The Permutation Group in Physics and Chemistry

The Permutation Group in Physics and Chemistry

by JFurgen Hinze


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ISBN-13: 9780387097077
Publisher: Springer London, Limited
Publication date: 11/28/1979
Series: Lecture Notes in Chemistry
Pages: 230

Table of Contents

1. Counting Isomers and Such.- 2. Application of the Permutction Group to the Stereoisomer Generation for Computer Assisted Structure Elucidation.- 3. Applications of the Permutation Group in Dynamic Stereochemistry.- 4. The Spin Double Groups of Molecular Symmetry Groups.- 5. Relationship Between the Feasable Group and the Point Group of a Rigid Molecule.- 6. Some Suggestions Concerning a Geometric Definition of the Symmetry Group of Non-Rigid Molecules.- 7. Symmetry and Thermodynamics from Structured Molecules to Liquid Drops.- 8. Representations of the Symmetric Group as Special Cases of the Boson Polynomials in U(n).- 9. The Permutation Group and the Coupling of n Spin- 1/2 Angular Momenta.- 10. The Permutation Group in Atomic Structure.- 11. Double Cosets and the Evaluation of Matrix Elements.- 12. Properties of Double Cosets with Applications to Theoretical Chemistry.- 13. The Chirality Algebra; some comments concerning mathematical aspects of the Ruch/Schönhofer chirality theory.

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