THE PECKING ORDER: Hollywood Crime Novels

THE PECKING ORDER: Hollywood Crime Novels

by Kemosabe

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THE PECKING ORDER: Hollywood Crime Novels by Kemosabe

"Mr. Subbs, my name is Candy.” She sauntered toward him and stopped just short of where he sat glaring at her. “That was my white liquor your boys stole up in Dahlonega.” She wore one of her tight red power mini-dresses with white hose and red spiked heels. She had the girls dressed in similar attire stressing their legs and their femininity. She stood with her legs apart, jutting out her chin, and giving him a strong look. "We're here to collect restitution," she said with her nostrils flaring like she smelled something that had died.
"Yer ere tu collet whut? Retitution, whut inna fuck is retitution?” the old man muttered through a bottom lip filled with snuff, the spillage of which stained the wrinkles and whiskers on his chin.
"That just means that you give us back the liquor you stole and money enough to take care of our expenses."
He laughed long and hard. "Woe is me. I'm gunna give ye all the retitution ye need.” His eyes flared malignantly. "Sic um, boys."
Eight young men were in the room standing, sitting, or lying on the floor with their women, children, dogs, and even some chickens. They sprung like a pack of dogs at the four girls.
Candy caught one with a blow to the head that put him away. She kept one eye on Slydell and as he reached for his gun on the table next to him, she whipped out her derringer and covered him. "Hold it, fatso.”
The two of them watched as Black Smoke and her girls demolished Slydell Subbs's remaining seven boys. Black Smoke put away three including Gorgeous Hunk. Wisp and Signal put away two each and fought nearly as ferociously as their mistress. Black Smoke’s girls were strong and fast as lightning. They were shapely and compact and not nearly as tall as their mistress. Like her, they loved fighting and winning.
Candy thought for sure the old house would fall in on them as the children cried, dogs barked, chickens squawked, and boards, and dust flew all over the place. She expected to see a pig come running out of one of the rooms at any moment. In the end only the four mini-skirted women were left standing, flaunting their exposed legs over the vanquished rubes.
As the noise subsided and the dust started to settle Candy said, "Now, Mr. Subbs, you were saying something about restitution?"
"You go fuck yursef,” he snarled.
Black Smoke was on him in a flash. Standing over him she grabbed him by the front of his overalls and slapped him in the face repeatedly. "Now that ain't no way to talk to a lady, redneck.”
She grabbed at the front of his overalls with both hands, unhitched the straps, and yanked them down the front. "Well look a here, Miss Candy, this old man's got himself a money belt.”
She unhooked and yanked it off him as he squealed like a pig. "Nowa ye give thet back, God damn ye. Thur's more’n two thousand dollars in ere,” he screamed.
"What a coincidence, that just covers our damages,” said Candy tipping her fingers to her forehead in a mock salute.
Outside, for good measure she had Jimmy and his boys load both vehicles with as much of Slidell’s whskey as the could carry.

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Publisher: Kemosabe
Publication date: 06/17/2012
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Linton Lewis *~KEMOSABE~* Writes #fempowerfiction Bold and Boiled Hard digitally published novels by Ediva Sin City Crime Novels, THE BLACK WIDOW RANCH THE RIVER NILE, The Hollywood Crime Novels MACHALAND THE PECKING ORDER Candy Rules Novel, COMING OUT, All can be purchased digitally at Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple, Sony, Diesel, Kobo, etal. Linton Lewis grew up in Atlanta and attended Georgia Tech University before enlisting in the navy. He studied acting at the Academy Theatre in Atlanta and pursued an acting career in Hollywood while working as a caddy and assistant caddymaster at Bel Air Country Club. He worked as a craps dealer and supervisor on the Las Vegas Strip. He sold real estate in Simi Valley, Atlanta, and Las Vegas before boldly dipping his pen into the boiled hard #fempowerfiction writing inkwell.

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