The "People Power" Love-Lust Superbook Book 8. Dating & Mating (Be Attractive, Meet People, Go On Dates, Don't Be Desperate, Better to Be Alone Than With a Lukewarm Lover)

by Tony Kelbrat

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ISBN-13: 9781304744005
Publication date: 12/25/2013
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

I sell these books individually one-by-one here. I sell them as sets at in MS-Word format.

I sell all 64 love-lust books together.
I sell all 46 job books together.
I sell all 39 education books together.,


The "People Power" Education Superbook

The 39 books of The "People Power" Education Superbook are as follows:

Book 1. How We Think, Learn & Study

Book 2. Mind Power/ Brain Power

Book 3. Reading, Writing, Speaking

Book 4. Self-Education for Work, Self-Improvement, Fun & Inspiration (Open Courses, Lifelong Learning, Education Travel)

Book 5. Academic Subjects/ The Realm of Ideas (Knowledge Resource Guide, Not Math or Science)

Book 6. Math & Science Guide

Book 7. Language Learning Guide (Free Language Materials On the Web)

Book 8. Academic Reference-Writing Guide (Reference Websites, Knowledge Databases, Journals, Formal Writing With Citations)

Book 9. Library Guide (Use a Library, World Library Websites)

Book 10. Books, Literature, Podcasts (Book Lovers, Publishers, Authors, Ebooks, Fairy Tales, Poetry, Comics)

Book 11. Education Industry (Education in Government, Education Websites-Multimedia-Products)

Book 12. Alternative Education/ Alternative Schools

Book 13. Educate a Child from Birth (Through the Eyes a Child Flow Wonder & Curiosity)

Book 14. Grade School Resource Guide (Lots of Fun & Practical Info for Parents, Teachers & Children)

Book 15. Grade School Address Guide (Websites for Most American Schools, Education Websites by State)

Book 16. High School Guide (GED, Online High School, Internships, Student Exchanges, Summer Programs)

Book 17. Homeschool Guide

Book 18. School Teacher Resource Guide

Book 19. College Prep Guide (There Are Several Ways to Get Into College)

Book 20. Practical College Guide (Living On Your Own, Probably For the First Time)

Book 21. College Life, The Incidentals (Organizations, Websites, Sports, Internships, Alumni, Social Life)

Book 22. United States College Address-Website Guide (Most College Contact Info, Community Colleges Covered Elsewhere)

Book 23. Pay for College Guide (Student Loans, Scholarships, Grants, Military, Job, Start a Business)

Book 24. Graduate School Guide

Book 25. Foreign Student-Study Abroad Guide (International Students Study, Travel & Work in Other Countries)

Book 26. Online-Elearning-Distance Education Guide (Take Courses, Get Degrees, Study At Home On the Internet)

Book 27. World Education Guide (Schools-Colleges Worldwide, Not Britain, Canada, & U.S.)

Book 28. Canadian Education Guide (Canadian Education, Grade School, College)

Book 29. British Isles Education Guide (British, Irish, Scottish, Welsh Education, Grade School, College)

Book 30. Vocational-Trades-Career Guide 1 (General Knowledge About Technical-Skilled Professions)

Book 31. Vocational-Trades-Career Guide 2 (Community Colleges, Vocational-Technical Schools, Career Colleges)

Book 32. Professional Schools Guide (Law-Medical-Business-Engineering-Veterinary-Teacher-Science Schools, Some Other Professional Schools)

Book 33. Canadian Vocational-Trades-Career School Guide

Book 34. Computer-High Tech Guide (Learn to Use a Computer, Computer Education-Certification, Programming, Tech News, Products for Sale, Repair, Freeware, Shareware, Open Source, Administrative Software)

Book 35. Internet Guide (Quality of Information, Invisible Web, Big List of Search Engines, Website Rankings, Social Media, Blogging, Twitter, Webcam, Video Production, Wifi, Cellphones)

Book 36. Create a Website (Design a Website, Upload It Then Fill It Up With Interesting Features)

Book 37. Special Education 1 (Mentally & Physically Disabled Children At School, Autism)

Book 38. Special Education 2 (Disabled Children At School, LD People Go to College, Mentally Challenged Jobs)

Book 39. Animal - Pet Guide
Book for Animal Lovers, Includes Animal Jobs - Careers)


The 64 books of The "People Power" Love-Lust Superbook are as follows:

Book 1. Love: Dream of the Perfect Feeling Forever

Book 2. Religious Love & Sex Guide
(Christian-Jewish-Moslem-Buddhist-Sikh-Hindu Customs Including the Kama Sutra & Tantra)

Book 3. Romance Is the Art of Enchantment
(I Love You So Much, I'll Do Anything for You)

Book 4. Love Problems
(Confusion, Failure, Anger, Loneliness, Talk, Therapy, Breaking Up, Ending a Relationship)

Book 5. Proposal, Engagement, Wedding & Honeymoon
(Getting Married, Marital Law, Common Law Marriage)

Book 6. Married Life
(A Good Marriage Needs Commitment, Love & Inspiration Everyday)

Book 7. Divorce, Child Support & Custody
(Divorce Psychology-Money-Law, Alternative Divorce, Quickie Divorce)

Book 8. Dating & Mating
(Be Attractive, Meet People, Go On Dates, Don't Be Desperate, Better to Be Alone Than With a Lukewarm Lover)

Book 9. Internet Dating Guide
(Mainstream-Local-Student-Niche-Single Parent-Ethnic-Social Media-Penpal Dating Websites)

Book 10. The Dark Side of Dating
(Pretenders, Rejection, Bad Dates, Crushes, Infatuation; Society Tells Us to Pair Up, Some People Are Not Dating Material)

Book 11. Foreign Wife Services, Worldwide Dating Websites
(Tours & Websites For People Looking for a Foreign Mate)

Book 12. Dating Ideas, Where to Meet People

Book 13. Basic Sex 1
(History of Sex, Physiology, Philosophy, Sensuality, Fingers, Tongues, Foreplay)

Book 14. Basic Sex 2
(The Great Lover Pleases With Seduction, Mood, Massage & Orgasm)

Book 15. Women's Sexuality 1
(Love & Sex Are Generally Intertwined But Girls Want Pure Pleasure Too)

Book 16. Women's Sexuality 2
(Women's Sex Problems, Sexual Health, Vagina Health)

Book 17. A Man's Life
(Identity, Love, Sex, Health, Divorce, Domestic Violence)

Book 18. Masturbation, The Biggest Recreational Activity Ever
(Happy, Healthy People Release Their Natural Energy)

Book 19. Sex Problems
(Sexual Repression-Frustration-Inhibition-Phobia-Self-Consciousness, Poor Lover, Anorgasmia, Never Orgasmed, Sex Therapy-Surrogates, Couples Workshops)

Book 20. Low Sex Drive

Book 21. Swinging Basics, Couple-Swapping
(Casual Sex Dating Websites, Affair Websites)

Book 22. World Sex Guide (Not U.S., Canada & Mexico)
(Redlight-Escort, Adult Trade Shows, Fetish Balls, Party Events, Nightclubs, Erotic Temples, Sex Museums)

Book 23. Redlight-Escort North America
(U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean & Canada)

Book 24. Exotic-Erotic Dance
(Striptease, Burlesque, Stripjoints, Gentleman's Clubs, Stripper Jobs-Business)

Book 25. Porn Guide 1
(Porn Analysis, Free Porn, Most Types of Porn, Porn Philosophy, Porn Law, Hide Porn, Anti-Porn)

Book 26. Porn Guide 2
(Porn Genres, Biggest Straight List of XXX Websites Anywhere, Ever)

Book 27. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Guide 1
(Gay Lifestyle-Family-Fun-Activism)

Book 28. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Guide 2
(Gay Resources Around the World)

Book 29. Transgender Guide
(Transsexual, Intersex, GRS, Transvestite, Crossdressing, Drag)

Book 30. Adult-XXX Jobs-Business
(Escort, Porn, Webcam Modeling, Phone Sex, Dominatrix, Create a Dating or Porn Website, Sex Surrogate, Sex Therapy, Sell Sex Toys, Write Erotica)

Book 31. Single Lifestyle
(Single By Choice or Can't Find a Mate; Can You Be Happy Alone?)

Book 32. Love & Sex for Older People

Book 33. Love, Sex, Disabilities, Serious Illness
(Mentally & Physically Challenged People Have Normal Feelings & Urges)

Book 34. Beauty Guide, Beauty Jobs-Business Guide
(Outer-Inner Beauty, Modesty, Cosmetic Surgery, Skincare, Acne, Hair Loss, Beauty Industry, Health Spas)

Book 35. Sexually Transmitted Diseases/ Stds & Aids

Book 36. Domestic Violence Guide
(Spousal Abuse Help Worldwide)

Book 37. Womanhood: Ladyhood Guide
(Identity, Independence, Dignity, Frivolity, Flakiness, Bitchiness, Beauty, Fashion, Feminism, Family)

Book 38. Women's Shopping Guide
(Lists of Merchants Selling Fashion, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Bodycare, Cool Stuff)

Book 39. Love Science/ Sex Science
(Social Science Research In Sex & Love)

Book 40. New Age-Spiritual-Psychedelic Love-Sex Guide

Book 41. Adultery, Cheating
(Not Necessarily the End, Some Couples Work Around It)

Book 42. Romantic Travel-Escape-Getaway-Honeymoon

Book 43. Love Is a Muscle: Exercise It With Kindness & Gentleness

Book 44. Love Inspiration
(55 Essays to Meditate on Love)

Book 45. Natural People Explore Sex
(Hedonism, Casual Sex, Fun Sex, Fantasy, Cybersex, Sex Chat, Open Marriage, Polylove)

Book 46. Sex Products, Sex Toys
(Adult Games, Erotic Jewelry, Sex Furniture, Sex Toys, Sex Stores)

Book 47. Sex Crimes
(Age of Consent Laws, Sexual Harassment, Statutory Rape, Sexual Assault, Sex Offenders, Sex With a Drunk Person, Date Rape, Self-Defense)

Book 48. Erotica, Literary Sex
(Romance Novels, Sex Stories, Sex Advice, Sex Blogs-Podcasts-News-Mags-Talk, Academic Sex, Public-Domain Sex Books)

Book 49. The Naturist/ Nudist Scene
(People Who Like to Be Outdoors Naked Supposedly Without Sexuality Involved)

Book 50. The Fetish Kingdom
(What Turns You On? Were You Born That Way or Did Something Primally Erotic Happen That Stuck?)

Book 51. Bondage – Discipline – Sado - Masochism (BDSM)

Book 52. British Love & Sex Guide/ Irish Love & Sex Guide
(Basic Information & Websites About Romance & Lust in the British Isles)

Book 53. Canadian Love-Sex Guide
(Love & Sex in Canada, Including the Gay Lifestyle)

Book 54. Australia Love-Lust Guide/ New Zealand Love-Lust Guide

Book 55. The South Africa Love & Sex Guide

Book 56. Children & Teen Love & Sex Guide
(Sex Education, Childhood Sexuality, Puberty, Virginity, Masturbation, Child Sexual Abuse, Incest, Child Porn, Teen Prostitution, Sexting)

Book 57. Serious Love Problems
(Control, Anger, Fights, Therapy, Breaking Up, Ending a Relationship)

Book 58. Monogamy vs. True Nature
(What is or Should be the Real Relationship Between Men & Women?)

Book 59. Contraception, Condoms, Abortion, Unwanted Pregnancy

Book 60. High Sex Drive
(Does the Craving for Orgasms Cross Into Sex Addiction?)

Book 61. Anal Sex, Oral Sex, G-spot

Book 62. Sexual Health
(Sex as Healer - Fountain of Youth, Aphrodisiacs, Sex Pills)

Book 63. Open Marriage, Polylove

Book 64. Kinky Sex, Extreme Fetishes


The thirteen books of The "People Power" Recreation-Entertainment Superbook are as follows:

Book 1. Recreation Guide
(Ideas for Fun & Inspiration)

Book 2. Arts & Crafts Guide

Book 3. Photography Guide

Book 4. Outdoor Guide
(Adventure Tours, Walking, Hiking, Climbing, Fishing, Hunting, Rafting, Parks, Dude Ranches, Eco-Green Tourism)

Book 5. Boating & Watersports Guide

Book 6. Summer Camp Guide

Book 7. Sports Guide
(Covers Most Sports; Indoor, Outdoor, Team, Individual, College, Pro, Sports-Recreation Jobs-Careers)

Book 8. Car Guide
(Buy-Sell-Lease-New-Used, Repo, Insurance-Parts, Maintenance, Safety, Car Problems-Law-Websites-Rentals, Green Cars, Motorcycles, RVs, Car Recreation)

Book 9. Entertainment Guide
(Movies, Pop Culture, TV, Radio, Computer Games, Theater, Zoos, Aquariums, Casino, Lottery)

Book 10. Music Knowledge-Resources, Internet Music

Book 11. Musician-Dancer for Fun & Profit
(Music Biz, Jobs-Career-Industry-Education, Dancing Jobs-Resources)

Book 12. Animal-Pet Guide

Book 13. Recreational Substance Guide
(People Get High to Live a Full Life, Druggie Resource Knowledge)

The 35 books of The “People Power” Travel Superbook are as follows:

Book 1. World Travel, The Rules
(World Geography, Gettin’ Around, Lots of Details, Stayin’ Safe & Connected)

Book 2. Travel & Hotel
(Bargain Travel, Air-Land (Car-Train-Bus-Subway)-Sea (Cruises-Freighters-Ferries), Hotels-BnBs-Inns-Home Exchanges-VRBO)

Book 3. Travel Ideas
(Places to Go, Things to Do, Explore the World, See What’s Out There, Be an Armchair Tourist)

Book 4. Health Resorts-Spas, Spiritual Travel
(Go Somewhere to Rejuvenate Body & Soul)

Book 5. World Medical Travel Guide
(Infectious Disease Vaccinations, Medical Services Worldwide, Medical Tourism, Disabled People Travel-Access Worldwide, Worldwide Medical Knowledge)

Book 6. Romantic Travel, Romantic Escape, Romantic Getaway

Book 7. United States Travel Guide
(A Framework of Websites for the Nation & Every Local Area, Covers Tourist Attractions, Hotels, Events, Etc.)

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