The Pension Mountain: Impact of an Aging Population on Social Security

The Pension Mountain: Impact of an Aging Population on Social Security

by Max Horlick




There is no more important issue facing aging Americans today than the acknowledged world crisis in social security. The problem is ascribed to the aging of populations-while the number of pensioners is growing, the proportion of contributors is shrinking. The current Republican administration in the United States has tried to make changes in an effort to postpone or prevent the problem here in America. However, their efforts have been frustrated ... not by the Democrats, not by AARP, but by Otto von Bismarck. Who? you may ask. Why, the first chancellor of the German Empire, that's who.

In his comprehensive study of potential reforms to the social security system, entitled The Pension Mountain, former research director for United States government agencies Max Horlick writes that, "the basic rules of social security were established in his [von Bismarck's] time, in the early 1890s, and are almost impossible to change. Virtually all possible reforms proposed by the United States government have long since been tried in rapidly aging Europe."

This present study discusses these various reforms and presents new insight and meaning to the problems facing the social security system today. Informed by the author's many years of expertise in the field, The Pension Mountain is a major addition to the growing body of literature regarding the effect of global aging on social security.

About the Author:
Max Horlick headed research staffs in the United States Department of Labor and in the United States Social Security Administration

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Publication date: 08/28/2007
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Table of Contents

Preface     ix
List of Charts and Tables     xi
List of Illustrations     xiii
Introduction     xv
Exactly What Is Social Security?     1
Where Did Social Security Come From?-Bismarck and the American Connection     3
Overdevelopment and Aging Population     16
But When Did the Societies Become Aware That There Was a Problem?     17
The Aging Population     23
The Process of Planning Ahead     31
The Politics of Change and the Voice of the People     35
National Strategies     39
Recent Reform Measures     54
How to Cut a Pension     63
A Solution: "Go Forth and Multiply"     79
Retirement Age, a Crux of the Rentenberg Problem     93
Privatization-the Private Routes     114
Appendix     149
Sources     157
Endnotes     161

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