The Pastors Companion

The Pastors Companion

by Bishop Oj Mcintyre And Raymond Herrera


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Every leader whom God uses in any capacity must first be prepared to function in that capacity. Proper preparation is the only assurance of a leader functioning effectively for God.

Many leaders greatly desire to function effectively, but far fewer are willing to pay the price of being, made ready for the task.

God prepared nearly every leader in the Bible before he began to do his full work for the Lord.

Some were in preparation longer than others. Each was trained differently. God Himself has a tailor-made education for each one of His leaders, depending upon the work to which He has called him or her.

The act of preparation is to make ready for a special purpose, to make suitable, to fit, to adapt, to train, to equip or to furnish. The Greek idea of preparation emphasized the act of making something ready to function properly.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
OJ is a liar & a fraud he will burn in hell for using the church to rip people off