The Perfect Ending For The World

The Perfect Ending For The World

by John Reid Noe


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The Perfect Ending For The World by John Reid Noe

'End-of-the-world' ranting and ravings are, once again, parading across our paths. All humankind has and is paying a horrendous price for their ages-old trail of failed predictions. Nonetheless, many are wondering if this time could really be it. And the answer is, NO! In this book you will discover why and how the God of divine perfection in the creation of the physical earth and cosmos is also the same God of divine perfection in the creation and fulfillment of his plan of redemption. That means the world He created is without end and "the end" the Bible consistently proclaims for the world came right on time; it's behind us not ahead of us; it's "last days" are past not present or future. This book presents and documents the scriptural and historical evidence. No gaps, no delays, no interruption of time frames, and no strained explanations are needed. All was fulfilled, precisely and chronologically, within human history and as prophesied centuries in advance. Truly, this is "the perfect ending" and great good news for the entire world. It's also the ultimate apologetic (defense) for the existence of God, the climax of the rest of the greatest story ever foretold, and is being proclaimed by this author and other Bible scholars as the basis for the next reformation of Christianity.

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ISBN-13: 9780983430308
Publisher: East2West Press
Publication date: 05/04/2011
Pages: 394
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.88(d)

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MAA2006 More than 1 year ago
I am finally finished reading John Noe's latest book, "The Perfect Ending for the World." I must admit this was the longest it has ever taken me to read a book. I am a speed reader but this one took me three long months! I checked just about every scripture reference Noe used and there were thousands. I actually dreaded the book to end. It was that good! There is a wealth of information and it did not matter how long it would take for me to finish it because I loved it that much. Noe's book is not a simple Christian conversion testimony story that one can just breeze through. This book is filled with so much information that I had to slow down to an actual crawl in order to give this book justice and to also learn by sitting at the feet of genius John Noe. Authors like John Noe have the ability to not only write historical pieces regarding their slant on eschatology but while reading it, a person can actually come to know Jesus Christ though it and will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is God . with a distinct plan and purpose for all of humanity. If you really want to learn from Noe's book you have to check out each scripture reference that he so thoroughly lists besides each of his tremendous insights. You don't have to just take John's word for it. All you have to do is read the scriptures and you will understand it the same way Noe's presents his insights and visions. God really has made His word very easy to understand. He is not the author of confusion. It is man who has taken so much liberty with it and turned Jesus' words regarding His re-appearance into some sort of an unbelievable fantasy futuristic fairytale. We would be much further along in our beliefs in today's generation if we would just drop whatever pre-conceived idea of God's kingdom and future coming to whatever Jesus Christ so clearly spells out in his Word. He is not a liar, confused or wrong. Noe's book does just that. He gives you, the reader . the opportunity to become a very serious Berean of the word to search and dig on your own by only using "The Perfect Ending for the World" as a guide. John is not teaching anything different than what Jesus Christ and His disciples taught throughout First Century Christianity. The generation living during Jesus' physical time on earth is the one who was expecting His re-appearance within their 40 years of remaining time leading up to AD70. They were not sure when it was going to happen but they did know it was going to happen to within their generation.