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The Pfeiffer Book of Successful Team-Building Tools: Best of the Annuals / Edition 1

The Pfeiffer Book of Successful Team-Building Tools: Best of the Annuals / Edition 1

by Elaine Biech


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ISBN-13: 9780787956936
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/28/2001
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.96(h) x 1.01(d)

About the Author

Elaine Biech is president and managing principal of ebb associates inc, an organization development firm that helps organizations work through large-scale change. Biech has been in the training and consulting field for twenty-six years and is the author and editor of dozens of books and articles, including Pfeiffer Annuals of Training and Consulting, Training for Dummies, The Business of Consulting, Marketing and Selling Your Consulting Services, and The Consultant's Quickstart Guide, all published by Wiley.

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Table of Contents

Introduction     xi
What Is Teamwork?     1
A Model for Building Teamwork     13
Clear Goals     27
TeamScores: Measuring and Communicating Performance   Peter R. Garber     29
High Jump: Illustrating the Impact of Expectations   Steven B. Hollwarth     35
Team Identity   John E. Jones     43
Defined Roles     49
The Hats We Wear: Understanding Team Roles   Kristin Arnold     51
No Strings Attached: Learning How Groups Organize to Complete Tasks   Jeyakar Vedamanickam     55
Scope of Control: Taking Initiative in Problem Solving   Steve Sphar     63
Yours, Mine, and Ours: Clarifying Team Responsibilities   Mike M. Milstein     71
Symbols: Sharing Role Perceptions   Patrick Doyle     77
The Search for Balance: Team Effectiveness   Tom Noonan     87
Open and Clear Communication     95
Hit the Target Fast: Designing a Communication System for Teams   Lynn A. Baker, Sr.     97
Rope Trick: Experiencing How Groups Function   Meredith Cash     103
Levels of Dialogue: Analyzing Communications in Conflict   Gary Copeland     111
Strengths and Needs: Using Feedback for Group Development   Terri Burchett     121
Analyzing and Increasing Open Behavior: The Johari Window   Philip G. Hanson     133
Effective Decision Making     143
News Room: A Group-Consensus Task   Heidi Ann Campbell   Heather Jean Campbell     145
Broken Triangles: Experimenting with Group Problem Solving   Janet Mills     149
Lutts and Mipps: Team Problem Solving   Editors     155
Performance Unlimited: Solving Problems as a Team   James W. Kinneer     161
Lost at Sea: A Consensus-Seeking Task   Paul M. Nemiroff   William A. Pasmore     165
Making Team Decisions   Kristin Arnold     173
Balanced Participation     181
Egg Drop: Using Human Resources Effectively   Douglas Bryant     183
Comfort Zones: Establishing Team Norms   Chris C. Hoffman     193
The Car: Feedback on Group Membership Styles   Alfred A. Wells     203
Valued Diversity     209
Unearned Privilege: Understanding Dominant-Culture Advantage   Julie O'Mara   Aja Oakman     211
The Forest vs. the Trees: Understanding Preferences for the Big Picture or the Details   Bonnie Jameson     219
Fourteen Dimensions of Diversity: Understanding and Appreciating Differences in the Work Place   Sunny Bradford     225
Diversity and Team Development   Claire B. Halverson   Guillermo Cuellar     235
Managed Conflict     245
The M&M Game: Learning to Resolve Conflict   Gerald V. Miller     247
They Said, We Said: Exploring Intergroup-Conflict Resolution   Jason Ollander-Krane   Neil Johnson     255
Conflict Management: Developing a Procedure   Lawrence C. Porter     259
Storming to Norming: Clearing the Way for Team Agreement   Beverly J. Bitterman     265
Intergroup Image Exchange: Exploring the Relationship Between Two Teams   Editors     271
Positive Atmosphere     275
Building Trust in Pairs: An Obstacle Course   Valerie C. Nellen   Susan B. Wilkes     275
Trust ARCH: Building Team Support   Mary B. Wacker     289
Work Dialogue: Building Team Relationships   Judith F. Vogt   Karen L. Williams     297
A Note to My Teammate: Positive Feedback   Deborah M. Fairbanks     313
Cornerstones: A Measure of Trust in Work Relationships    Amy M. Birtel   Valerie C. Nellen   Susan B. Wilkes     317
Cooperative Relationships     329
Enablers and Barriers: Assessing Your Team   Karen Vander Linde     331
This and That: Improving Team Performance   James W. Kinneer     337
Team Checkup: Monitoring and Planning for Progress   Michael L. Mazzarese     341
Prisoners' Dilemma: An Intergroup Competition   Editors     347
Twenty-Five Questions: A Team Development Exercise   John E. Jones     351
Participative Leadership     357
Rope-a-Leader: Experiencing the Emergence of Leadership   John W. Peterson   Sherry R. Mills     359
The Merry-Go-Round Project: Focusing on Leadership Style   Deborah Spring Laurel     361
Team Interventions: Moving the Team Forward   Chuck Kormanski     371
The Relationship Between Leader Behavior and Team Performance and Satisfaction   Mary Ann Burress     383
Values-Based Leadership for the 21st Century   Robert C. Preziosi     399
General Team-Building Tools     405
Take Note of Yourself: A Team-Development Activity   Michael P. Bochenek     407
I Have an Opinion: Opening an Event    Gail Rae-Davis     411
Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: A Conflict-Management Icebreaker   Roger Gaetani     415
That's Me: Getting to Know Your Team Members   Debbie Seid     419
Group Savings Bank: An Introductory Experience   Debera Libkind   Dennis M. Dennis     425
The Team Effectiveness Critique   Mark Alexander     429
The Team Orientation and Behavior Inventory (TOBI)   Leonard D. Goodstein   Phyliss Cooke   Jeanette Goodstein     437
What If We Took Teamwork Seriously?   W. Warner Burke     455
Team Building   Anthony J. Reilly   John E. Jones     461
What to Look for in Groups: An Observation Guide   Philip G. Hanson     481
Opportunity to Publish Your Materials     487
Reading List     489
Pfeiffer Publications Guide     491

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