The Perpetual Lover

The Perpetual Lover

by Alvaro Marin


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Carlos is a lover of women. He loves them passionately, intensely, and deeply, and he tries to be sincere and tender. He is sensual and caring, generous in his affection and attention, and prone to fall ardently in love.

His sensual adventures, filled with the pursuit of beauty and every possible hedonistic pleasure, take him to three different countries. In each country, he loses his heart on the perpetual quest for the elusive love of his life. He knows that each woman he romances is ready to be loved, and it’s up to him to unlock the mystery of her inner heart if he desires access to more.

But on his lust-fueled quest, he finds an unexpected surprise in an older woman. Has he finally found the one woman he could love forever in this sophisticated and beautiful woman he meets? Is she the woman of his dreams, his fantasies, his heart’s desire? Only time will tell.

The heart wants what the heart wants, and Carlos knows just how far he will go to see his most fervent dreams come true.

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ISBN-13: 9781458209733
Publisher: Abbott Press
Publication date: 06/03/2013
Pages: 428
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.87(d)

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The Perpetual Lover

By Alvaro Marin

Abbott Press

Copyright © 2013 Alvaro Marin
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4582-0973-3


Carlos Cruz was an only child, he used to say that was his curse and blessing but his friends who all had siblings, assured him it was definitely a blessing. Tom, his best friend, who had a fifteen year old sister and a twelve year old brother, was particularly adamant.

"They steal your socks, T-shirts, CD's, whatever. They also squeal about the time you came in the night before and your state of intoxication, always grossly exaggerating, for the benefit of your parents. On top of all this, my sister intrudes on my private life and whenever she has a chance introduces me to some immature plain girls, no doubt with the hope I will eventually like one and go to live with her and leave the house. Something, I don't plan on doing. I could never live better than at home but she doesn't give up. Believe me my dear friend, being an only child is the best thing that has ever happened to you."

Carlos wasn't so sure, but as so many other things he knew couldn't be changed, he seldom worried about it. His mother Carol was American, from New York and his father Toni from Majorca. They had met in Madrid thirty years ago where they were both studying, fell in love and got married.

Carol was an English teacher in a high school and Toni a math professor at the Majorcan University. Carlos never knew, never was told and he never asked why they didn't have any more children.

His mother had two brothers and a sister scattered all over the States, who came to visit every five years or so, in turn Carlos and his parents had been a few times to the States. They had also traveled through Europe and Carlos loved it as a child and teenager, but as he grew older the trips with his parents were less and less frequent. He, naturally, preferred traveling with his friends, especially with Tom and Alberto. Jaime wasn't much of a traveler; he said there was no place like Mallorca, so why bother?

Toni, Carlos's father, had a younger brother living in Madrid, the famous financial lawyer, Paul Cruz. He was married to a beautiful woman, also a lawyer, her name was Micky, short for Micaela a name she refused to be called, because she thought it was ugly. She also forbade Carlos to call her aunt because she thought it made her old, so she was simply Micky to the whole family.

They had three children, Liz, father unknown, who was one year old when Micky married Paul and the twins, James and David, were born two years later. They were a very happy family and Carlos loved them all, specially Liz who he played with whenever they came to Majorca, usually in July or August and every other Christmas. The Christmases they didn't come, Carlos and his parents went to Madrid to spend it with them. The fact that Liz was almost six years younger and a girl didn't lessen his affection for her. They played all the time and at night he put her to bed by telling or reading her fantastic stories.

The twins were something else, when they were small children they were a real terror, broke everything which had the slightest possibility of being broken and as they grew older, Carlos had to constantly watch out that they didn't drown in the pool or save them from some other mischief. They never wanted to be told stories; that were girl's stuff. With time they became very independent and played their own games, mostly on the computer.

At thirteen Carlos earned his first money babysitting for his cousins, Liz, then eight years old, helped him to keep the twins at bay, and together they were good at it, the little five year old monsters, respected them much more than they did their own parents.

Usually, when the adults came back from dinner, Uncle Paul was very generous paying for the babysitting, and next morning Carlos in turn gave some of the money to Liz who didn't know what to do with it. Micky found out and reprimanded him, but softened when he answered:

'But Micky, I could never do it without her. She is a big help.'

She laughed and asked him how they did it.

'We pretend we are the parents, one is the nice one, that's me, and the other the tough cookie, that's Liz. They know when the small needle of the clock in the living room is on nine and the big one on twelve, they must be in bed. Then two hours later, at eleven, we go back to being cousins, and I put Liz to bed after reading her a story', he explained.

'I wish I had your talents, many nights Paul and I can't handle those kids. But don't give her money, buy her a toy or something.'

'How about if I buy her flowers?, she likes them.'

'Young man', Micky said with a smile, 'you are going to be very successful with girls, you are always considerate and gentle and if on top of that you bring them flowers, it will be the icing on the cake.'

Carlos never forgot those words and the advice did work. Of course he learned new techniques on his own. He wasn't handsome and knew it so he highlighted other features. His eyes were dark and deep, his manner intense and when he talked to a girl, he made her feel the most desired and important among all the others.

He usually had success, was popular and girls loved to be with him. As he grew older, women did also. And there was another feature of his character, different from other guys, because when he approached a woman he had the confidence of knowing she would be attracted to him. If he failed he was very surprised but never upset. He figured philosophically that one hundred per cent doesn't exist in a relation with women. He walked away gracefully, and never thought that the woman was frigid or a lesbian, like some friends did. If the girl said "no" the logical conclusion was that she simply didn't like him. Nothing he could do about that.

He was also very discreet, not only had he never bragged, but he didn't even mention names or happenings to anyone. He developed a reputation for this. Girls felt sure he wouldn't "kiss and tell" and this was especially true if they made love. Once when he was in bed with a girl, she said:

"My parents would kill me if they knew."

'They don't have to know" he assured her. 'It's easy, don't tell them.'

"Of course I won't, but sometimes people talk to others and word gets around. Ends up at the wrong place and the parents find out."

'As I said before, don't tell them, look love, there are only the two of us here, so if anything leaks, you know where it came from: you' he said firmly. She looked into his eyes and felt reassured.

He was also tender, soft and caressing; sure some girls wanted the rough macho type, who was prone to rip off their panties and then make love to them against the wall, but Carlos didn't care for this kind of love making. He wanted to be comfortable, a couch would do but a bed was better. He also discovered most girls liked the pleasure of him being calm and careful, the slower you were the desire became stronger, sometimes to the point of being almost unbearable, when that point finally came, invariably climax followed.

Carlos considered himself a faithful man or that's what he felt in a very lax way. He always said he was monogamous, because he normally dated one woman at a time. He would also never look for a woman, until his last relation had ended, something that had often happened in his life but always quite amiable. He just didn't want to be committed, 'I'm too young for that' he told himself. Now he was free and between girls but he wasn't looking; he knew a new one would come along. That could take a couple of weeks or a couple of months but he was never in a rush. All in all, Carlos was a happy man.


Carlos and his friends: Alberto, tall and nice looking, Jaime, chubby and bizarre to say the least and Tom, intelligent and ironical, were sitting in a café, planning the farewell of the summer holidays before the school year started at university in barely ten days.

'Look, Carlos said, this camping trip to Aucanada you people propose, was absolutely great when we were twelve, but we're twenty four now and it doesn't sound the same. Let's face it, we have changed.'

'I am sure the ants are different too, stronger and more vicious than twelve years ago, considering how little it has rained this summer,' Tom pointed out.

'Nonsense,' Alberto said, 'we won't be in sleeping bags, we won't eat horrible stale sandwiches and above all there will be unmonitored girls staying with us, of course in separate rooms, this is like a rustic hotel but cheaper.'

'That's the word I fear,' said Carlos.

'What? Girls?' Said Jaime, always ready to find the woman of his life, so far, quite unsuccessfully.

'No, idiot', Carlos answered, the word I fear is "cheap", cheap lodgings, cheap food, cheap fans, maybe even cheap girls', he added with a shudder.

'What's wrong with cheap girls', Jaime answered back, 'they are usually more generous, more giving, more ...'

'Ugly?' That was Tom.

'Not necessarily', Jaime answered back, 'I remember I once met a lovely cashier at a supermarket and our relation, well, I can only describe it as torrid, we ...'

'Please Jaime', Tom said, 'spare us the details, we know your tastes are a bit peculiar, to put it nicely.'

'Listen you guys', Alberto insisted, 'this is a small hostel run by the local council. They do a good job, a lady sleeps in and takes care of things, cleaning, housekeeping, whatever. I've seen it, it has six rooms, with two beds each. The rooms for males and females are separated and there is some kind of curfew, basically because the lady can't be up all night watching who comes and goes but otherwise everything is going to be fine and dandy.'

'I am a little old for curfews,' Carlos said.

'Look Carlos,' Alberto answered, 'there is a lot of land, the sea is only five minutes away and there are a plenty of beautiful woods where one can get lost if you know what I mean, and ...'

'I'm also a little old for a roll in the hay, I ...'

'You are just getting old period. It's going to be romantic, exhilarating, open air, healthy, what else do you want?'

'Just comfort, not luxury but plain and simple comfort. And as for getting old we are all the same age, so it is not a question of age but a question of maturity.'

There was a silence which everyone used to have a chance to think at the pros and cons of the idea. They all knew Carlos was the most experienced on the subject of women, as he was the only one who had "lived" with a few of them. Basically weekends at hotels and more often, weekends at the girl's apartment. Secretly they all envied him for his facility to find single girls who either had their own place or shared it with a roommate who usually had her own plans.

'OK, who are the guys and the girls that may be coming to this charming retreat?' Carlos asked.

'Well the guys are the four of us and the group from the Basque country: Maite, her cousin Arantxa, a girl friend of theirs and a guy whose name is unpronounceable but at least here he goes by "Ari", nice chap, drinks like a fish, you met him last summer. I remember you all liked him,' Alberto said hurriedly.

'His name was Arigoicoechea', Tom, who had an excellent memory said accusingly, 'and that was his last name, nobody in his right mind would name his son that.'

'Well, names are different in the Basque Country, come to that they probably think Tomeu is also a funny name, yet we are used to it, aren't we?' Alberto could be sarcastic at times.

'Maybe so', said Tom, 'but at least mine is short and pronounceable, even you've been able to do so for the last fifteen years.'

'That's because it has been shortened from Bartomeu, to Tomeu and finally to Tom by us' Alberto retorted.

'OK, OK,' Carlos interrupted, 'the name is immaterial, we need three more girls, so far we have Maite and her sister Arantxa for sure' he said looking pointedly at Alberto 'and who else?'

Alberto seemed slightly uncomfortable 'well it is not a secret that Maite and I have been close since she came here last summer. I've already told you a friend of them is coming too.'

'Does she have a name?' Jaime asked.

'Estitxu', Alberto answered reluctantly.

'Oh my God!, poor thing!' Jaime said.

Carlos was getting impatient, 'will everybody stop this name business?'

'Sure' Tom answered 'but I still think some parents should be forbidden to choose a name for the poor, defenseless, little infant who will have to carry the burden for the rest of his/her life. Mine for example'. He was never happy with Bartomeu which was given to him in memory of his defunct grandfather.

'So what do you say guys? Are we all in?' Alberto said.

'We are still a couple of girls short,' Jaime pointed out.

'Jaime your math is impeccable, didn't know you had it in you' Tom said laughing.

'Bea, (which was short for Beatriz) is sending two more, Cati which you all know and a Swedish born girl whose name I don't recall. Bea assures me she is a lovely girl and I trust her judgment' Alberto said solemnly.

'Why isn't Bea coming? 'Jaime asked.

'She is going to Rome with her parents' Carlos answered.

'Tough luck Carlos you and her are close, aren't you? Jaime said cunningly.

'Not the way you think. We are very good friends that's all. The problem is I don't know whether or not to trust Bea's judgment, she tends to be overly optimistic.'

Tom decided it was time to change the subject and get down to business. 'Listen, we could go on talking for hours about people we don't know, this is what modern journalism is all about. So and since we are not journalists, let's make it simple and take a vote.'

'It could be a tie, we are four' Jaime said practically.

'There won't be a tie' Carlos said 'if you are in, so am I. Tom? Jaime?'

'Sure I'm in, now that we know we will have five girls' Jaime said.

'Me too' said Tom, 'before starting again "the slings and arrows of the outrageous University" nothing appeals to me more than a stay in a ramshackle house reliving my early youth.' The truth was he was going because he had nothing better to do.

'You think you are so smart, that was a quote from Hamlet, changing the word University instead of "fortune" which is what the original says,' Alberto laughed.

'I am impressed, never thought you had heard of the guy.'

But Alberto didn't want to have an argument. He was so happy that things had run smoothly, that he even called the waiter and paid the bill.

'What literature does for you!' Tom said surprised, 'we let you pay without complaints' he added magnanimously.

'Well, see you all on Wednesday because we are leaving on Thursday and must ultimate all the details, such as provisions, the cars we need and who is going with whom.'

'You may also call, this so called hostel' Tom said 'I would hate to arrive there and end up sleeping on the grass.'

'I already did' Alberto smiled at him a bit haughtily 'We are all booked.'


Carlos drove Tom home, because it was near his house. They were talking about the meeting they just have had.

'Do you think Alberto is getting too arrogant? Tom asked Carlos, still a little sore at his superior smile saying the place had been booked which meant he had already, no matter they decided, predicted the outcome.

'I don't think so, Tom. He is in love, seriously in love with Maite and I am sure he has been preparing this weekend thoroughly for a long time. He only had to convince me and that was easy. I really wanted to help him from the beginning.'

'You are too nice, Carlos. True you never stop talking, nobody is perfect, but I know I could trust you in anything'. He sounded so solemn that Carlos looked at him alarmed.

'You have something sordid to confess? Like you've got a girl pregnant?'

'Of course not.'

'That's a relief, and as for talking too much, it's true. And yet I don't think I did tonight, I left the floor to Alberto. After all it was his show.'

'I also think' Tom proceeded 'that the secret of your success with women is your talking, it's a plus. Someone said you could pick up girls like you would pick up rabbits, 'by the ears, softly and relaxed. The poor things fall at your feet before they know what hit them.'

Carlos laughed, 'I've never picked up a rabbit in my life and no woman has fallen at my feet. My batting average is fifty-fifty which is excellent for baseball, but very poor when fifty per cent of the girls I approach, shun me.'

'I don't believe you. Just two days ago a lovely blonde, probably a bleached one, asked me for your telephone.'

'You're kidding' Carlos said amused.

'It's true, I was having a drink with her and I mentioned I was your best friend; big mistake, because only then she took some interest in me. One thing led to another and before I knew it she wanted your phone.'

'No blonde, bleached or not has called me yet.'

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