitated Patient Calmed and Assured Concerning Anger with God 70

Anger at God in the Aging Process 71

Anger with God 73

Arranging for the Provision of Faith-Specific Spiritual Needs 74

Bad News for a Couple Whose God Is All-Good and AU-Powerful 75

Behavioral Health Initial Assessment 77

Behavioral Health Patient's Faith Resiliency in a Difficult Life 78

Breakthrough after Loss of Faith 80

Cardiac Patient with Faltering Faith 81

Chaplain Asked to Pray for a Miracle 83

Deathbed Expressions of Gratitude and Release 85

Directing a Conversation toward Spirituality 86

Dying Matriarch's Faith Teaches Family 88

Dying Patient Wanting to Get Right with God 89

ER Patient Justifying His Life 90

Faith-Filled Couple Coping with Multiple Losses 92

Faith-Related Remorse after Drug Overdose 94

Feeling Abandoned by and Angry with God 95

Feeling Abandoned by God 96

Feeling Abandoned by God and Family 97

From Theology to Catharsis 99

Grieving Widow's Confusion about the Afterlife 101

Impact of a Medical Crisis on a Church Leader's Faith 102

Life Review with a Person of Faith 103

Mother of a Critically Ill Newborn, Expressing Faith and Fears 105

Moving from a Here-and-Now Question to a Deeper Spiritual Issue 106

Patient, a Convert to One Faith, Has a Religious Experience of Original Faith Group 107

Patient's Preliminary Act of Change after Receiving Grace 108

Responding to a Potentially Lethal Question 110

Ritual of Prayer for Blessing a Terminally Ill Patient and Family 112

Son's Concern about Dying Father's Spiritual Status 114

Spiritual Assessment during Initial Visit 115

Spiritual Assessment: "Spiritual, but Not Religious" 116

Spiritual Assessment with an Anxious Behavioral Health Patient 118

Stressed Staff Angry with God and Family 119

Terminal Illness of One Who Had Been Apart from the Faith 121

Afterword 123

Index 125

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